Sex With Anonymous Friend And Guest.

Hi, Friends!

This is Korn Mathews once again with another sex story. This is about the affair with me and an anonymous friend. Actually, our introduction happened here only. With one of my stories, she sent an email. We slowly started chatting on email.

Exchanged our numbers. Started chatting on WhatsApp. She was sending adult jokes, lover especially if I create jokes on her. She enjoys it a lot. Slowly we started calling each other and enjoy voice sex also.

We decided to meet. She is from Chennai. I went to Chennai and she came to meet me. She is married, so she managed ather home and came there. Maaaaan! She is gorgeous. She is 34-32-36.

We both went to a distant place Pondicherry. Took a 3-star hotel rented. We entered the hotel by evening. After reaching, I took bath and came out. She went inside and took bath too and came out on a towel, a black bra inside and her towel coveringtill her thighs. I just went out turned the board “do not disturb”, came back.

She was just removing the towel and I hugged her from the back. She gave a deep sigh! aaaah!

She said we have all night. I said it just started. And started french kissing her. We exchanged salivas for some time.

Then I started licking her earlobes, neck and slowly moved onto boobs. She fell there on the bed. I started licking her navel and moved up and started licking lower boobs by pressing the other one alternatively. She started moaning umm. I removed her bra and started licking her boobs passionately. She is moaning loud. It was around 8 pm.

Room boy rang the bell. I covered her inside bed sheet and went to order some food. He saw her and gave a little smile andwent away. As soon as he went. I jumped on her. started licking her pussy passionately. She is moaning loud. I think he came back and hearing her. Just felt like that. Then I licked her the whole body.

Didn’t leave a cum literally. Then started fucking her pussy. I guess we went there during the odd time, so the hotel was not that filled. She was moaning aaah Mathews common darling fuckkkk me fucccck ur aunty as ur bitch.

I started fucking her deeply aaah aahaahh we were sweating a lot. We came up both together and fell apart.

Then the bell rang. This time I winked at her. She understood and went there towel wrapped again but wore her bra but not panty.

She opened the door and went in front of the mirror and rinsing her hair. He saw her. I think he got excited. I asked him to close the door and I was on a towel and on the bed too.

He said sorry for disturbing sir. I said it’s ok. This may be common here. He just laughed. I said sweetheart give him a tip.

I just went inside washroom to wash and clean up again. She came near him and took his hand and kept on her waist. Held him tight and gave him a kiss. He got aroused and they were kissing each other and he removed her towel. No panty…

His eyes were glowing. He immediately went down and started licking her pussy. She was enjoying that. I entered the room.

I shouted what’s going on??? He was puzzled. We threatened him and he tried to convince but we didn’t listen.

He said, sir, I’ll call my wife. You can enjoy her for doing this but pls don’t complain or else I’ll lose my job.

I asked his job would stay only if I liked her wife. He called her. We were having dinner and she came. She was a typicalvillage girl but with good shapes. So I dragged her to me and kissed her, she started responding. The room boy and my affairwere enjoying.

We separated our beds. I started licking his wife’s navel and pussy vigorously. Her legs were shaking. She started sayingFuck me, sir, pls fuck me. her husband was shocked listening to this. He was fucking more vigorously my aunt and I was fuckinghis wife’s ass. Wow! I was in seventh heaven.

I and his wife went into the bathroom and started taking bath.

I was pissing on her. She was enjoying that. I started ramming her ass and had a fucking session.

I came out. Room boy was sleeping on my aunt’s pussy. Seeing us, he woke up. Then they both dressed up and I gave sometip to her wife.

The went away. I laughed and my aunty also winked. Aunty asked, did you like her? I said her ass was awesome. She said to check out my ass. She started rubbing her ass on my dick. My dick aroused within no time.

I was fucking her ass then. She was saying, “come on come on aaaahh Matthew”. Such a great dick fucked that bitch

Now me. Is it a dick or iron rod. Fuck me darling fuck me. ahahhhha aaahhhhh ahhahhhhhh.

I kept of fucking her. I turned her and let her jump on me. Started sucking her boobs and fucking her ass. Her boobs are jumping and I feeling the depth of her hole. I slowly. removed my dick and place in her pussy. She started don’t make me sleep this night. Please, Mathy… macha fuck macha fuck macha she is moaning.

After some time. I was cumming. She said cum in my mouth. I removed condom then and came in her mouth. Wow, such a sexy bitch she is. Swallowed with one single gulp. Of course, that was my third time and didn’t come much.

Then we slept for some time and woke up at 3 am. She started licking my dick slowly and started dancing nude like poledancers. Then my dick started coming up. suddenly a thought came to my mind and I called the room boy’s wife. She came. I started stripping the girl’s clothes and aunty is sucking my cock. The girl’s breast is in my mouth. I just went on that girl and started fucking her pussy.

Aunty went and brought honey and poured over her breast. I started licking them and then she poured some honey on her asshole. She stepped over her and bent and kept her ass hole in front of me. I was fucking the girl and licking aunty’s ass.

Aunty’s boobs are hanging down, so the girl is licking aunty’s boobs and aunty is pressing the girl’s boobs.

Then the position’s changed. I slept and Aunty is rubbing her pussy on my face. Girls are sucking my cock in reverse direction.

Aunty is also opposite directed. So when the girl bent to suck my cock her ass is faced towards aunt, so aunty is licking her ass and I are downsides licking her pussy. Like this, we had threesome till 5 am.

We fucked for some time and fell asleep.

Those nights I stayed there, the room boy’s wife used to come whenever I call and I used to enjoy both my aunt and her. We had threesomes. While leaving. I said thank you, aunty. I had memorable days of my life.

We are still in touch.

Guys, pls do let me know of your comments and feedback for my sex story to [email protected]

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