Sex With House Owner’s Married Daughter – Part 1

Hi friends …..Thanks for the response for the previous story…. I am back with a new story which happened when I was in Chennai for job.

To those who are new I am Nandu 27yrs from Visakhapatnam…Presently in Vizag looking for Job offers here….This is a story of how I got a chance to fuck my house owners daughter in chennai while working there..Any unsatisfied aunties can mail me on [email protected] for secret relation…..

Coming to the story …. I was posted in Chennai in a MNC, myself along with another guy from Nellore both started to search for accommodation … Tried various sources but could not figure out a house at last contacted an agent….In chennai you need to go to agent for house or else existing friends should help out…Other than these two option you cannot find a house at all….

The story started like this ….The house we found is a small duplex which is fully furnished, in which the bottom and the top portions are separated by Aluminum doors…The upper portion had got separate entrance from side… My owner stayed in a faraway place and his married daughter used to stay in the upper portion along with his husband( who does some garment business) and 2 children….Her name is Raji…Bit fair and with good assets… In the beginning we used to do our work and come late night and sleep….Every weekend my roommate used to go home as his place in just 2 hrs journey from Chennai… All weekends I used to stay alone watching some movies and porn or go to newly released movies with other team mates….

After around 4-5month once the motor had got trouble and on Saturday morning when I was in sleep( after watching porn till 2 Friday night) my door bell rang at 7.30 am… With that eyes I went and opened the door, its Raji standing in front of the door….I was in my boxer and My cock was erect which is clearly visible… I didn’t see that also and straight away opened the door….She said that motor had got some problem and asked me to switch on our motor …. I said Ok and she again watched at my erect cock….smiled and left…

After about 20 min the door which partitions both the floor was knocked, I went near it and asked …she said to switch off the motor as the tank is about to fill….I woke up at around 11 and had some breakfast and again watching some movie ….Then again the door bell rang….

This time I check myself and opened the door its Raji again in a beautiful pink saree….she brought some sweet and thanked for the help..i asked her to come and sit inside, she sat in hall and started to tell that her husband went for some business work to nearby town and will return in 2 days and also her children went to her parents house….. She enquired about my roommate I said he left home and will be back only on Monday… Then she offered me to join for lunch as she anyhow prepares for her… With bit of hesitation I was thinking in the mean while she herself confirmed that I am coming and she left to her house…

At around 2 pm again the door knocked I went near the door , she called me for lunch….i said I will come in 10 min locking the door for which she said she will be opening this door so that I can come directly…..Forgot to say I can understand tamil and can speak bits and pieces….. similarly she can understand English and try to speak little bit…. While having lunch she asked about my regular routine and all the stuff…Even after 4 month we did not talk anytime…..

I said that my time pass was to walk some movies all weekend and take rest…..suddenly she asked which movies do I watch… she asked casually but I was shocked with that question and was smiling and said all movies….After some discussion we finished our lunch…. I thanked her for the lunch and she was also happy and I returned to my room and asked her to lock the door… she said she will lock later….

I returned and opened my laptop and was watching some movies and thinking about the whole situation…. Then got a doubt whether she is interested in me or not….then thought that I will try my luck this weekend as no one is there ….In the evening I asked her whats the plan.. she said she need to but some groceries for which I said we will go to the super market nearby and I will join her… she accepted….

Both went and finished our shopping in the meanwhile became a bit closer…. I said we will order something for night so that she need not to get troubled… then I ordered some food…which came my around 9 pm…

After I received the food I went to the door to call her… the door was opened….i went to her bed room to check I heard water sound from the bathroom….i just shouted saying that the food I ready and she could come to dinner , I will arrange everything by the time….

I arranged all the food in plates and waiting for my lovely aunty to come… She came in a red saree and black blouse she is looking hot in that…I compliments her when I saw …she smiled and thanked me…. I thought this is the time and while we are about to finish I dropped some chutney on her saree and acted as if it happened by mistake…. I readily washed my hand and started to clean and placed my hand on her boobs…its so soft…. She was shocked and looking at me I acted as if I did not notice and then she said its fine she will clean and went to her house to clean….

I was disappointed and was thinking whether I made a fast move …..I started to clear the table , my beauty had come in RED NIGHTY without inners I guess….i did not see her in nighty till then ( then I confirmed that she is also interested in me and made bold moves)….She came to me again I said sorry for which she sadi its ok…..… anyway she will change the saree before sleeping…. Then I slowly started to ask her some personal question while clearing the table….

She without hesitation answering my questions…

Me: Do you change daily to nighty before sleeping?

Raji: Ya ….almost….

Me: I have not seen you till now…..i am surprised to see you like this…

Raji: Only in my bedroom after finishing the work I will change…so that it will be comfortable….

Me: I thought for a second and asked comfortable for what???

Raji:: She got my questions and answered for everything….

Me:: Then how come you came to my room in Nighty? Does my room feel you like you are in your bed room?

Raji: she laughed naughtily…..

What happed after this will be said in the Next part…based on you comments……

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