Sex With My Colleague In Office

Hey friends, I am bebo and this is my true story. I am 24 years girl working in a software company. I have a perfect figure with nice developed breasts 36 B . I am not a virgin and being fucked by my boyfriend a few times.

I have been working here since 4 years and I have fallen for Arun from the very first day of my job. He is very very sexy and smart , a true gentleman. Till now I have developed a lust for him. His body language and figure was amazing with 6 feet height and build up muscles. I loved his naughty smile.

We know each other very well. But it is my strongest desire to lay with him. And the big day came, today is his birthday and I decided to satisfy my desire. I messaged him to meet in the storeroom at 9 pm with a bouquet ( without giving him any hint about who the secret lover is)

By his expressions and gestures he seemed to be very excited. He was looking at every female colleague to find her secret admirer. It was a loonnng time to wait until 9. When Everyone left the office. He was perplexed and curious. It was only me and arun in a very dim light. He entered the storeroom sharp at 9 . Slowly taking each step .. wanting with lust.. with greedy eyes.. he saw me. First, he could not believe it was me and when he saw me in almost nude dress revealing most of my sex parts , he lost his control.He grabbed me by my back hding me very tight and close to him. he was looking directly in my eyes I could sense his lust .

He shifted his whole body weight on me and started kissing wildly, smooching and licking our tongues. With a jerk he pushed me in the wall, and almost crushed my boobs with his big masculine chest & kissing me like a wild animal. Pushing his cock through my panties and pressing my tits very hard. He lifted me in his arms and madly started removing my bra and slapped my bums.I was now in my panty only.

I quickly made him sit on a chair and removed his pants. His cock was 6″ long , I could not control and started licking his cock from tip to his balls. Making it completely wet and sucking it hard. He was moaning loudly that made me convinced he is enjoying. I loved sucking his cock , i was rubbing and sucking and licking his dick making it complete wet and hard ready to enter my cunt. He fucked my mouth for 15-20 mins.

Suddenly he tore my panties and opened my legs apart. He then pushed my hips towards him and slapped very hard. I almost cried and then another slap. I could not control my scream. He slapped me again, my bums were burning and paining . He still slapped me twice ignoring my screams and pushed his dick inside my love hole .. ohhh what a feeling.. the pain was gone. I was a actually loving it.. he pushed his cock deep inside as deep as possible veey hard making me moan louder and louder. With each thrust my screams increased , it was making him more wild and lusty.

He again slapped my bum very hard , this time it hurt but he climbed on me started smooching me . Kissing me madly and crushing my tits with hus strong hands and pushing his dick deep inside. It was a feeling of WOW ..

He took his dick out and pushed a finger inside my pyssy. He thrusted His finger deep inside and then put 2 fingers and 3 .. he fucked me very fast and my sluty cunt released all the juices. He licked all my juices by placing his tongue on my clit .. opening it wide and then sucking it.. it was sending shivers to my spine.. I was really enjoying it.. he cleaned my pussy and with a jerk again pushed his cock.

I moaned this made him more horny. He fucked him harder and harder and my moans increased with his each thrust. Finally he exploded his load inside me. Ohh.. i loved his cum.. the feeling of being filled by his cum was amazing. We both were sweating but he was not tired.

A naughty smile was around his face , I understood something is fishy. And then he slapped my bum again. Once.. twice.. thrice.. ohh it was paining.. he then pushed his tongue in my anal..

I screamed.. I was always afraid of anal sex. He opened my anal hole wide with his hands despite my resistance and pushed his tongue inside .. he started licking my hole making it complete wet.. he spat on the hole and with a thrust pushed his finger inside I almost skiped a beat.

To soathe me , he pressed my tits and slapped me again with another thrust pushed his 2 fingers. I moaned loudly but it made him more wild.

He took his fingers out and spat again on my hole..this time he pushed his cock inside.. it was paining like hell.. i screamed and shouted but he wont listen.. he was pushing and fucking my hole to the deepest.. it was paining in the beginning but after some time I started enjoying it.. he pushed it deeper and deeper and fucked me till he filled my ass with his cum.

After this we were exhausted . He cleaned both my holes with a cloth and gave a last slap on my bum.. ohh it really hurts.. my bums were burning and had turned red. He kissed me and finally wore his clothes. He didnt let me wear anything as it was night and we fucked for 3 hours . He was dropping me home on his bike and I was not wearing even my bra or undies. A few people saw me nude and called with different slang names. Being called a slut made me horny. We reached home and as I lived alone there he decided to stay at night where he fucked me again.

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