Sex With My Engineering Class Teacher

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing fine. I am Shiva from Bangalore and I am an ordinary guy who just happened to have sex with a beautiful women. I am not going to fake the size of my penis, Yes, it’s normal and the passion is what matters not just a big dick. I do work in an MNC and Bangalore and I am here to narrate you the sex experience that I had Physics Lecturer in my Engineering.

It was during my first semester that we had the Physics lab and I enjoyed the labs as I was interested in Physics and loved experimenting. This lab was handled by Ms Dikshita. She was a beautiful and bold girl in her late 20’s. Since there are more boys in the Engineering, she knew how to handle the boys as she was quite strict and never used to laugh or smile.

Me being me, was laughing with my friends on the first day, I was scolded by her and she started asking a various question on Physics and I did answer all of them. She asked me not to repeat and keep my mouth shut.

This made me approach her with the doubts in the concepts so as to let her know that I am a good student who is just naughty. She eventually understood that I am intelligent and then onwards she was gentle with me. She used to help me with my experiments when my hand got fractured. I kind of liked her and I did respect her. In spite of my friends who used to fantasize about her, I respected her for who she was and never commented on her.

Things were going on smoothly and while performing one of the experiments me and my partners got late and we did the calculation at the last and everyone had already left for the day. When one of my friends asked her when should we show her the results, she replied that come at night in a funny way. I was like what she say since she never was this casual with anyone and I started to get drifted away in the double meaning of the joke.

I started fantasizing about her but nothing fancy happened since there were not many chances for me to approach her and I were kind of afraid. Almost a year passed by and I decided to shift out of the hostel and find myself a room and started searching and found a room. When I finally moved into the room, in the later evening I saw her walking across the street and I went and talked to her and she responded saying that she just lives in the next home. I was literally on the cloud nine. Thereby our interactions increased since we would meet on the road for most of the road and she used to repeatedly ask me not to bunk the classes and asked me to join her to the college in the morning. Me being a lazy ass never used to get up early and eventually bunked the classes.

On one such occasion when I was going to my room, she called me asked me to come inside. Upon inquiring about her family she said that they have gone to relative’s marriage and expected to arrive only after a week. I was bouncing with happiness but maintained the composer. She bought me a cold drink and we started casually talking.

Dikshita Mam- Why don’t you attend the first hour of the lectures?

Me- I find it very difficult to get up that early in the morning.

Dikshita Mam- What keeps you busy at night?(wink)

Me- Nothing like that madam. I just sleep late.

Dikshita Mam- Do you have a girlfriend with whom you are busy?

Me- No mam, I do not have a GF.

Dikshita Mam- How come a nice guy like you doesn’t have a GF? stop kidding and start answering.

Me- Nothing like that madam, I just keep watching the movies and that’s it.

Dikshita Mam- What kind of movies do you watch?I was like what? Does she really mean what she is asking or is she just casually asking? I decided to play along.

Me- Good movies mam, mainly English thriller movies.

Dikshita Mam- Since you mentioned that good movie, will there be bad movies too? Have you watched any? I think that’s what you do all night.

Me- Mam, everyone has watched those kinds of movies. And they are not actually bad. Since I have confessed that I have watched such movies, have you watched?

Dikshita Mam- Why are you pulling my leg now?

Me- I just asked the question that you asked me and I think I should get the answer.

Dikshita Mam- Yes, even I have watched.

This was going too far for a lecturer and student who did not even exchange the contacts.

Me- I will leave now mam.

Dikshita Mam- Why don’t you stay? Even I am alone.

Me- No madam. I have to meet friends of mine.

Dikshita Mam- Do one thing, come to the house for the dinner since you will be bored of having food outside daily.

Me- (after thinking) ok mam, I will be there at 8 PM.

I was super excited and did not want to think of what the night has for me. I had a nice shower and applied perfume and got a bottle of cold drink.

Dikshita Mam- Come let’s have dinner before it gets cold.

We had our dinner and she was very jovial and was heartily laughing at my jokes. We were enjoying the dinner which was prepared by her.After the dinner, we were sitting on the couch and talking.

Dikshita Mam- Do you have to study tonight?

Me- Are you kidding madam? I have nothing to do, still, the exams are very far.

Dikshita Mam- Since no one is in the house I called my colleague to stay with me but she dropped the plan as she was busy. I am afraid to stay alone.

Me- (I didn’t know what to reply, since me offering to stay at her place was also kind of odd) Are you afraid of the dark madam? Just enjoy the night staying alone.

Dikshita Mam- Shut up. I was thinking of asking you to stay with me. Is that okay with you?

I was spellbound and said that I do not have any problem and since it was Sunday the next day, I had no work.

Dikshita Mam- Good. We can watch the movie since it is Sunday tomorrow.

Me- Okay mam, I will get my harddisk.

Since I already committed to her that I was bringing my hard disk I could not clean it up since it would take more time and I did not want to keep her waiting. I quickly bought the hard disk and thought of watching a horror movie and convinced her that it would be nice to watch such movies.

We started the Ring movie and we were in the hall sitting on the couch and she held my hand when there was a ghost scene and that was just amazing. I told her to relax and held her hand softly. We were engrossed in the movie holding each other’s hand and when the next ghost scene came she kept her face on my shoulder like she doesn’t want to watch it. I started caressing her bare hands and started feeling her skin and her breathing started to increase.

The movie was over at this time and we were not yet sleepy and I asked her how about watching something which we do not usually watch with someone.(It took me a lot of guts in saying that)

Dikshita Mam- (hesitating for a moment) Are you serious? Is this not enough?

Me-No madam,let’s just try. If we are not comfortable then we can sleep.

Dikshita Mam- Ok.

I started the softcore collection that I had and it brought the heat to the room.I kept my hand on her thighs and started caressing. She was engrossed in watching that and kept silent.

We looked into each other’s eye and we knew what we wanted and I brought my lips closer to her and planted the kiss on her lips and waited for her approval.( I did not want to make her uncomfortable and wanted her to enjoy it)

Dikshita Mam- Why did you stop?

Getting the green signal I just grabbed her and started kissing her passionately. We were playing with our tongue and she guided my hands to her hips and I started touching her slowly and grabbed her ass. She let out a slight moan and it got me more excited.Slipped my hand under her dress to feel her naval and unhooked her bra with the other hand. She was astonished since I could unhook it with just one hand. Removed her top and started licking her navel. Removed her bra and unleashed the boobs and started sucking them slowly and biting the nipple. She had closed her eyes and was moaning.

I removed her pant and I absolutely loved her thighs. caressed her legs and approached her panty and removed it with my teeth. I started licking her pussy and she kept her hand on my head was pushing it within her pussy. She was moving her hips vigorously and I came to know that she must be cumming and started licking faster. She finally came and hugged me.

She said its time to return the favour and started undressing me and made me naked.Upon seeing my erected dick she said we are going to enjoy a lot and started blowing my dick. It was awesome and she was sucking it so perfectly.

I informed her that I was about to come and she increased her pace and I unloaded in her mouth and her boobs.

We started kissing again and I was hard again and came on her in the missionary position and she was asking me to enter her.. I rubbed the dick on her pussy and entered her. She screamed as she was bit tight down there, we were kissing passionately and then we went wild and I started banging her hard. We both were near to our climax and she asked me to release inside since she was safe and we both came at a time. It was absolute bliss and we laid down for a while. We repeated the act for 2 more times and then were tired and slept till noon the next day. It was awesome to be with her.

I asked for permission before posting the story here. She is getting married soon and would be leaving the city forever.

So any lady in Bangalore who wants to enjoy secretly can drop a mail at [email protected]…. I hope that we can some fun. Total privacy guaranteed as I do not want to make anyone uncomfortable.

I hope I see your mail in my mailbox soon.

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