Sex With A Woman I Met In A Bus!

Hi friends, Mayur here, an 19 year old guy living in Mumbai back with another story. I’m 6’3″ tall with good looks and medium dark complexion. This will be a detailed story where I’ll describe my whole experience of one of the four women I’ve fucked. Apologies for any mistakes committed. Please review my story on my email ID [email protected]. Girls/aunties living in Mumbai who want their sexual desires fulfilled can email me freely. 100% privacy guaranteed. Also, men who are unable to satisfy their partners can contact me, I can give them good tips.


Moving towards the story. I used to go to college to Mulund from Thane daily. The college was 5kms away. I used to commute by bus daily. The bus frequency was pathetic, sometimes even 45 minutes late. The college timing was 11:30, so I left home at 10:30am. I sat on a bench waiting for the bus.


Suddenly, I saw a young Marwari lady approaching the bus stop. She was talking on her phone with troubled expressions, with a black purse in other hand. She was fair, dressed in a Saree, with pallu draped on her head. Her facial features were very good, with lips plump and glossy and a cute nose. Her face looked overall pretty. As she walked towards the bus stop, I noticed her stride. Her ass was quite busty, protruding outwards, and bounced periodically while she walked. Instead of sitting on the bench, she turned around and stood waiting for the bus. I accidentally saw the lower portion of her blouse, which looked plumpy. I immediately waved off these thoughts and looked away.


However, I overheard what she was talking on the phone. I guessed she was talking to her mother in law saying, “Haa Maaji, dudh garam karke rakh diya aur khana bhi garam kiya hai, aap fikar mat karo” (Yes, I have boiled the milk and cooked the food, don’t worry). She kept talking for a few more minutes. When she hung up the phone, she turned at looked at me. She smiled cutely, although being a bit tense. I smiled and said “Hi”. She greeted me in return. I told her, that the bus is late again. She said even she was irritated by the bus’s irregular routine. I asked, “You look a bit tense, any problem?” Her facial expressions became tense again. She hesitated but still came and sat down near me.


She suddenly said, “I am really troubled due my in-laws and husband. They are very orthodox and I’m the modernish type of girl. So they keep me restricted to only traditional methods which I don’t like always. Also, my in laws keep bossing over me all the time.” I listened to her silently and said, “Hmm, it’s OK. They’ll go easy on you as time passes. How’s your husband?” She said that her husband is a good guy who keeps going to other towns for office jobs.


As she was talking to me, I noticed that she was talking to an old friend and sitting close to me. Her arm brushed against mine as she was wearing a low sleeved blouse. It felt soft and warm. I felt a tingle in my dick but ignored and kept talking. I asked her whether she had a kid. She laughed and said, “It has been only 8 months since we’ve been married” I smiled in return. She said that the bus is again late, and got a bit irritated. She looked really cute that way, her nose twitched. I asked her where did she live. She said she lived in Mulund, about half a kilometer away from my college. She said that her name was Reshma.


We continued talking about her family and personal stuff for about 30 minutes in a really friendly manner. She was talking about her married life. She was very open minded and talked about sensitive stuff openly. I realized that she had become too friendly with me, so I asked cheesily, “How is your sex life?” in a casual tone. She looked a bit shocked for a second, but composed herself and said, “Well, that is another reason for my tensed life.”


Suddenly, the bus arrived, which broke our string of conversation. We both got into the bus, and I signaled her to sit beside me on the last seat. She sat without any hesitation. The bus was empty as usual. I offered to buy her ticket and she was happy about the gesture. The conductor was a new one, so he didn’t know me and thought that we were related.


She continued “My husband stays away for many days, sometimes weeks due to office work. I have no one to satisfy me. Besides we are not planning to have a baby right now, so he uses a condom, which I don’t like. Anyways, he’s shit in bed. He doesn’t know proper positions and has a small…” She realized she had said too much, and suddenly shut up. However, I realized she was sex deprived and turned horny as fuck. My dick was raging. My bag was in the front seat, so I couldn’t cover it. Even I couldn’t use my hand, that’d make it look obvious.


She looked down and saw the outline of my boner. Her eyes widened and she turned horny. She looked at me and smiled in an evil way. She rubbed my forearm with her fingers seductively and said “Well, you seem to be getting horny looking at me”. I was astonished as she said that to a person, who she just met 30 minutes ago. We were practically strangers. I guessed she might be so sex deprived that she didn’t care about such limitations anymore. I said in return,”You seem to be turned on too!”


She ran her hands down and grabbed my dick over my jeans and stroked it. It felt I’d have an orgasm at that exact moment, as I had not masturbated for 15 days straight.


I looked around. There were only the both of us on the bus and the conductor, who was sitting in the front seat, looking forward. She didn’t even care to look at the surroundings before grabbing my dick. She stroked it for a few more times and later took her hand away and looked around. Her destination was still 4 stops away.


What she did later just blew my mind. She slid my shirt a bit above and unzipped my jeans in a second. Before I could even say anything, she took off the underwear covering the boner and exposed my dick. I jumped in surprise. On the contrary, she looked at me surprised and said “Ohoo” while looking at my 7-inch cock. She removed the pallu off her head. She took a final look at the conductor and bent down to blow me.


Initially, she couldn’t take my whole cock as it was too big. However, 10-15 strokes later, she deep throated my whole cock. I couldn’t resist and closed my eyes in pleasure. I was feeling so good get blown after a dry spell.


However, her intensions seemed to be different. She stopped suddenly and bent down. She picked up her saree with her left hand and raised it up slowly, exposing her legs. She guided my hand towards her pussy using her right hand. I slid the panties aside and gently caressed her wet pussy with one finger. Her eyes closed, her expressions intensified, her lips curled. I slowly fingered her and within a few seconds, touched her G-spot. She moaned “Aaaah” a bit loudly. The conductor suddenly looked back, but she was such a pro, that she acted like nothing happened and behaved like she was talking to me. Even I was amused at that. I continued fingering for a minute.


Then my stop arrived. She realized that. She said, “Come to my home with me. Don’t go to college today. Let’s have some fun.” I realized I was going to get laid. I said, “Isn’t there anyone at your home?” She said, “No, just come.” I agreed and got down at the next stop with her.


She told me to follow her at a safe distance so that people in the vicinity don’t think we are together. I followed her to her building and then climbed the steps and reached the house where she had told me to come.


She waited for me with the door open. I removed my shoes and kept them inside, looking around at her posh house. However, she shut the door close and turned me around and started kissing me deeply. I responded back by pushing her on the door and keeping my hands on the door for support. She continued kissing for 5 more minutes.


Then, I decided to make a move. I turned her around and started kissing her neck and the shoulder region exposed above her blouse. She moaned as if I had inserted her, but I continued doing it. I removed her saree and pinched her waist seductively. She was before me just in her petticoat and blouse. I rubbed my dick through my jeans over her petticoat, she kept moaning softly.


She did the next move. She turned back and removed my t-shirt in a swift. She ran her hands over my chest and kissed my neck. It felt tingly. She then herself removed her blouse and guided my hand on her bra covered breasts. They were medium sized, the way I like them, and were soft as cotton. I caressed them while she kept kissing me.


I took my hand towards her back and removed her bra. I saw her exposed boobs with utmost delight. Her nipples were pinkish brown in color, like a puberty hitting 16-year-old girl. They still weren’t erect, so I challenged myself that I’d make them perky. So, I started kissing her wildly and circled her right nipple. She realized what I was doing and joined in. She was moaning madly. I immediately felt her nipples getting solid and pointy. I was happy that I completed the task.


She then told me to go inside the bedroom. I went in and she pushed me on the white bedsheet clad bed. She removed my belt and my jeans, my underwear following it. I was now totally naked before her. My dick was literally throbbing and erect to whole new levels. She saw that. Smiling to me in a naughty way, she started sucking it like a candy. I had to control my ejaculation as I didn’t want to do just oral with her. She sucked with great passion. Sometimes she took it inside whole and choked, but didn’t stop. Such was her sex depriveness.


I thought I might cum, so I signaled her to stop and controlled. We both sat on the bed. I slowly removed her petticoat and she was before me just in her panties. I decided to tease her a bit, so I just licked her cunt over her wet panties. She bit her lower lip in excitement and played with her own breasts. I teased her for 10 more minutes. After that, she couldn’t control and pulled her panties down.


What I saw made my dick salute in joy. Her pussy was of a closed type, with only two pinkish layers of skin slightly protruding outside. It was totally clean, without a sign of even a single strand of hair. I could notice a drop of her juices about to drip down. I asked her if her husband didn’t fuck her well, why did she feel the need to keep the region so clean? She said she always hoped for some random encounters. That made me even more turned on.


I pulled her closer and pushed her down. I myself went backward and bought her pussy near my mouth. Firstly, licked off that one drop of her juices. Then I inserted my tongue inside and kept circling. She was making “Ummm” noises in pleasure. I inserted one finger later and did it with both my tongue and finger. She was moaning loudly and grabbed the bed sheets tightly in joy. Within few minutes, she came into my mouth, shouting with joy and pleasure.


I let her lie in that position to rest for a few minutes. After that, I pulled her up catching her back and kissed her. She bit my earlobe and said, “I’m not done yet. Just put it in.” I said, “I don’t have a condom,” She said, “It’s okay, I’ll take an ipill later.”


I told her to get into doggy position. She agreed and got to the end of the bed. I stood and widened her pussy a bit. She was still making “Hmm,hmm” noises tired from her previous orgasm. I guided my dick and entered her gently. She moaned softly. I felt my foreskin move back. I went slow for 5-6 strokes, putting only half of it in. Then, I decided to be a bit rough, and put my whole dick inside. She shouted so loudly, I was sure the neighbors heard her. She looked back and said, “Please go slow. Your dick is too big, I can’t take it all in.” I understood and went slow. I could see her boobs dangling and bent down to grab them. I rode her in that position for 10 minutes, controlling my orgasm.


Then I asked her, “Would you like to ride on top?” She agreed happily. I slept on the bed. She stood up and sat down slowly near my dick. She rubbed my dick against her pussy smoothly 4-5 times to tease me. I laughed and grabbed her right nipple and pinched it.


She got up a bit and slowly entered it in. She started jumping gently. She kept saying “Aaah” all the time, fondling her left boob while I pressed her right one. I told her, “Try to put it all in.” She tried and succeeded later. She shouted in pain for the first few times and then got used to it. She kept riding in cowgirl position, circling my dick while riding it.


After 15 minutes, I said in a shaky voice, “I’m about to cum.” She said, “Me too.” I asked, “Should I cum inside you?” She nodded her head while riding. After a few seconds, she gave out a loud moan and came. She stopped riding, so I just grabbed her ass and kept thrusting her up and down. Ecstasy filled the air, I came within a few seconds, even I moaned loudly. I could feel my semen dripping inside her. I was totally exhausted.


She fell on me, tired, her boobs crushed against my chest. We just laid there for 10 more minutes, covered in sweat. She got up later and washed in the bathroom. I followed her and got dressed up.


We slept on the living room sofa after getting dressed up. She said, “This was the best sex I ever had. Thanks a lot” I kissed her neck in return. We exchanged numbers to talk more on WhatsApp. I was about to leave when she said, “What is the point in going to college so late? Please wait, let’s have another session” I smiled and agreed and waited with her.


So, friends, this is my story with Reshma, one of the four women I’ve fucked. I’ll tell what I did with her later in the next story. Please tell how did you find this story on my email ID [email protected]. Girls/aunties can contact me on my email to get their sexual desires fulfilled. Also, all my bros and uncles can ask me freely for sexual advice and tips. Till then, goodbye. Love, ISS!

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