Sex with Co Staff workers

Dear friends after a long time, I am back to narrate my sexual experience with ISS Readers. There was a great response to me for my stories. And a lot of readers requested to send a new story. So I decided to share one of my incident which occurred while I was working Hospet (KARNATAKA).

Coming to the story: When I was working as a Project Coordinator in a reputed company which was located in Hospet, very first day, I met my office Manager, And the manager said me, you can join the project from today. And he gave me the keys of my Quarter’s house. And said if there is any problem regarding house or needs you can call me. I said thank u and collected keys from him and I went to my cabin and alarmed the ring, the peon came inside and asked me what sir, I said, send the Assist Co-ord to my cabin. He said yes and went away.After few minutes a girl aged nearly 25yrs to 27yrs came inside and introduced herself as an Assist Co-ord and her name is Sushma.Describing her, she was normal whitish, but attractive and she had good structure and physic body, she had medium sized breast, and it was hard enough to squeeze her balls.

She came with a big smile and introduced herself and said that I have informed all the project staff members, that new co-ord. is taking meeting tomorrow at 10.30 am. I said her, you are cute and excellent in work. She said thank u. I asked her how many are there working in this project. She said 19. I asked how many man’s and women’s are working in this project. She looked at me and said, 13 women’s and 6 men’s include you. I said thank you for information, now I am going to quarters house and we will meet tomorrow. She said wait for me for few minutes and I will be back, and both shall move to Quarter’s house. I was bit surprised and said you will come to my room. She said, you don’t know the way and you are new to town, That’s why I said I will come with you, and at the same time my House is next to yours. I said ok, I will be waiting for you, come soon.

And after some time we both left the office, and went in share auto to the house. While coming in the auto she was sitting beside me. As it was share auto, the auto was full and I was uncomfortable in the auto, as I did not had enough place to sit and my hand was directly pressing Sushma boobs. And she was falling on me, whenever the auto went into humps, and dugs of road. That was really enjoyable to me, and I acted like I was uncomfortable whenever I was touching her breast. At last after 30 minutes we reached our company Quarter’s. I gave money to autowalla and said two seats, she said its okay I will pay mine, I said you pay tomorrow, she looked at me and smiled, okay I will pay tomorrow.

And after walking few minutes she said this is your house, And she shared her number and said to feel free to contact her, I looking into her eyes without blinking, by looking at me she said regarding any work and others needs.

I went to house it was clean and neat, I fresh up myself and took rest. After some time Sushma called me and asked for dinner. I said ok come let’s go (We had a mess in quarters area) and we went for dinner to Mess. And there we met few peoples who were working in our office. And had dinner with all of them and came back to the room. I opened my room and asked Sushma to come in. she came in and asked, who is the house sir, I said well madam, it is fine for a bachelor. She said are you a bachelor, I said ya, what about you madam, me to same. And chatted for few minutes, after few minutes She said ok good night I will move now. I also said bye and good night.Next day she came to my house and said r u ready, I said ya lets go, and again we catched share auto and travelled to the office, while going to the office in the share auto same happened. This time she gave money to the autowalla, he said madam I don’t have change, please give me the change, I gave the money to the autowalla, she said I will pay in the evening. I said ok, come let’s go.

As I entered the office chamber, all the project staff members were waiting for me, by seeing the staff I was surprised, because there were beautiful aunties and gorgeous girls, by seeing them my dick began to raise. In front beautiful aunties and gorgeous girls, Sushma was nothing.

One by one came to me and introduced themselves, with shaking hand. The touch of beautiful aunties and gorgeous girls was superb and it was like feather touch.

The meeting with staff, time spent too fast. After finishing all the work, I and Sushma came to house by the share auto. And again happened same thing in the auto. Within a week, we become good friends, she shared calls, messages and chats, Sushma introduced her granny and she was Dum, when ever I visited Sushma house by seeing me her granny gives big smile. Daily in traveling we traveled like couples. And within a month along with sushma, few of my project colleagues become so close to me and we were sharing calls, messages and chats etc.,

A month passed, and there was a meeting, regarding progress of project, after finishing I was about to call Sushma, suddenly one of my project colleague named Revathi came to me and said sir, shall we move to Qtrs, I said no, Sushma will be waiting for me, if she comes, we all can move together, Revathi said, sir don’t keep formalities. At present she is busy, so we can move to house and get fresh and go to Movie. I changed my mind and said to Revathi come lets go.

Again we catched Share Auto and moved to Qtrs. While coming Revathi was beside me, and her breast was touching to me, when ever auto went over humps & Dugs of the road, I touched them or she touched me. For every touch I found the smile on her face. She only gave the money to Autowalla, and went to the qtrs canteen, had T, and shared some chats and jokes and went back to house for fresh up.

(Saying about Revathi ** She was 2-4 yrs elder than me ** Revathi’s age 30-32yrs, and was living behind my house, and she is married, and had two childrens and children’s are residing in hostel and husband is central govt railway employee and during holidays and festivals her husband and children’s will come to visit her and spend some time with her and then go away.)

Just I was about to take the key of my house I found Sushma, she was looking very sad, by seeing me she said you left me back, y. Revathi said that you were busy, so that’s y I came with her. I said to Sushma, get ready that we are going to Movie. She said ok you can go, why me in between u and her. I said no problem, come all of us can watch movie and enjoy. she said no, I Said I am sorry for leaving u back, from now onwards I never leave you, I will be always with u. she said promise, I said promise and convinced her to come to movie.Later Revathi and Sushma joined me and we went to Ramgopal Varma’s Horror movie, I was sitting in between them, by watching movie our hands touched each other, by watching a movie there were some Horror Scenes both Revathi and Sushma caught my hands and took near to them. Some times they caught my shoulder and kept their head on me for hiding because to avoid to see the horror scene.

After finishing movie while coming on the way, Revathi and Sushma said sorry that we really disturbed you while watching a movie. I said thanks to them, they asked y, I said, really I was afraid for 5-6 times while watching a movie. Both of them catching my hands really made me bold. Revathi and Sushma said are you joking, I said, No I am serious, I am afraid of evil. and I am worrying how to sleep alone at night in the house. Sushma said, Ya the film is bakwaas, but the camera work and background music was superb. and it really thrills. Even I am also worrying how to sleep at night in the house as granny is out of the station and she will return tomorrow. Even Revathi said, me too afraid of sleeping alone.

I said, if god is there if we live alive, we meet tomorrow. Sushma said this night you sleep alone in the house. I said ya. She said that you told that you are afraid to sleep at this night. I said I have a remedy, they asked me how? what was the remedy? I said I take two knockout beers, drink it and sleep without awareness. And get up in the morning. Revathi said its good idea, we to take single-single beer along with u. and y cant we three sleep together this night in my house. I said we three, they said yes. I was surprised with their words.

I said no, I will sleep in my room. They asked y, what is the problem? When I drink, I will be out of control. If I misbehave with you, it will become, big problem. And damage to my career. So please I will sleep in my house. They said nothing will happen. Revathi said even my husband drinks a lot, and abuse me. Even Sushma said that my father is also a drinker. I said ok let’s sleep in Revathi House.

On the spot, I decided to fuck both of them in the night. And got a cruel idea. On the way I went to wine shop and purchased beer bottles and along with beer I purchased Hot drinks Royal Stag (RS), snacks and some food to eat. And went to Revathi room. First we put beer bottles into fridge and I hided RS bottle beside the fridge, and fresh up ourselves and sat on the dining table. After fresh up I took beer bottle out, Revathi kept glass sushma was separating food and snacks. They wearing Velvet Night pant and top, and they were nude inside, means they did not weared bra and panty because their nipple marks was visible from outside to common eyes. By seeing them my dick began to dance. And my dick was pleading me to fuck them. And I controlled myself.

I put on the TV and took the glass and poured beer into glass and without knowing to them I opened the RS bottle and poured little RS into three glasses and kept the RS aside. And bought to the dinning table. And welcomed them. Revathi and Sushma came and took the glass and said cheers and drinked it. Sushma said what kind of beer it is, it is too ghatti. I said it is knockout. It will be little strong. Revathi said ya it is too strong, usually we drink Pint Or Light Kingfisher beer. And knockout it is for first time. I said its ok, nothing will happen, you have mango or lemon pickle in home. Revathi said yes I have two. I said bring two pickles in Separate cups. She brought the pickles. I Said now you enjoy the drink with pickle. They drinked a sip again and tasted the pickle. Revathi & Sushma said what a taste and what combination. And we three of them drinked sip by sip and tasted pickle and snacks. and we were sharing some jokes and gossiph’s and completed one glass.

For one glass of beer, something changes appeared in Revathi & Sushma. I said give me the glass, I will make one more drink. They said ok and gave the glass. Again I took the glass and poured beer into glass and I opened the RS and poured RS into three glasses and kept the RS aside. And bought to the dinning table. And welcomed them. They were drinking sip by sip, I shared some non-veg jokes, and Revathi & Sushma also started to share some non-veg jokes. The Dining table was small, while drinking our legs were touching each other. I felt hot and removed my shirt and asked Revathi do you have any shots (Burmuda). She said ya I said gave it me.

I went to bathroom removed my pant and underwear and weared the shots and came out. The shot was too short, and my raisen dick was looking clearly, When I came out and sat on the sofa, I was in short and baniyan. Revathi said you look Handsome in this dress & Sushma said you look like add person for baniyan and Chaddi. And I joked and said please don’t rape me. Suddenly Revathi came near to me and said Basanthi Nach mere jaan, nach. Sushma got up and said Basanthi in kunthonke samane math nachana, and suddenly she felt down little far away from the chair. As she fell down her boobs was trying to come out of her top. By seeing her half boobs my dick raised 900, I controlled myself and runned towards Sushama and lifted with my arms and said r u ok. she said bade-bade deshome, isa chote-chote galath hotha rehtha hai. I looked at her face with lust, she said leave me, I asked what. She said I am feeling something, I suddenly sawed that one of my hand was at her boobs and other hand on her stomach. I said sorry. She stood up herself took the drink and sat on the sofa.

I said ok finish the glass and give it to me, I will make one more drink. Revathi and Sushma said we don’t want any drink, you continue. We think we have taken too much. And we are unable to control ourselves. I said nothing will happen, I am with them. And said this is last round, common finish and give me the glass. They finished the glass and gave it to me. Again I took the glass and poured beer into a glass and I opened the RS and mixed RS into three glasses and kept the RS aside. And bought and gave to them.

After drinking few sips, Revathi suddenly asked what happened to you Sushma while sir touched you, she was quite. Revathi asked you felt something-something, Sushma said ya. I asked for Revathi, what is the meaning of something-something. She said imagine now I press your breast, how do you feel. I said I feel nothing, Revathi got up and came near to me and pressed my breast, and said you felt something-something, I said no, she said liar, tell me the truth, you feel something-something or not, I said no. Revathi said don’t lie, sir, your dick has raised, and it is clearly visible to us. U see down it is raised to 900, and ready to come out and play kabaddi.

And both of them started to laugh. While laughing Sushma was seeing my dick, all of a sudden I saw Sushma watching my dick, she bowed her head.

I said Revathi and Sushma to finish drink soon. So that we shall have dinner. As I am hungry, Sushma by seeing me said yes sir, I my also very much hungry. For her words I dared and removed my baniyan & shots and become nude and I took sushma in my arms and put her on the sofa and hugged Sushma and started to kiss her, she was saying leave me sir, what are you doing, I said I am fulfilling you hunger. And started to kiss her, she said I didn’t mean that. I said your are looking so sexy, when I saw your breast know, my mind is out of control, Please, cooperate me nothing will happen, she said it is wrong, and she is not that type of Girl. I was grabbing her and kissing her and squeezing her boobs and we were talking, I said sushma, please cooperate now, my mind is disturbed, I am in full heat of Lust, by fucking you only, I will be cool. For more than 15-20 minutes she struggled to escape, and last she lied silent and was co-operating in the sofa and was giving sexy moans,

I removed her dress and naked her. By seeing her structure I become so mad, she was like Ajanta Statue, I kissed her lips and started to draw honey from her lips. After kissing I looked at her face, she was in full Nasha and in sexy mood, I pressed her boobs softly, she closed her eyes and gave a sexy moan, ahh… ahhhhh…. And I continued to play with her boobs, stomach and navel softly and hardly. By doing this I enjoyed a lot. And slowly came down and separated her legs and inserted my tongue into her pussy, it was wet and juicy and daam hot like furnace. I tongue fucked her Pussy hole, she was moaning and gave sexy moans, and she was trying to control her moans. After playing lot, I raised her legs took my pennies and inserted in her pussy. It was too tight, I slowly inserted my dick inside her pussy, it went little, and pressed hardly into her hole, she screamed loudly aaa….. after some moment I started to move too and fro slowly, she started to moan haa.. ahhh.. in medium voice, and I slowly increased my speed, she was trying to control her moan’s but it was unable to control her, she was screaming in loud moans, though fan was running at high speed, we both were bathed in sweat,

I stopped fucking, Revathi was watching us with out blinking her eye, I asked Revathi to give towel, she bought and gave me a towel, I wiped all the sweat from my body and gave towel to sushma, sushma took towel, Covered towel to her body and went to bathroom and after some time she came out in fresh look. She went to the dining table took her drink and finished in a single sip. I went behind her and hugged her, and took her to bed and removed the towel, she hugged me and put me on bed and stared to kiss my lips softly, her kiss made me to feel that I am in heaven. She came little down squeezed my chest lightly, pinched my nipples.

And went little down and parted my legs and started to play with dick, she licked like lollypop, and took my pennies and inserted in her pussy and started to fuck me. And she was moaning sexily as she was fucking me. And again I put down her on the bed and parted her legs inserted by dick in Pussy. And started to bang fast and increased my speed, she was screaming ahh… ahhh… ohh.. and at last I loaded all my sperms inside her pussy. And slept on her.

After 15 minutes I got up and went to the bathroom, and freshened myself and came out. And went to dinning table took my glass and started to drink. Revathi by seeing me she was smiling. Sushma got up and went to the bathroom and freshened herself and came out and sat on the sofa.

Sushma said sir I want one more drink, Again I took the glass and poured beer into a glass and I opened the RS and poured RS into three glasses and kept the RS aside. And bought and gave to her. After finishing I said one more drink, Revathi said its enough, it’s too much, come let’s have dinner. Sushma said ok lets all of us have dinner. We all had dinner and time was 12.30 at night, and we all slept in the hall.

At 4’o clock I get up for toilet, I sawed Sushma and Revathi were sleeping in different places. I went to Bath Room and came out and I went near Revathi and slept beside her, I just put my hand and leg on her and started to press her boobs and started to kiss her body. She said no sir, please leave me, please don’t do this to me, I am married, I have children’s, I didn’t heard her words, and started to rub, press, squeeze her breast, navel and her pussy. after some time I took to my side and hugged her and kissed her lips. She was silent and thought this was her green signal. I stood up and took Revathi in my arms and went to bed room and put her on the bed. And undressed her and made her nude and started to kiss her lips, pressed her boobs softly and hardly. Revathi whispered in my ears, and said please off the lights, I went and offed the lights and came to her and started to kiss her, she was co-operating nicely, and started to give moans, she said sir, please fuck me, I can’t tolerate much time, please fuck me.

By hearing her words, my josh increased, and parted her legs inserted my dick, and plunged in her pussy, she moaned ahh… ahhh. And I started to fuck slowly, she was lifting her pussy and cooperating me in sex. And I slowly increased my speed, she hugged me tightly and screamed ah…. I lifted her legs and fucked as hard as harder like there was no tomorrow. She was continuingly moaning aaa… aaa.. and at last I also screamed aaa. A… and loaded my sperms in her pussy. And slept with her. She to hugged me tightly and slept.I waked up early in the morning 5’o clock and awaked Revathi and said her to lock the house, and I went and slept in my house. And awaked at 8’am and freshened up, and become ready to office. I was feeling something Hesitation in my mind and came out to go to the office.

I sawed sushma in front of my room and she was also ready for office, and we both wished each other and moved to auto stand on the way Revathi joined us and we three went to the office in Auto. The same thing happened in Auto. And we went to office and Sushma and Revathi looked very normal as daily and busy with there work.And continued for may days.

And at the same time I even also fucked many of projects colleges. But Revathi and Sushma were regular to me.Hope u like my story, any comments or feedback please email to [email protected]

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