Sex With Hot Manager’s Wife Part – 2

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Hello everyone, myself Rakesh ([email protected]) from and working in the US currently. Today I’m going to tell the story how I seduced my friend’s wife and fucked her in her home. And this is the continued part of my previous story

As you all know that how I fucked my manager’s wife in her home and how we both enjoyed. After having sex that night around 11:30 I came home and also got her contact details and I started to text her and the night was awesome and all she accepted that even her experience was soo good and she never experienced it with her husband. And later we both were tired and we both slept. In the morning I got a call from her and she said she wanted more sex from me as she is desperate to have sex and I readily accepted her request.How can men reject a request like that and she is going to take leave from her office that day for 2 days and I was also prepared for the sex and later that night I told my parents that I’m going to trip with friends for 2 days. They said ok.

I got ready in the morning packing my bag with clothes and other needs. My mom helped me doing it. And I called her and said that I was ready. She said she wanted to date for some time and I accepted as it would be fun and she told me to meet at the mall. I went near the mall and was waiting for her and called her. She said she will arrive in few mins. And was waiting by that time I thought for a while and booked 2 tickets for a movie and which was not crowded as it was released a month ago only a few people booked tickets for it and I booked a place where we can have a little fun.

Here she came with that dress which I gave her in the previous day. She was so hot and sexy her boobs were half popped out as it was little tight for her and her structure was soo awesome to see her in that dress and it was only till her knee. And almost all the boys were staring at her boobs and also her thighs and ass. Her ass looked so awesome that no one would never stop seeing that ass.

And I said her that I booked a movie and later we can go for shopping. She was happy for it and we both went for the movie and we both were so close now we were holding each other’s hands like husband and wife. We both went in and sat on our seats and it was less crowded and thank God none were beside or behind us. As it was a boring movie I started to touch her thighs as her dress covered till thighs when she sat I could touch her thighs and I was sensing it. And we both kissed each other for few mins and later I started to press her boobs and she was enjoying my act and she was also responding to my kiss and press.

And later I thought someone would watch us we both parted and brought a stole with her and she covered herself and some of me. I didn’t know what she was doing. But later I gotta know that she was also covering my pant and she told me to loose the belt and I did and she inserted her hand inside my pant and started to stroke my dick. it was awesome feeling for me and now I couldn’t controls as she was giving me handjob and I made her lift her dress little up and touched her panty and it was fully wet by my act and I started to touch them discreetly and she was also feeling good and started to shiver.Now I was about to cum inside my pants but lights went on and it was interval time. We both made ourselves clear and didn’t look like we were doing something. I brought something’s to eat we both ate while the ads went on. And I said her to go to the washroom and remove he panty to the movie is over and I wanted to touch her pussy she went to the washroom and removed her panty and gave it to me. I kept inside my pocket.

Now movie started again and I was pressing her boobs and kissing her and now we both went wild and I couldn’t control myself and I removed the zip of my pant and I somehow lowered my underwear and made my dick come out. now it was easy for her to touch and stroke my dick but she did not do it instead she lifted her dress a little and showed her pussy. By this I was out of control somehow I made her sit on lap and tried to insert her pussy hole but I was unable to do it. My dick was only touching her pussy but couldn’t insert inside but she was desperate to have my dick inside. We both left the cinema hall without watching movie while returning from cinema hall she told she wanted to buy some stuffs and I said OK. she went inside ladies section and I gotta know that she wanted to buy lingerie and it was weird standing there i came out and even I thought for a while and went to buy some stuffs to enjoy our sex.

She came out and we both went to car parking where her car was parked as soon as we entered the car we both kissed desperately for 3 mins and I started the car and we both came out the mall and I was driving she couldn’t control herself she opened my pant zip and inserted her hand inside she entered my underwear and made my dick come outside and she was giving me a nice handjob with her smooth hands. I was enjoying the act as we were about to reach home we both dressed up. And we entered home as soon as we entered home we started to kiss each other like animals.I started removing her dress and she removed my shirt and i removed her bra and she removed my pant.

And when i went for shopping i brought honey and Nutella i wanted to pour it in her body and suck it. I lifted her up and went to her bedroom i made her completely naked. I poured honey on her boobs and chocolate in her pussy I started rubbing both and it was all looking soo sexy and she waa enjoying it and started to suck her boobs and taste her body and also honey and she was moaning aaaaahhhhhhh ahhhhh and i was fingering her pussy and with Nutella and i started to suck her pussy and i kissed her pussy and started to suck them. And now we both were really horny and we both couldn’t control so i entered her pussy and started ramming her in missionary position so her boobs were shaking soo well and now she wanted it in fit style so i started to fuck her in doggy style and we both came at the same time and collapsed in bed and also had two more sessions that day.

I hope everyone liked the story. Please do ping me if this story was good and hot on [email protected]

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