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I am back with a new story. For those who don’t know about me, To begin with, currently, I am 29 years old living in Pune, working in an MNC and still single, as I enjoy discreet relationships more rather than committed relationship. I do gym workout regularly so have a big strong structure, along with a gifted 7-inch thick cock.I love sex and also sharing those experiences in the form of stories. This incident happened with me about a year back in the month of Dec 2015. The story is about my childhood friend who is divorced now.

Well, to begin with, I will need to start from beginning hence I am going years in past. We used to study in the same school until she changed in standard 5. No matter how far she went away destiny always brought us together. It was almost 5 years I had seen her and she met me back during my SSC i.e. 2002-03 in a private coaching class. I had a crush on her but was never able to tell her during that time, years went by and again our path crossed each other in 2010. She was standing on the road waiting for her cab and by chance, I passed by the same place, recognized her, and stopped her. We had our usual chat where we exchanged our numbers. That time was of SMS and call. We started meeting regularly, going for long rides on the bike but except for passionate hugging and kissing things never went ahead. She told me I was her 3rd person with whom she is getting in physical on terms of kissing and hugging.

I was fine with it as since we were friends we didn’t think of relationship and were enjoying as friends with benefits. After 4 months I shifted to another city and within 2 months of shifting, she called me saying she is getting married. I congratulated her and thus our benefits sharing came to a halt. But destiny has its different role and has its own game plan. Thoughts about her had become a mere memory for me but don’t know why in 2015 I felt like contacting her again. We started with normal Whatsapp chat. Then in June 2015 she called me and told me that she has a divorce a few months back and now she is single. Since I was the only friend she had, we started meeting each other. After few formal meets in upcoming months, she opened up. She said her husband couldn’t satisfy her. In her married life of 4 years, her husband was able to satisfy her only once. He couldn’t last for more than 3 min.

Hearing all her problem carefully I asked her what’s her next plan, does she wants to re marry and settle with new life? She replied as she doesn’t want to get involved in the family anymore. Then she told me lets go for a ride. She sat on my bike and we went for a ride. While sitting she hugged me from the back and stayed the same for our entire ride. Then we went to KP and took her in a dark lane where nobody can watch us and we can enjoy our tight hug. I parked my bike at the roadside, and we gave each other a passionate hug. When we came out of our embrace I realized her nipples were very erect and hard.

Looking at them I realized she is horny and so brought my lips near her and locked it on her lips, she without resisting kissed me back passionately. This kiss was different, even thought it was born out of lust be it had lost of passion. Our tongues were playing with each other, we were sucking each other’s lips like mad, things were going out of control when we realized were are on a dark road. We broke our kiss as any more passion and we would have got naked on road itself. Since she was staying alone we decided to go to her flat. She was still horny, as we sat on the bike she put her scarf on my pant in front. I got her intensions and knew it’s going to be a tough ride now. As we started she opened my zip and inserted her hand inside and started stroking my cock as I was riding.

Since her scarf was covering my front and also it was late night nobody on road realised what was going on. It was the first time ever I experienced an orgasm while riding a bike. The way she was stroking n playing with my cock was awesome, her soft hands stroking it up and down, sometimes twisting it, she rolling her thumb on my tip of my cock was lovely. My entire body shivered as I had my second orgasm.

After few min of my orgasm we reached her flat since it was almost 2 am by now we started kissing in her apartments parking, same way folding and playing with each other we reached the lift. Since nobody was there we didn’t thought of being caught for our act in public. We reached the flat door, opened the door and just pushed it, I pulled down her leggings along with her panty and started fingering her. I kept on fingering till she has her orgasm. Since she had given me such a wonderful orgasms I wanted to see to it that she is completely satisfied, whatever she missed for 4 years I wanted to give it in a single night. I made her sit on the sofa and started licking her pussy while I still finger her. This was her first time of oral, her ex-husband never did oral with her, also she was having sex after almost a year so she was in heaven, she was shouting like mad. Aahhh off fuck me….. I kept on licking and drinking all the juice she was oozing out and gave her another orgasm.. then I removed her kurta and bra, now she was completely naked. Since being in depression of broken marriage and 4 years of marriage she had lost her awesome body shape that she had in 2010, but for me, her shape didn’t mattered.

No matter how fat she had become I wanted to satisfy her. My cock was erect again and now she wanted it inside her, I removed all my cloths and got the condom from my wallet. Since I am hyper sexual and always ready for any sexual encounter I always have three condoms in my wallet. I wore the condom and kept my cock on her pussy. Rubbed it on her pussy for few min and then slowly started inserting inside her. She was going crazy, I made sure with every thrust I make I will satisfy her. After thrusting for few minutes in the missionary position, she had another orgasm. We then moved to a woman on top, I wanted to make her feel how a woman can dominate a man and how powerful they are, so she came on top of me and started riding my cock. Every time I used to help her move up by holding her hip and then she would just use her weight to come down with speed. She was enjoying this…since being a bit heavy she got tired so we moved to doggy style, her beautiful big and round ass was facing me, I brought my cock near her love hole and with a nice good thrust inserted it inside, It was really amazing to see her ass being banged by my thighs every time I thrust in, after fucking her for more than 1 hour we both cummed at the same time.

She was tired after having multiple orgasms in a single night. I removed my condom and cleaned my cock. I wanted to make sure she is healed at a deeper level too because this one night may not happen every night as we both might be busy in our daily lives. Also, I had told her about my other encounters and how I love satisfying women and making them happy. So she could understand I couldn’t just be with her so I told her to let’s try something new and told her about sex meditation. I told her since now she is completely satisfied we will do sex meditation so that we get connected at a deeper level.So now in this sex meditation, we do not have much of thrusting. We went to bedroom and sat, then we touched each other’s heart and imagined our energies flowing through each other, we match our breathing in such way that when she exhales I used to inhale and same way when I exhales she inhaled, now we were sitting facing each other with our legs spread, now I asked her to move forward and sit on my erect cock.

So we both were in crossed leg position, with her sitting on my cock. I told her to give a stroke of pussy only if the penis starts loosing erection else we will keep on sitting in the same position with my erect penis. The only thing here was I had to remove my condom, but since there was no ejaculation in this process she too agreed. We exchanged our energies. We practiced it for almost 30 min. After that, she felt completely refreshed. She had lost all her negative vibes and was overflowing with happiness. She said I never knew that sex can also be used to rejuvenate energy and have a happy feeling which lasts longer than normal sex, where happiness is found only in orgasm.

Since then we have been practicing sex meditation, also had few more fucking sessions for her satisfaction. Now she is a completely changed woman. She is strong, happy; nobody can say she is unsatisfied in life.

Please let me know your comments on [email protected]. Please feel free to ask any questions.

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