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Hi friends!!! Once again this is Naresh Patil from Mumbai central suburbs. Story is bit lengthy but I’m sure you’ll like it. In order to experience the best orgasm, I suggest to you to pictures the story while reading and imagine that you are in writer of this story and the girl is one whom you want to fuck.

My name is Naresh Patil. I’m Marathi. I’m from suburbs of Central Mumbai. My height is 5’8″, I’m whitish in completion, with normal healthy body. I’ve completed my engineering this year and looking for a job.

The experience which I’m going to narrate is with my junior college friend whose name is Preeti. Like her name, she was also very beautiful. Her height is approximately same as me. She has a moderately healthy body but with good figure. She seemed to be a cute and sweet girl but during this experience I saw her hot side which was hidden inside her and luckily it came out for me.

During my 11th and 12th, I didn’t had mobile phone, so we were not in contact much after college hours. But We use to chat on Orkut(that time FB was not there). We use to chat till late nights. Actually I had a huge crush on her the moment I saw her in college. But I was a shy person back then, that’s why I couldn’t gather courage to talk to her directly. We never had conversation directly in college but as soon as we reach home after college, we’d start our conversation on Orkut. It was a strange relationship.

We use to call each other BABAY, SWEETHEART, SHONA and all as if we are a couple, but nothing happened with us that time as neither I had courage to talk frankly nor did she. I always use to admire her perfectly round boobs and booties. Many times I use to masturbate imagining that I was sucking her boobs, fucking her hard, having passionate kiss, having bath together and what not. All those things remained fantasies and nothing else.

After HSC, our paths got changed but still we were in contact on SMS. But as we became busier in our respective life, we couldn’t give much time for each other and we lost our contact on SMS chat.

Few days back. Suddenly I received SMS from her and we started our chat. Seriously man, I literally forgot her face as we were not in contact since 4 years. I added her new contact number and checked her WhatsApp DP. Oh My Gosh!!! I cannot explain my feelings. She had turned into a SEX BOMB in last 4 years. Size of her assets was not changed but her transformation in figure was mind blowing. We started or chat after very long time. After talking on some general topics, our conversations got to steam up.

Preeti: And say baby. What else?

Naresh: Nothing interesting shweetheart! Life is very boring without YOU :* (me trying to flirt)

P: Accha ji!!! You are flirting on me? 😀

N: Hehe… BTW your DP is very HOT to handle 😉

P: Naresh, can you please be frank at least now.

N: Frank about what?

P: As if you don’t know:

N: Ohk!!! Then listen. I really like you a lot my cutepie… I had huge crush on you since we were in college. But you know na that I’m a shy person. I couldn’t gather the courage to ask you out. I always wanted to have sex with you.

P: My Shona!! I was dying to hear this from college days. I took you 4 years to admit. I too was mad for you since college. I too wish to have sex with you.

N: Then why didn’t you asked me then?

P: How can I? I’m a girl.

After some virtual kisses on WhatsApp, we planned our first date the next day. We decided to go for a movie ONE NIGHT STAND. And after the movie we planned to stay at her home as her parents were out of station. I woke up early in the morning in excitement. I was surprised to see her good morning message as I woke up. I got freshen up and got ready. Wore my best pair of jeans and T-shirt, Sprayed some perfume and left to pick her up on my Bike. I reached the spot where I supposed to pick her up. I saw her waiting for me. I parked my bike and went to her. She was so happy to see me that she hugged me tight for a moment and immediately left me when she realised that we were on public place. Let me tell you she was looking very beautiful and I couldn’t remove my eyes off her. We drove to the movie theatre.

While in the theatre, we were least interested in watching the movie. We were continues talking and flirting on each other. We looked around and found that all the couples were busy carrying out intimate activities. I looked at Preeti and asked her whether you are comfortable? She replied saying that everyone is having good time, and placed my hand on her perfectly round boobs. Oh my god, those were so firm that there wasn’t any sag. I am feeling so lucky to have her for whole night. She also gave me a hand job in the darkness.

We had our dinner in a restaurant. I told Preeti Jyada mat khana. Aaj lambi exercise karni hai to which she winked at me naughtily. After reaching her place, I played soft melody music in low volume on my computer to enhance the atmosphere.

Turned on the lights dim turned on the AC at the temperature of 18 degrees. The atmosphere was totally romantic and in that atmosphere we both hugged each other felt her boobs on my chest. I could feel the heat flowing through our bodies slowly unzipped her back chain of her top. I could feel her warm breath on my shoulders. I removed her top and started French kissing her.

The sound of kissing filled in the room giving the romantic tome to the melodious music running in the background. I started licking her boobs slowly and I heard her first moon of the night. I was rolling my tongue on her nipples. They had become so hard due to AC cooling. I took the hard nipple between my front teeth and chewed slowly without hurting her and she gave her intense moon. What a feeling it was.

She clinched my hairs and buried by face in her boobs. I could smell her body odour after some time her boobs were fully wet due to my saliva. I picked held up in my arms and laid her on bed. I was over her and kiss each and every part of her body. She was enjoying it very much and she was moving her body like a snake in excitement slowly I went down and removed her shorts.

Now she was fully naked in front of me. She had shaved her pussy cleaned. I could see her pink pussy lips without wasting any time I placed my tongue tip on her pussy door. It had become totally wet till now and I tasted her pussy juices. I loved its taste. She again clinched my hairs and pressed my face between her legs. I started licking her cunt like a dog. She was moving her hips while I was licking her cunt.

She said baby! I want to cum Sweetheart aahhh you are so good licker Naresh yeah lick it just like that yeah baby suck it oooohhh yahhh as she was on her peek of her orgasm, I increased the pace of licking and tried insert my tongue as deep as I could. She screamed in excitement again yeah baby. I’m cuming mm and her juice came out lake a Fawaraa. My face was fully drenched with her juices. It was going on from last 1 hour.

Now it was my turn to get my reward. I could see the satisfaction on her face. Now she got up of the bed and started removing my underwear. I was now naked in front of her. My dick saluted her beauty. I was rock hard. She pushed me on her bed. I want to taste our fucking cum and started sucking my cock. Ohh my what a feeling it was. I could feel the warmth of her mouth on my dick. Now it was no more soft sex. She turned out to be wild. She wanted to taste my cum and she could do anything for it.

She had great sucking skills. She was even good at deep throat. She took my entire tool in her throat. The room was filled with sound of her gags. I was lying on bed peacefully and she was busy giving me the world’s best blowjob ever. I was in seventh heaven now. Now as my stamina to last long have improved, it took time to burst but she badly wanted to taste my hot cum, so she became abusive now when you will cum bastard.

I want that thick white load in my mouth now. I replied wait a moment bitch, you continue to suck that monster. Now she took my balls in her hot mouth. I couldn’t hold anymore now. I said I’m cuming you bitch, be ready for it. She started sucking it even faster and within no time I emptied my load in her mouth. That day I came so much that her entire mouth was filled with my cum. She swallowed it fully without wasting a single drop.

That was the best blowjob for me. I pulled her in my arms and chewing her lips. She was also very wild, she started licking my entire body. I asked her to stroke my cock so that it will again get hard. She started giving me hand job in 5 minutes my junior was ready for action again. I pulled out a condom from my jeans. Preeti helped me to apply it on my cock. I told her to get ready. I preferred man on top position.

I placed a pillow below her hip to get proper angel for entrance. I warned her that she will get pain at the starting. She said I don’t care sweetheart, I want to lose my virginity today ready to bare any kind of pan for it and I came over her and started slapping cock on her pussy door. I placed my mouth on hers because I knew that she will scream.I pushed my cock in her pussy and as expected she started screaming but I kept her mouth shut by kissing her. Slowly her screams replaced by her moons. Now she was also started responding me nicely. She said it feels great baby. I increased the speed and we both were waiting for our climax after half an hour she started mooning heavily and said yeah baby be fast.

I’m cuming again oouuhhh. It feels great and she experienced her climax but I was still waiting for my turn. I started stroking fast and fast and I too was finished. I removed my tool from her pussy and slept besides her disposed the condom got cleaned off. We also had bath together in her shower. Next morning she woke me up by a Good morning kiss and a coffee.We had shower together. We cleaned each other’s body and enjoyed foreplay and sex there too.

Guyes that’s it for this time. Please write to me on [email protected] if you like and enjoyed my story. I’ll reply to each and every mail. Any girl or aunty living in Mumbai, thane, dombivli, Ulhasnagar, Ambernath, badlapur area who want to enjoy wonderful sex can contact me. Don’t worry, personal formations will be kept confidential.

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