Sex With Chitra – The Village Fest

Hi, readers, my name is Sekhar. This is a bit long story. You may findit boring at the beginning. As it’s a true one so I had to give outall the details. This my first time I am writing. So bear with me.I went to a festival to my sister’s home. Usually, the festival lastsfor three days and I stay there for 10 more days usually. My brother-in-law’s sister who was married about a year back was also there. She had a 4-month-old kid. It’s a farmhouse, so had plenty ofrooms and space.

Dance programs will be conducted in night times in the panchayat and I was enjoying it with my in-law on the second day. I started to feel sleepy and so I decided to go home. My brother-in-law refused to come, so I went alone. When I reached home I wanted to change my dress, so I opened the door of the room where the dresses were kept. The zero watts bulb was burning and I saw that Chitra ( in-law’s sister ) was sleeping with her kid. The kid was holding her breasts as she must have been giving milk and has slept. One of the boobs was half visible as the blouse was open and the saree was half covering it. I thought she would wake up, so I stepped out of the room and slowly closed the door. She suddenly woke up and on seeing me pulled her saree down to cover the breasts. I said I am sorry to disturb, she said its ok and asked if I needed anything. I asked if there was any lungi( regional night wear for men) in the locker. She took one out of the locker and handed it to me.

On the 4th day when the festival was over, all other relatives weregone. As my in-law was a farmer he and my sister used to leave earlyand return home only in the evening. I woke up in the morning and Chitra came with a coffee to me. I took it and drank it and we started to chat. I knew Chitra even before she was married, and the interesting thing was that my relatives were looking forward to marrying her to me. But as was in college that time it could not happen.

I had breakfast, as she was serving food when the kid started crying.She lifted the kid and put him on the lap and removed the lowerbuttons of the blouse and started feeding, sitting straight before me.As the saree was too transparent I could see the boob very clearly.She noticed me seeing very often but gave no reactions. When ran out of sambar, she adjusted the saree and bent forward to serve sambar to me, and I could see the left boob completely. When I was finished, the kid was asleep by then, she took away all the dishes. As I was already aroused and I went into the bed room and started massaging my dick. I do not wear underwears when I am at home.She suddenly came in and I had to hide by turning to the right side.But she had already noticed it and she opened the locker to take outthe towel and then asked me If I was asleep. I said, “ I was tryingto”. So she said that she was going to take bath and to look after thekid if he starts crying for which I agreed.

This time I purposefully left the door unlocked and I could notcontrol. So I again started to massage my dick. After some time Iheard her coming and as I thought, she came into my room and locked the door to change the dress. I pretended to be asleep. There was a big mirror fitted to the cupboard which was straight opposite to me. She was wearing the petticoat up to her breasts and towel on her shoulders. She then removed the towel and then lowered the petticoat to her waist to wear the blouse. I was watching her in the mirror and she suddenly saw that. “ So you are not asleep ?” she asked. I gathered some courage and said, “ how could I when such a beautiful girl is standing before me “. She naughtily asked me “ do you really think so !”. I got up from my bed and went to her. She was half naked. I stood close to her as my dick was touching her butt and hugged. She loosened her petticoat which fell down. I kissed her on her neck and on the ears. She was so hot.

I moved my hands to her pussy which was with hairy. I gently brushed the hair when she loosened my lungi which fell down and now my dick was in between the cut of her butts. I slowly squeezed her left boob and started to rub her cunt which started to become wet. She then turned around and caught my penis with the right hand and backside of my head with the left hand and started to kiss me on my lips. I started pressing her buttocks which were so soft. I made her sit on the bed with the legs down and I sat down with my knees. I parted her legs and her cunt was now visible clearly. I slowly started kissing her thighs and proceeded up to her cunt. She held my head tight with her legs and I started licking her. She started moaning mmmmh…. Aaaaaaah. Her whole body was now shaking and now she opened her legs wide. I started to suck her cunt and she fell down on the bed. Moved her butts to the rhythm. I slowly withdrew, to tease her and she started to lift in search of my mouth. When she knew I was teasing, she started to beg me “ Please mama, sappunga please, yennala thaanga mudiyala “… “Please dear suck it, I am not able to resist “…. I sucked for another 2 mins and again teased her.. I asked her “ nee thevudiyanu othukitta thaan nakkuven.. sollu di naan thevdiyanu sollu “… “ If you want me to continue you will have to accept that you are a whore. Tell me you are a whore “ …. She nearly started crying…. “ aama naan thevidiya thaan… please mama please….” “ yes I am a whore I am a whore please suck it ….” .. “ ooorelam onna othuruku la “… “ haven’t you slept with the whole village”.. “ oorala yellarum yenna othirukaanga… “ “ yennoda punda oru thevidiya punda…I did not want to make her cry any more… so I started it again… Shewas shouting uuuuuuuuuuh…. Ammaaaaaaa. Aaaaaaaaah….” .. I stopped It slowly as she was exhausted. Then she got up and I told her to kneel down before me while I stood before her. She then took my whole dick into her mouth and started to suck.. oh it was heaven… she gently rubbed it against her teeth and it felt so awesome. I started mourning mmmmmmm…. Mmmmmh.. sappudi thevidiya……. She then held it out of her mouth and licked the hole on the penis with the tongue and I started shaking my body.

She suddenly lifted her head and asked: “ Are u a virgin ?“. I said yes… She gave a naughty smile and pushed me on the bed. I fell on the bed and she parted my legs and started licking my balls giving a hand job. I was shaking and making sounds….. She suddenly held the penis tight which made me scream…. She then laughed and came over me and brought her milky boobs near my face. I started sucking them suddenly milk started flowing. She told me to suck only one side as the kid will need the other one. I caught her butts tightly on her anal hole and sucked the right breast.

Now I was desperate for her pussy. I made her lie down and was inhurry to insert the dick into her hairy cunt. As it was my first timeI could not find the hole, so she guided my penis to her hole and Islowly started stroking. I was in air.. she moved to the rhythm andstarted to mourn again… mmmmmm… kuthu nalla… aaah…..innum eraku…. I slowly pushed it further into the whole… aaaaah….maaa…mmmmmm.. then I started to stroke harder and harder.. after 2 to 3 mins I gave a cry and ejaculated my cum into her cunt. Then I was so tired, I fell on her and slept.. she also fell asleep.

The next few days were the memorable days of my life…..

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