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Hi, this is Ruthvik(name changed) from Hyderabad, this is my first story, I finished my engineering and in process of entering into corporate life, coming to me I am 23yrs old white, good looking, fun loving, very passionate for sex, I always wanted to try different something different, I previously had sex with my ex-girl friend many a times. Any interested and fun loving girls and young aunties can ping me in and around Hyderabad I promise privacy, guaranteed fun and satisfaction… 😉 [email protected]

Now coming to the story she was my ex girl friend we are together past 4 years, we had romance and sex many a times and for me this is one of the best incident, this incident happened in January.

She stays in hostel and I stay in a room alone, we sex chat and meet very frequently, we exchange our feedback and try different things to reach extreme satisfaction, one day I asked her come to my room and she said no(obvious for a girl to please and request her) she is little stubborn and shy girl she is afraid if anyone would see, I convinced her and I picked up her in my car, on the way we ate in a restaurant and headed to room, ok let me explain her !!Fair, slim and beautiful, white complexion with 34-28-34 !! , my dick is 6 inch and can satisfy bomb shelled girl, as we reached room we silently entered room, as soon as we reached I grabbed her and desperately kissed although she hesitated then she started enjoying the evening, while kissing I pressed her boobs, navel and her ass,

After 10 min of sucking her lips, I removed my short with only towel on me, she bathed and came out with wearing one of my shirt and loose hair, seeing her my tool became rock hard, I caught her and kissed her neck, and smooched her lips and lifted her to bed kissing madly and sucking water on her body from neck to navel removing button to button pressing one boob and sucking the other and pinching her nipples and now reaching navel hole teasing her arouse like anything

Now I reached her sweet lips it was cleanly shaved and eagerly started sucking her pussy she was in cloud 9 she held my hair tight and pressing my head towards her pussy, and now with changing intensity and direction we soon reached 69 position now she was on me I completely buried my face in her ass, I like her ass a lot and she put my dick in her mouth and started to suck it aahhh…. What a feel I placed my tongue deep inside her and she was flowing her lovely juices and I sucked them….. With my pre-cum in her mouth she stopped, she was really bad at blow job,

Now here we are completely naked I grasped her boobs and started kissing her neck and face she was enjoying it, and started to suck one boob pressing other and biting her nipples sucking her boobs made and I felt like I found water in a desert, and carried on my hand with teasing her navel hole and body like feather touch and kissing and sucking her body sweat, we cant control any more she was pleading me to fuck her and I took one ks condom from my bag and placed it on my rock hard dick,

I adjusted her on missionary position and teasing her pussy and finally inserted it she held me tightly and I could feel her nails pinching me, and I started with slow strokes and increased the pace, she started screaming my name aaahhh aaahh she started kissing me sucking my lips and tongue, I could feel her entire body and I am in cloud 9 and with some passionate love making we changed position to doggy and placed my hand on her pussy rubbing her g-spot and inserted from back gave some strokes and it was touching her inner core and increased pace she started feeling pain and happiness at once and we are peak now and making faster strokes and I cummed in her pussy and gave some slow strokes and I removed condom we took a break and drank some water.

And she was ready again and came to me kissed on cheek playing with my neck and making my tool hard again I asked her for a blow job she hesitated but I forced her she started give some strokes and started sucking and I felt really good and we turned into 69 and sucked her for a while, and now I became hard she started teasing me and caught her tightly and she sat on my lap facing each other and giving me some good kisses and I inserted my tool into her she explored herself and I grabbed her boobs and started sucking them and we hold that position and she gave herself ups and downs then removed my dick,

I carried her to wall fucking her she was laughing and now I made her to turn back holding bed and I placed my dick in her pussy and banged her back and caressing her ass and now with speed I slapped her ass and I am feeling peak and released a load into her pussy, we took some rest and watched some movie and I was caressing her back kissing teasing and inserted dick in her cunt and giving some stroked now I after some strokes I repeatedly changing positions to hive her maximum pleasure and at last she facing her back pressing her boobs and kissing her lips, I fucked her with maximum pressure and released my load in her…… We relaxed by sleeping naked. After walking up we had many more sessions trying different positions.

I will continue the remaining story in next part and please ignore mistakes send the feedback to [email protected] any girls in and around Hyderabad please feel free to contact me, I assure you privacy and satisfaction. Kindly don’t spam it.

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