Sex With Friend’s Married Sister

Hi, friends. This is my second sex story. Hope you all liked my previous sex story.”Sex masti in the train with a sexy girl” read this too. Do comment after reading it.

This incident happened last week. I had a full-time fun with my friend’s sister. She is married recently and her husband stays in Dubai. After the marriage, her husband was in India for a month and he left to Dubai. She was desperate for sex and had sex with me.Rahul and I were friends from our school time his sister Priya was two years younger than us. We all had studied in the same school and we had a good relation with each other families. We both used to spend all the time together either in-house or mine.

His sister pray, she used to very friendly with me. She was too hot any o guy who would see her would to like to fuck her figure was 36 32 32. Her boobs were soo big. Whenever I used to meet her I used to stare at her boobs. She noticed it many times( she told me later).She got married recently 3 months back, after marriage she was also about to travel to Dubai, but due to visa issues, her travel was not confirmed.

So coming the story, last Tuesday to my office I called Rahul. His number was not reachable. So I directly went to his home and rang the doorbell. To my surprise, \priya opened the door. She was wearing a saree well below the navel. I was amazed and shocked to see her. I asked her about Rahul, she said he had some urgent work and is in office. Doesn’t knows when will he come back. Aunty and uncle are out of town for marriage. So I went in and sat on the sofa.And started talking to her.She went into the kitchen to bring something to eat. I was just staring at her. Her ass movements wow. Just amazing. I was really hard and wanted to fuck her.

She came back and started talking. I asked her about her marriage life and other stuff. I winked her and asked about her husband is he able to satisfy you and are you happy. She laughed and said, yes she is very happy with her marriage life. She said she is waiting to be with her husband as she is missing him very much in all sense. I asked wat does all sense means, she said don’t act smart.Below is our conversation.

Me: wat does missing him in all sense meansShe: laughed and said don’t act smartMe: really tell me wat it meansShe: he is so good in bed that I really miss him. It’s very difficult to sleep. It’s almost two months he is away.Me: don’t be sad. Once you have visa issues resolved you can go there and enjoy the fullestShe: I know. But til then it’s very difficult to control feelingsMe: yes difficult.She: wat about your life. When are you going to get married?Me: if I found a beautiful girl like you I will marry nowShe: stop jokingMe: no its realShe: don’t you have any girlfriends.Me; noShe; are you still virginMe: mmmm. SilenceShe speaks up. I will not tell anyoneMe: noShe: oh wow. You naughty. Did not even tell me. I used to share everything with you both.NShe: when did it happen and who is that girlMe: when I was in Delhi that time I met a girl.I told her about my encounter with the girl I met on the train. She was shocked and liked it. I even asked made her read my previous sex storyShe: after that with no other girl in life?Me: not so lucky.She: so sadMe: mm. I met a girl online and had late night chats with herShe: Ohh. And then wat happenedMe: her name was Sreya., she was so beautiful. We shared our pics. Everything was going fine. One day while chatting I used some words jokes) that she did not like and blocked me in all.Daily I drop an email to her asking for apologies. But she never responds.She is it. Give me her details I will talk to her.Me: no. I will manage. I was feeling sad.She hold my hands and said. Don’t worry. Everything will be fineMe: hope soon

Slowly the topic turned to sex and I could see the lust in her eyes as she was missing sex badly.She got up and switched on the tv, in that moment her saree pallu came down and I could see her cleavage. She looked at me and smiled.And said. I noticed you staring at my boobs many times. I was speechless.

She came near me and kissed me on my lips. I was shocked by this. From inside I was feeling like fucking her. I pushed her back and said wat are you doing. We should not do this. You are married and I am your brother’s friend.

She was in no mood to listen to me. She again kissed me. As I too need the same. I responded. The kiss lasted for around 5 minutes. I pressed her boobs from above her saree. They were so soft. We hugged for some time. Then she got up and asked. Wanna have fun… I said someone might come home. Let’s stop here only. She said my brother will come late night as he has some urgent work in office and parents out of town

I took her in my arms and went to her bedroom and then we started to smooch. Slowly made her lie oh her back and just removed her saree pallu. Wow, so big boobs. I started pressing them. She was moaning ahh ha ha ahh. And slowly I moved down to navel and started playing with it. Her weak point was navel. The more I play, the more she was excited. Slowly I removed her saree, blouse, and petticoat. She was damn hot in bra and panty. I removed the bra and took some honey and applied it all over her nipples and navel and started licking it I took an ice cube and put it in her panty. She was moaning with my licking on her nipples and navel. And ice cube in her panty was making her even hornier. Slowly I went down removed her pussy and it was clean shaved. I started licking her pussy. It was so wet. I removed my dress and she started giving me a blowjob. Oh wow, she was so good in blowjob.

Then came in between her legs and started to rub my dick over her pussy but I didn’t enter ’cause I was teasing her.

Then I put 2 fingers in her pussy and was licking her clit with my tongue along. I came on top of her boobs and I put my dick in her mouth and started to make in out actions with a dick in her mouth. She was going all crazy and I removed my dick from her mouth and

Then we came over 69 positions and her on top of me. Ohh god blowjob was making me mad. And I was licking her wet pussy.And then slowly I came between her legs and pushed my dick in her pussy. With one push it went inside and she started moaning ahh sam fuck me. You are making me mad. And each stroke the moans were increasing. I increased the strokes slowly and this continued for almost 10 minutes. I said I am about to cum she said, cum inside my pussy is I on safer days. Ahhh ahhhhh at last I came inside her pussy.

After this, we went to bathroom and had shower together and had one more smooching session.

This continued for 3 more days, and one day her friend caught us smooching. I will narrate the incident in another sex story. How we had threesome with her friend.

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