Sex With My Ex Housemate Who Became My Sex Partner In US

Hell everyone I ‘m back with another story how I seduce my friend’s best friend virali (name changed). About her she is short 5.1 height hot and sexy as her asset and figure suggest

She was my housemate as we 3 boys and 2 girls use to stay, during those day I neither had any bad intention about her. We use to play card, use to hangout and all. After two month as lease got completed we all got separate, during those shifting days it changed my mind as I came across her innerwear, those smell awesome, anyone can get hard on looking those thing from her bra I can say her boobs will be around 36 c, and her figure will 36-28-30. I kept her bra and panties with me and use smell them and do masturbate. On the day of shifting everyone where busy in packing and moving their stuff and as I had car I use to transport them.

At last virali came I started to ride car slowly use to watch her and by mistake tried to touch her legs as she was wearing short and crop tee, doing that she caught me looking at her, and ask what are you looking at? I replied nothing just looking at the beauty sitting next to me she got bit shy. I took as a signal and started praising her beauty and her nature. She was blushing all the way. After a week we decided to have a small reunion of all old roommates.

We bought some beer and hard drink, then she came the way she had dressed I got hard-on in my paint. Straightaway I started praising her she was smiling no objection during that time my eyes were on her boobs and on her legs. She caught me several time but didn’t said a signal word to me instead she was smiling at me.

We started drinking after several packs she got bit high and then she ordered to set a romantic atmosphere where will dance as couple and price will be awarded. Everyone in room wanted to dance with her so we decided to have a draw system luckily I got chance to dance with her, it was first time we both where to close to each other I got hard again while dancing during that time my dick had touched her ass crack several time, touched her stomach and navel, kissed her neck to give sexual touch. When we won we hugged each other that time her boobs where pressed against mine chest that was awesome feeling, then we again started drinking everyone where high almost out of control, that time I had made my mind will have sex with her.

Next day I went to drop her and her friend. After dropping them I went to finish my personal stuff, I go a message from virali she is alone at home and needed some help I readily got agreed and went. She had some kitchen issue so while fixing I was watching her ass and tried to touch several time but when it got fix I hugged her from behind and started kissing her neck and pressed her boobs. She didn’t resist instead she gave a small moan and then I started kissing her neck and pressed her boobs bit harder.

I turned her and started smooching each other we both explore each other mouth for 5-7 minute exchange saliva and tongue, then I pulled her hair and kissed her neck and bite her ear she was full turned started to remove my shirt and I removed top in mean time we both where nude.

She started kissing all over my body and slapped me with bad word ( chutiya saala kitna time laga diya kabse se signal de rahi thi), how long you took for this was giving signal from long back. I made her sit on kitchen top and started exploring her pussy moved my hand on her pussy split, slowed inserted my fingers in her pussy and gained speed she started to moan louder yeeeaa yeaaa rocky roccckky come on rockkyyy, I placed my tongue on her pussy and started sucking her pussy slowly inserted my tongue in her pussy and started licking her hard she was pulling my hair and was moaning louder, yeaaa yeaaa ahhhaaa roccckkyy roockkkyy come on lick me hard, then I inserted finger in her pussy was sucking her pussy and fingering her pussy at same time which made her extra horny she started pulling my hair and started abusing, madarchod suck me hard saale chutiye aur jor se aur jor se. She had her orgasm, I had drunk her fully she got down and started sucking my dick. She was a pro in blowjob first she played with my dick tip later she had full inside her mouth and gained speed to.

I was pulling her hair and moaning yeeaaa viraliii viraliiii viraliii come on come on suck me harder harder baby in between gave her small slap to and said saalii aur jorr see choooss jorr seee saaliii. I shouted in her mouth and made her sleep in kitchen came upon her started smooching and fingering at same time and seduce he by moving my dick all over her body to this she said dont want to wait please fuck me fuck me hard.

I inserted dick in her pussy slowly gained speed was fucking her at full speed harder and faster, she was moaning louder and louder yeeea yeaaaa rocckkyy chod muje aur jorrr chodd ( rocky please fuck me fuck me hard), make me your bitch (randi baane ke chod) then I lifted her kissed her and kept fucking her till we reached bedroom. I threw her on bed jumped upon her started sucking her boobs and biting her nipples.

Then call her upon me and asked her to fuck me, she started on my dick and started jumping really hard and fast and was moaning yeeaahh ahhhaa hhaaaa viralliii viraliii viraliiiii viraliiii chd muje saalliii rand chod mujeee pulled her hair and kept sucking her boobs even she was moaning louder and louder. I shouted my sperm on her boobs and then we cleaned yourself and kissed again for few minute before departing.

At night we chatted about sex and from then we both use to have sex once a week and whenever possible we use to make out small thing like kissing and pressing in college toilet or mall toilet as in us it common, we became sex buddy for each other

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