Sex With Girlfriend On A Vacation

Hi friends I am Akshay and I am 23yr and I m from Belgaum, and I am a regular visitor of this site and also a big fan of this site, here I am sharing with you people my first sex encounter with my girlfriend and it is my first story in ISS.

About me I am 23yr height 5’6″ and my penis size is 5.5inch, wheatish complexion average body and my GF name is Sonia she is of sindhi caste and her fig is 34-26-36 she is little bit plumpy not that much a very Fair complexion as sindhi gals use to be much fairer and she was very hot.We both became friends in a very strange manner but that’s not important now, we both use to chat very late night nearly about 3am in the morning later on we use to go to bed this continued for 4 to 5 months we use to share everything nothing was secrete between us, even we use to share the colour of our undergarments slowly as days passed away we both started to LOVE each other, and one fine day I proposed her and she accepted my proposal, later on that we both became even more free to talk and we use to have naughty sex chat @ night by reading stories in ISS I use to narrate to her @ night time this continued for 1 week and she was going out of her control over her sexual desires and even me also.

So we both decided to meet in a private place and have fulfill our sexual desires and we decided to meet in a park and the park was 11km away from the Belgaum city.

In the park we both sat behind a Banyan tree and started to have naughty chat and I asked her can I touch your boobs and she said s u can I touched them and creased them and she giggled i am a moan and I stopped and removed my hand, she asked me y u stopped I said I want to sleep on your lap and she said u can and I slept on her lap and hugged her stomach tightly by this she got hot and started to caress on my chest I slowly slipped my hand inside her legging and started to rub her vagina above her panty only by this she started moaning slowly then after few min I inserted my finger in her vagina and it was totally wet and I started to finger fuck her. By that she was pressing my head tightly to her stomach after few min we both got in normal action and we walked in the garden and later on we went back to the city.

Later on one fine day we both decided to go to a beach place so I decided to go to Goa but she refused to go to Goa and we both decide to go to Gokarana and Murdeshwar and she too agreed.

It was rainy season but somehow we decided to go so we left belgaum in the morning as not to waste the night and we departed from belgaum and nearly @ 8:30pm we reached bhatkal as it is near to murdeshwar we decided to night out in bhatkal only. We got a room in a hotel the room boy showed the room we both entered the room and we both laid on the bed for few min, later on she got up and she told me to order the dinner and went to bathroom to get fresh I ordered two north Indian thali and with that vodka and sprite and kingfisher for drinking,the room room boy served the dinner and as well as the drinks and he went and I followed him and closed the door.

I came back and hugged Sonia and started to kiss her madly as I was uncontrollable and even she too as she use to hug me tightly and was biting my tongue inside her mouth only, that continued for 10 to 15 min in between I creased her boobs and rubbed her vagina above her nighty only, but before moving further she asked me lets have dinner and later on shall continue.

We took drinks 1st and den had dinner

Now I’ll narrate in Hindi now

Khana katam hua uske baad mujhe puri tarah se nasha chad gaya tha uss ko bhu chad gaya tha magar merese thoda kam chada tha, uss k baad maine uth k light off kiya aur zero bulb onn kiya, Sonia mere bhaoo me nashe me jhul rahi ti tab mujhe control nai hua aur maine uss ko pakad k kiss karna start kardiya aur wo hum dono ek dusre ko bahut aachi tarah se respond kar rahe the but mujhe control nai hoo raha that oh maine uske nighty k dono slip ko niche kardia aur uske white white aur bade bade boobs dekh kar unko apne dono haatho se zor zor se dabane laga phir wo boli ab chusoo na mujhse raha nai jaa raha hai toh maine uss k right boob ko chuss ne laga aur dusre ko dabane laga aur apne right hand uss k vagina ko rub karne laga to wo puri tarah se bechain aur tadape jaa rahi thi aur uske haath mere sir ko apne boobs k aur daba rahi ti aur siskiyan bhi kar rai ti ummmm ahhhhhhhh ummmmmmmmmmmm ahhahahahahahahhahahahah aise naughty naughty awaz nikal rahi thi I was getting aroused by her naughty naughty sounds, aur mera penis bhi ab mere control k bahar ho gaya tha tabi usne seedha mujh par japta maari aur mere shorts ko uttar kar mere lund ko apne haath se sehlane lagi uske haatho mai ajeeb si nazakat thi,

Thodi der sahlane k baad usne mera lund apne muah mai le liya aur ice candy ki tarah mere lund ko choos ne lagi thi she was very aroused and was very hunger of cock and by this I was in the seventh heaven. Maine apne haath uske baalon mai daala aur zor zor se uske muh ko chodne laga. Thodi der baad I cummed on her face only she took all my cum in her mouth and started to suck my cock once again as it was nt hard. Phir thodi der suck karne baad mera lund phirse khada hoo gaya tha aur mai usko sulaya aur usko puri tarah se nude kardiya guys really she was looking sooo hot toh maine bina time waste kiye hi uske legs ko side kiya aur apna muh ko uske legs k bichme legaya aur uske choot ko pagaloo k tarah choos ne laga saath saath me finger fuck b kar raha tha aur mere iss act se woo pagaloo k tarah mere face ko apne choot k taraf push kar rahi thi and was screaming with pleasure and was making naughty naughty sounds like uffffffff ssshhhhh ufffffffff ssssshhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh aur andar aur andar kar k bol rahi thi mujhe uss waqt saans lena bhi mushkil hoo raha tha friends. Maine uss k choot ko 20 min tak continous chata aur finger fuck b kiya.

Wo ek baar jhad gayi ti by fingerfuck n sucking of her vagina, Uss k baad maine apna lund ko ussk choot par thoda ragda taki wo thoda wet hoo jaye magar ussne thoda thukne ko kaha toh maine thoda thuk ka to ussne mere lund ko thuk se puri tarah se gili kardi aur apne choot hole par rakhi toh maine push kiya toh mera lund thoda hi andar gaya as it is thick toh maine iss bar uske kamar ko grip kiya aur thode zor se push kiya to iss bar mera pura lund andar gaya, aur wo chilane lagi please be please be nikalo be bahut dard hoo raha hai magar mai bilkul b mood me nai tha bahar nikane k phir maine uss k boobs dabane laga aur uss ko kiss karne laga to usko ab thoda thoda maza aane laga tha aur wo apna kamar hila kar mujhe fuck karne k liye easy kar rahi thi phir maine apna kiss toda aur ussk kamar ko ek aur bar grip kiya aur slowly slowly apna lund andar bahar karne laga by this she was jst screaming fuck me akshay fuckk me jab maine tujhe pheli bar dekh thi tabse hi chodne ka soch rahi thi mere choot k pyasi ko aaj katam kar de tere lund se in this way she told to me,

Yeh baat sun kar muijhe aur b josh aaya aur maine apna speed thaoda increase kia aur wo uchalne lagi to mere lund ko b thoda hurt hone laga wo uchalne par toh maine thoda slowly kia, aise hi ussko 15 min tak choda aur mai b dusre baar cum karne laga that ho maine apne lund ko bahar nilkala aur uske choot k upar hi jhad diya aur sida jaa k uss k bagal me soo gaya evev she too cummed @ the same time phi raise hi nude hum dono ek 30 min take k dusre k bagal me soye rahe phir bathroom me jaa k clean kiye aur wapas aa k dono ek hi chadar me thodi der rest liye phir maine raat ko 2 baje ka alaram set kiya aur dono soo gaye uss raat ko kaam se kaam 3 bar maine soniya ko choda aur even subah uthne k barabar ek aur baar choda later on we both had shower sex also I’ll tell that story in my next story.

Dosto aapko meri yeh kahani kaisi lagi yeh batana ho to mujhe mail kare [email protected] if any girl or aunty can have sex chat with me jst mail me on the above address.

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