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Hello everybody here there are many fake stories. I don’t know which are real and which are fake. From few days i’m reading these stories . After reading i also thought to post my crush with my friend. This is my first story which happen between me and my train friend. My self suprajanand, 26 age, 5.2′, 55kgs athletic body working with reputed company in new delhi and i’m married. My life is happy with my wife. My metro friend name is sunitha 28years 50kgs5.2 hight attractive body. Married little dark colour but attractive face her eyes are best feature in her. She staying little bit away from my home. Our office timings are same at a same time we are also going to temple in same time in the morning. This happens regularly. There is no any conversion between us.

Days passed on one tuesday i reached to temple she is bit late after pooja i had habit to sit in temple. Usually she distributing prasad given to me also i just laughed at her she too. Later we left the place and i waiting for auto after min she too came to get auto auto came we both get in to auto after that we get down near metro station.As i already mention that we travel by metro regularly.

Whenever she look me she use to smile. One day in metro while i get seat to sit she is just away from me in standing while she look to my side i signal to her whether she would like to sit then she said thanks to give seat. I’m standing in front of her after few min she smiling her self again and again i asked what the matter she called me near her and whispered in my ear that pant zip was open immediately i covered it and closed zip.

While we going in auto she sat beside me my god she had awesome thighs those are very soft. While traveling we started to talk each other . Day to day we are moving further and became friends she like to share about her office related topics and even she say me about her past life.Even i too like to share. She started to wait for me in metro station even i too if i won’t wait she use to pinch me if i do any naughty she use to bet on my shoulder or on my thigh we use to talk about her husband and my wife also and we use to tease each other and we use to talk about sex topics also exchanging messages and even about her and mine private parts.

Once she called me to her home & introduced to her husband. I also introduced her to my wife. Day to day our relation became strong daily i visit her home. Even sometimes i use to take her on my bike and drop her near office. One day she asked me how is my personal life and i say my life is very good and enjoying her sister{my wife } she say that’s good and i asked her how is your and she said fine.

Days are passed like this happily. Once while i go her home to talk her, her husband is going out i met him and wished and asked where he is going he say friend home and left. I gone to kitchen where sunitha working she preparing tea later we both came to bed room hence there is no hall that day i noticed that she is worrying about something i asked her what. . . But she didn’t say.I asked her what the reason she did not say i forced to say if she respect me.

After few min she cried like a baby i holds her face in my hands and asked what happen she cried lot and say that she is not happy with her husband he is very huge drinker takes lot daily. Never speak with love and he never bring anything to her.

That she use to bring all things. After that she hugged me and cried like that. While in hug i feel something new feeling in me i didn’t wast time i hold her in my hands even she also holding me my hart beat is increased after some time she slightly up her head and open her lips her eyes are closed slight i touch her lips with my lips she didn’t say any thing i continued and kissed her for 20min we are in long lip kiss suddenly i got phone from home it my wife and said when i coming i reply i with my friend and ill come late. S

he agree and disconnect phone she immediately closed the main door and came to bed room we started kissing each other. Smooch each other she push me to bed jumped on me and kissing me she kissing like a hungry mad dog. I enjoying we playing with tongue slowly i put my hand on her boob’s my god its soft part i don’t know what is size but my hand is covering her boob then she removed her dress and my dress also we are totally nude she kissing my body and its make my hart in good feeling.

I asked her whether she like to take into mouth she agree and taken my erected dick into her mouth she sucking and taking in and out……In and out……….,,………..Wow what a feeling it is her hot mouth making me mad. Later i pulled her to me we are playing with each other body’s then she make me top and i started kissing her face and her lips. Her thigh are very hot and i taken her boobs in to my mouth sucking and sucking she mouning like a dog and she playing with my hair and she pushed my head on her love i start to suck it she feeling good and shouting ah ah ah.,ah,…Ah then we taken a 69 position we are sucking each other i started to figured her love she mouning……….Om om om oooooooooooom

She asking me pl fuck i am not able to control she begging me to fuck i saw her eyes those are inviting me to fuck…………….I slowly inserted my erected pen. In to her………………….First she shouted slowly slowly then i move slowly in and out i doing it slowly she feeling ah ah ah……….Yes baby common do it do it she holding me very tightly and fucking her i slightly increased speed she ask to discharge in her.. I doing in and out the sound is much . Puck puck puck.P……………………She feeling good and i say her going to discharge she say go on and immediately i get discharge in her what a feeling it is we feel good she said me that she reached to organism.

We slept like that for 30 min after she say me that this is my memorable day her life she ever done like this sex with her husband. She said my wife is lucky that she got a good fucking husband.. Even me also feel good with her. Finally we kissed again and promised each other that we will do this whenever possible and she said me that i’m her husband from now and we had a many times when ever we got time. Even today we maintain our relation. She introduced her hungry friend and we had a threesome.

Once i fucked her while we travelling in taxi. That i’ll say next time. Kindly send me your comments to my mail

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