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It had been a long and tiring week at work for me. I desperately needed a break and I needed to rejuvenate myself. So I decided to drive down to goa and spend a week down there. So I packed my bags, loaded them into my car and geared up for a soothing and relaxing drive down to goa. Before I go into details, let me just describe myself for you. I’m 5’11, athletically built and well-hung.So I checked into a 5-star property and after freshening up, I decided to check out the pool. I wore a pair of beach shorts and a sleeveless tee. The pool had an adjoining bar. I walked up to it and ordered a beer for myself and started checking out the crowd in the pool. There were a bunch of Russian beauties in the pool and all of them were looking fucking hot in their bikinis.

As I was sipping on my chilled beer and checking out those ladies, I suddenly heard a voice ordering vodka with coconut water. Instinctively I turned towards the voice and the sight I met sent an electric current through my body. I had in front of me the most beautiful and the hottest woman I have ever come across. She had a gorgeous face and glowing white skin. And boy o boy wasn’t she curvy. She was wearing a pair of ripped jeans shorts which were exposing her milky white thighs, a red satin bikini top barely able to hold her nicely shaped and firm tits and white see-through shirt which was amplifying her hotness manifolds. I just kept looking at her, trying to devour her beauty through my eyes.

Suddenly she looked at me and said “hi”. I was caught on the wrong foot and I somehow mumbled back “hi” to her. The way it came out of my mouth was plain gibberish and she couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Even I had a sheepish grin on my face and then I gathered the courage to introduce myself to her. She in-turn introduced herself and I got to know that her name was deblina. Soon we started chatting and I got to know that she is on a solo trip to goa. There was an unmistakable chemistry between us and we were getting really comfortable with each other.

It started getting a little dark and then she said that she was getting bored sitting next to the pool and asked if we can go to the beach for a walk. The resort had a private beach and I readily agreed. I ordered a bottle of wine to take along with us.

Soon we were on the beach. We were taking swigs off the bottle and there were certainly some sparks flying between us. She was playfully hitting me and even I was pushing and pulling her around. We were getting a little tipsy and it was getting darker and darker. And then she said she wants to get into the water. I tried to dissuade her as it was dark and the waves were getting stronger but she pulled me along with her. And soon a huge wave crashed on us and we were left completely drenched. I looked at her and her shirt had gone completely transparent.

She was looking like a sex goddess. Her tits looked amazing in that wet shirt and the satin red bikini. I just couldn’t take my eyes off her rack. She caught me looking at her and asked me what was I looking at. I couldn’t say anything. And then she told me that she knew what was I looking at and I could see the hardcore lust in her eyes. She tried to pull me in by getting hold of my tee but all she could do was rip it off and I fell down next to her. As soon as I fell down, she placed her lips upon mine. I just couldn’t control after that and I kissed her back hard. My hands slid upon her back, exploring her back as my lips found her lower lip and I started sucking on it. She pulled me in closer and my hands slid down even further to fondle her ass and she started running her warm hands on my chest.

Very soon her thumb and forefinger started pinching my nipples as I pushed my tongue into her mouth and soon out tongues were involved in a wrestling match. It was a surreal scene with waves crashing over us again and again.

We broke the kiss and got out of the water. There was a palm tree next to and she leaned against it. Trust me at that moment she looked like a vision. I went in and kissed her hard and started unbuttoning her shirt. We kissed harder and harder and soon my hands were fiddling with the buttons of her shorts. As soon as I dropped them around her ankles, she lifted her left leg and wrapped it around me tight with her right hand slowly finding its way to my cock over my shorts. As soon as she touched it, I got harder and I felt myself throbbing inside my shorts. I kissed her harder and harder while I absolutely kneaded her ass cheeks. And then I playfully spanked her. And she asked for more.

And then she asked for some more. And then she unbuttoned my shorts and in one action took off both my boxers and shorts. In that darkness, I was standing naked on the beach with my cock standing hard and long and I was kissing the hottest woman on the planet who was more than eager to get out of her wet, red satin bikini. She placed her hands around my shaft and started jerking me off as I undid the knot of her bikini top and took it off her. Now she was standing topless in front of me. I cupped both her tits in my hands, softly massaging them while she kept jerking me off.

And then I broke the kiss and took her tits in my mouth, sucking and licking on her nipples alternately. It drove her over the edge and I could feel her breathing get more and more labored with the moment. All of a sudden she dropped on her knees and softly cupped my balls in her hands. She took her tongue out and softly licked the head of the cock. My pre-cum was already oozing and this action of hers made a moan escape out of my mouth. Soon she took the whole head in her mouth and started sucking on her softly, running her tongue all around it. I placed a hand on the back of her head and pushed my cock further down her mouth.

She took her hands off and started bobbing her mouth over my cock. I could feel an orgasm building inside me but I didn’t want to cum that soon so I signaled her to stop. She understood that and stood up. I kissed her hard, tasting my pre-cum out of her mouth while undid the knots on her bottoms, leaving her completely naked in front of me. I felt her pussy with my hands and she was dripping wet. She was shaven just the way I like it. I started rubbing my fingers on her pussy, pinching her clit. She was getting hotter and hotter and she leaned in whispered into my ears how badly she wanted me to fuck her. Those were the words I needed to hear and I lifted her up, made her wrap her legs around my waist and then with my right hand guided my cock inside her. She was tight but the wetness made it relatively easier and with a couple of thrusts, I was completely inside her.

As I started moving back and forth and settled into a rhythm, she started moaning and she dug her nails into my back and biting my neck. I started fucking her harder and harder, my cock getting wetter with her juices with every thrust. I could feel her stiffen and I could make out, there was an orgasm building up inside her. I increased the speed of my thrusting inside her and I stifled her moans with a long, hard kiss. She finally let go and she cummed really hard all over my cock. She was spent and panting hard but I wasn’t done. I hugged her tight with our sweaty bodies gleaming in the little moonlight that was there. There was sand all over our body but we didn’t care. I finally put her down and asked her to get on all her fours. On the beach, she got into the position of a bitch for me. I positioned myself inside her and in one thrust pushed my cock hard inside her. I held her hair for support and started fucking harder and harder. This time I didn’t try to keep her moans down and the silent beach was soon engulfed with the noises of our animalistic lovemaking.

I was edging closer and closer and she told me that she wanted me to cum inside her. I increased my pace and held her steady by holding her by her waist. Soon I started to stiffen and I could feel a big orgasm building inside me. I started stroking harder and harder and then the orgasm took over me. I could feel my cock unloading its warm juices inside her and then my breathing steadied. I got out of her and lied down beside her. Two naked, tired and spent bodies next to each other on a secluded beach. We shared a soft kiss and the whole lovemaking was so tiring that we fell asleep under the stars.We fucked a lot of times during the whole vacation. In a lot of places. The vacation turned out to be a hot one for me.

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