Sex With A Married Woman Who Was My Old Colleague

Hello friends I am Arjun (name changed) from Bangalore, now I am going to narrate the real incident happened between me and a lady by name Sujatha (name changed). This is a real story story between me and her. Let me introduce myself I am Arjun age 32 from Bangalore,senior manager in a reputed MNC company.

As I work for an MNC usually I will be having holidays on every saturday and sunday so I decided to go for a gym on weekends so that even I can build a good personality and even I can spend some time outside.So I joined a gym near by my home timings was from morning 5:30am to 7:30am and evening 6:00pm to 8:00pm I joined for two batches for morning as well as evening.It was a fitness gym where many men and women use to come for it.

One day I found lady who has joined a gym recently but I was surprised to see that she was my old colleague in the previous company,and her name was sujatha age 35.She came to me and said “Hi…how are you?surprise to see you after long gap”.Even I said “I am fine and even I am surprised”.She said “so how come you are here?”.I said “I do stay near by gym in a flat”.

She:So where you are working now?

Me:I said my company name and I said I am working as senior manager.what about you?She:I am working in same company as team leaderMe:nice to meet u after a long gapShe:ya even I am happy to meet u after a long gapShe:what was the reason you quit the company?Me:I wanted to do MBA so I left and now I am done MBA and settledShe:nice arjun

We both finished the gym and it was 8:00pm we both came out of gym.I asked her that whether she is going to come for gym everyday or what.She said that”I do come sometimes but during weekends I will be coming sure”.For that I said “ok”.She said”you are senior manager know can you refer me a job in your company ?I am fed up of working the same company that too I am not getting good package”.I said “ok will let you know”.She asked my cell number and she left for home.It was Sunday morning 7:00am I was still sleeping and suddenly I got a call from unknown number when i picked the call it was sujatha.She said”hello arjun you are not coming to gym today?”I said that”I will be going for some marriage function so I wont be coming for gym”.She said”oh is it anyway enjoy your weekend”.

I said “even you also enjoy”.It was 9:00pm Sunday night I got a message from sujatha to my cell “when can you get me a job in your company?”I replied “ok next week come to our company I will refer for you”.She replied “ok thanks a lot had dinner?” I replied “ya,what about you?”.She replied “ya even I had”.I sent a message to her “so how was your weekend sujatha?” She replied”it was not so good to be frank I feel bore at home”

I sent a message to her”you are already married right you could have went outside with your husband and kid know” She replied”my husband works in Mumbai,he do comes to Bangalore once in a month and my kid went to my mother’s home as she is having vacations”.I sent a message to her “ok next weekend come to my home I will take you outside” She replied”thanks but where you will take me?” I sent a message to her”I will take you for shopping” She replied”thanks a lot arjun”.I sent a message to her”you have any problem to sit in my bike?”.She replied”no problem I can sit”.

Had had sms chat with her till 11:00pm and I slept off while chatting with her.when I woke up in the morning I found 20 missed calls to my mobile and it was from sujatha number I called to her number and asked what is the matter that she had called me during midnight she said that she felt like talking to me.As it was Monday I went to office and the whole week I was busy with my work.After five days that is on Friday I got a message from sujatha”where shall we meet tomorrow?”I replied to her”I will let you know when we meet at the gym”.

She sent reply”ok fine”.The very next day was Saturday we both met at gym.when she came to gym a she was looking hot as she was wearing t-shirt and she was wearing tight t-shirt and her breasts was making me to stare at them.I said her that she is looking nice in t-shirt and jeans for that she said thanks.I told her that come to my home in the evening so that we both can go outside for shopping.She said that its better to meet near gym and we can go for shopping as she was not aware of my home address.

In the evening 7:00pm I got a call from sujatha “arjun are you ready?I am already waiting near gym” I said “ya I am ready I will be there soon”.Soon I took the bike and went near gym,I saw sujatha near gym she was wearing saree and she was looking dam hot.She sat backside on my bike she asked “arjun if you dont mind can I put my hands on your shoulders?” I said “ya no problem”.

We both went to shopping mall I did shopping for her for dressed and some cosmetics.It was 9:00pm already after shopping we had dinner in hotel and while going back to the home she said”arjun why dont you come to my home once?”I said “you never invited me to your home know if you want I will come now itself” She said”you are always welcome to my home”we both reached her home it was 11:00pm when we reached her home.

I asked her that”dont you get bored of being alone?” she said “I do get sometimes thank god that at least you have met me know hope so I dont get bore anymore”.I asked her that”you are already having nice personality know then why do u gym sujatha?” she said”dont joke arjun I dont have nice personality”.I said her “if you dont mind can i say one thing?” She said “ya tell me” I said her that “to be frank you have nice pair of breasts(boobs) and your husband is lucky to have you as wife” She said “thanks a lot lot but how can you say he is lucky?”

I said”he can enjoy your nice boobs know” for that she smiled and said”he is not that lucky as he stays in mumbai know” for that I said “hmm ya whats your personality size?” she said “36-34-38″ I said her”if you were not married I would have proposed you”she said”I would have been more happy if you were my husband as you look very handsome and very well settled than my husband”.

I made bit courage and said”I liked your personality” she said “thanks”.I went near her and whispered “I love to have you as my wife” she said that”even I love to get you as my husband” I went still close to her and kissed her neck she closed her eyes and she put her hands on my head and she moaned ahhhhhhhhhh.I sqeezed her boobs, she was responding nicely and she asked whether the door is closed for that I said”ya its closed”.I kissed all over her neck,stripped her saree and unhooked her blouse she was wearing black bra and her boobs were waiting to be released from her bra.

She removed my shirt and banian and I finally removed her bra and started to suck her nipples she had quite a large black nipples to her fair boobs which was making me to suck it like a honey.we both went to her bedroom and I made her to sleep on bed she slept freely on bed and her armpits was hairy which made me to suck her armpits I sucked her boobs and armpits like a mad and she was moaning ahhhhhhh………muuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.soon I removed her sareeas well as petticoat and I removed my pant.

She was wearing black panty,I removed her panty and saw her pussy it was too hairy and it was sexy.I slept on her kissing and sucking her boobs.I whispered her that her pussy is hot and sexy.She said that its waiting to be sucked by a guy like you.I kissed her pussy and I massaged her pussy soon I found pussy hole it was wet and I inserted my middle finger into her pussy hole.She was moaning heavily ahhhhhh……..muuahhahhhhaaaaaaaaaa……ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…………..muuuuuuuuuuuu………….yaaaaaaaaaa………….mmmmmmuuuyaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh….

I removed my finger and sucked her pussy hole,she pulled my head between her two legs towards pussy hole I sucked her pussy and I sucked every drop of her honey comming out of her pussy simultaneosly I squeezed her boobs she was feeling and enjoying like she has reached sexual heaven my penis was full erect and it was very hard it was almost 6.5 inches erect inside my jokey(underwear).I removed my jockey(underwear) and inserted my penis into her pussy hole her pussy was fully wet and my penis went deep inside her pussy and I gave her nice strokes to her pussy I fucked her almost half an hour and simultaneously squeezing and sucking her boobs she was moaning and breathing heavily ahhhhhhhhhhh……muuahhhhhhhhhh…..hmyaaaaaaaaa…..ahhhhhhhhh…..muaahhhhhhhhh……ahhhhhhhhh I removed my penis from her pussy hole and took it near her mouth to rub her lips she licked my penis and sucked every drop of semen coming out of it.

She took my penis deep into her mouth and I started sucking deeply I felt like heaven and I was moaning like ahhhhhhh..sujathaaaaaahhhhh… almost sucked my penis for 20 minutes and I removed my penis from her mouth I took my tounge towards her pussy and I inserted my tounge deep into her pussy hole by spreading her legs wide apart.I fucked her pussy using my tounge and I licked her pussy for almost 45 minutes..she was moaning ahhhhhhhhhhhh……ahhhhhhhhhh…………muuaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.

We had sex for almost 4 to 5 hours in various positions I fucked her for 3 to 4 times whole night we both enjoyed sex by sucking,fucking and licking every part of body she was fully tired and even I was tired.Time was already 4:00am in early morning we both slept nude by hugging each other.We both woke up at 9:00pm it was already late for both us to go for office as it was monday.

We both took leave for a day.I dressed up and I went back to my home.I got a message from her to my mobile at 7:00pm on monday evening saying that”it was the sexiest night yesterday in my whole life in fact even my husband never gave me satisfaction to this extent I miss you a lot”.I replied her that”Its my pleasure to have a sex with you even I miss you”.Hope everyone who read this story will like it and will give them nice pleasure by reading this story.Anyone who wish to contact me can contact at [email protected]. Thanking you

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