Sex With Bangalore Lady At Night And Her Friend Next Morning

Hi, this is Aryan from bangalore I m pursuing my final year engg from a top college, I m 5’6 medium built with average looks and this is a real story that happened just a week ago. Since I m a regular reader of iss I decided to share it with you all. This is my first iss story,feedbacks and suggestions are welcomed at [email protected] . I am a guy with very high sex drive who would think about fucking all 24*7. On a week day I was on a adult chat room hoping to find a lady from bangalore, after hours of search I found her . The sex bomb of this story named reema 34 yrs old with assets 36-32-34 which I found out after our meet .

She is basically a working lady as a senior manager and a housewife too, she was starving for sex for almost 2 months since her husband was in merchant navy .. Until now she had had some other encounters with other men but she desperately wanted a young guy under her thighs ..

We soon got to know each other well and then we decided to meet in a club. We both exchanged numbers and then started chatting through whatsapp. We used to chat every now and then and also used to exchange semi nude pics without disclosing our faces,finally we met in a club where we had decided to seduce each other since we went there individually and not as a couple. She came in a maroon one piece exposing all her curvy assets and then we started playing with our eye contacts giving looks to each other and texting simultaneously. After some time she texted me saying meet me in the parking lot and gave her car number.

I went to the parking lot and found the car …. It was a honda city and when I went inside I saw reema .. She had a thin layer of make up on her face and very attractive lipstick .. I was dumbstruck and had no words to say

Reema: looks like you are too much in a hurry to go down me ..(laughing) control my boy

Hearing this I was full hard and my dick wasn’t able to control itself and wanted to come out

Me: nothing like that, I was just curious to see you.

Reema: so, how do I look ??

Me; you are more beautiful than I could imagine .. Do you mind if I kiss you ??

Reema : hello mister, wait lets go home and party tonight

Me: ok fine

She drove back and kept sharing all her story and we reached her home which was quite near around 15 mins and the place was so silent with all luxurious bungalows in jayanagar. Soon we reached her place, I was amazed to see that she was the queen of such a big villa. She took me to the hall and asked me to wait she would get me a drink. I waited on sofa and then she came but this time with a gown exposing all her body coz it was transparent . We started speaking and then we dint realise we were smooching like crazy idiots. We both started rolling on the couch removing each other clothes

Reema: umm aaahhh aaahh yeeaahh kiss my necckk lickk it,bite my shoulders

Me: yeeahh baby yeeah sexxyy scratch my back..

After this I explored all the layers of her body and then this thing which I usually do, I did it on her ..

I started licking her panty line without touching her pussy … Licked it sucked it till she started to scream aaaah aaaahh aauum do it do it harder harder you bitch .. Do it more aryan and then slowly like a paint brush went near her pussy and clitoris it as damn sweet and yummy and clean to taste .I licked and sucked it badly,and drank all her juices later on I inserted choco syrup and sucked all her juices till she reached orgasm, after this I wanted to show her my fucking skills so I inserted my dick in her pussy but she said she wanted it in her ass ..

I pushed my dick in her ass it was too thick . She helped putting it in and then I was so hungry that I started giving her heavy strokes . Soon she started screaming and we both were sweating ..

I fucked her for 4-5 times that night .. Early morning I was in deep sleep I saw something crawling near my thighs to my wonder it was her friend who was licking my thighs and without any fear I got a wonderful blowjob with this new lady, she rolled all her mouth deep in my mouth till my balls,she was such a pro in doing it . Once I cum in her mouth she said she was reemas friend archana,and she said reema has invited me meanwhile reema came in and said me show her that pleasure of yours that you showed me yesterday night and went off, I made archana too horny and fucked her once for almost an hour to the core. After I and archana were finished reema came up with coffee and we were speaking casually .

Both of them then said me that they were lesbians and always wanted to do a threesome with a guy so later that day we had threesome again about which I will tell in the next part and then the ladies said some of their friends want the same thing and said she would bring them for a gang bang with me .Hope I get lucky enough soon, in case you like this story please do leave your comments and suggestions @ [email protected] be posting all my sexperiences from now on ISS keep reading and enjoying..

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