Sex With My Friend’s Ex

Hello, everyone. This is my 3rd story. My first being my neighbor aunty in my teens, then came my first relationship and now this story is about what happened after my breakup in my first relationship and how I had a rebound relationship and some wild sex to forget my ex.

So I was 24 when my break up happened and I couldn’t be in Chennai and I moved on to Bangalore. My friend X was in a relationship with Nisha. She was my college mate as well but we never spoke much. Later we met at a get together when she came with my friend and that’s when we exchanged numbers and we were in constant contact.

Nisha was a very pretty girl, not very tall, she didn’t have much of a breast but she has beautiful curves and a wonderful derriere, she had some baby fat which made she awesome to hold. So she used to call me to discuss my friend and how she was being cheated by him and how she was in an abusive relationship with him. Since I was already heartbroken, we used to talk a lot of each other’s ex and comforting ourselves.

I didn’t have any bad intentions with her, I was trying my best to help her get back with my friend but their relationship got worse and they broke up.

But she would keep talking to him over the phone and slowly the topics moved to how he used to make her give him a blowjob for half an hour and would cum into her mouth and would ask her to leave and other abusive stuff he did to her. These type of topics brought us close and we were getting attracted to each other slowly.

Finally one fine day, we kind of mutually proposed to each other after getting into a teasing conversation. It felt good but we both were 300 km apart and there was some sexual tension between us. Finally, i agreed to come to Chennai and meet her.

I took my car, went to Chennai, instead of staying at my relatives places, I took a hotel in a 4-star hotel. We did talk about how and what we were gonna do after we meet but that is all theory and in person, I knew it would be different.

I checked in and gave her my room number. I stripped, wore a towel and waited for her to come. I wasn’t sure if she would wanna romance, so just wanted to seduce her. The bell rang, I opened and it was the hotel staff asking do u know this girl, sir. I said yes and she came in. I told her that I didn’t know she was gonna come so fast from her place so I was gonna go for a bath. She was scanning my body and blushed.

Nisha: Go ahead with your bath, I will waitMe: wanna join me?

Nisha: I just had my bath, u the one who needs a shower after the long drive.

Me: You can wash me have my shower, we can talk inside the bathroom.Nisha: Get lost. Have your bath soon.

So I kept the door open and went for my shower. I planned to have a short shower since I didn’t want her to wait. After a couple of minutes, she came inside the bathroom.

Nisha: HeyMe: So ready to join me?Nisha: no idiot, I was bored being alone.Me: you can apply soap for me if you would like.

Nisha, just puts her hands on my ass and gave it a slap, I got turned on and turned around. She had her eyes on my dick, I asked her to look at my eyes when talking. So I finished my bath, knowing very well that she ain’t gonna join me until some initial romance has been established.

I came out of the bathroom and Nisha was sitting on the bed watching tv. I got into the bed sheet with her and we were looking into each other’s eyes and talking, not knowing who is gonna start first. So unlike my first GF experience, I started with a small smooch and she got into the flow and we were exploring our lips with each other for 15 mins. I love tongue sucking and she was into it too.

I slowly removed her pants as she had an inferior complex with her breasts. so I removed her pants, and she didn’t even notice it as she has so busy kissing me. I removed the bed sheet and she was shocked to find that her salwar pants were missing. She got shy and hugged me tightly.

I have always told her that I specialize in licking pussy and it my most favorite activity after kissing. So I pulled down her red silk panties, which were soaking wet, smelled it, licked it and rubbed it on me to get her wetter. Then I got down to licking her, found her g-spot and she shivered and moved liked she was given some electric shock. She was nearing her first ever orgasm but she wasn’t sure what it was as she said she felt like pissing. I asked her to let it so knowing very well that she was ready for her orgasm. She let out a scream and a sigh and made my face even wetter.

I took my wet face and we started kissing again for 10 mins. then she wanted to give me a blowjob but after knowing what my friend made her do in the name of blowjob, I told her never to suck my cock and she will be treated with love and respect. She hugged me and said thanks and left for the day. We didn’t wanna fuck on our first meeting.

After a couple of months, we were still in an on and off the relationship and we wanted to meet and of course, take it a little further. So we planned our next meeting. This time I asked her to come to Bangalore. I had a friends wedding to attend in the nearby city and asked her to be my date and we could go for a long drive, have car sex and also stay in a hotel.

Nisha landed in Bangalore, wearing a skirt and a top. I love women in a skirt, gives me an instant hard on. we soon hugged and went to the car. She said she had a surprise for me, and I thought that the skirt was the surprise but when we sat in the car parking, she took my hands inside her skirt to let me know that she wasn’t wearing any panties. This meant the 4-hour drive on the highway was going to have my hands inside her pussy all the time.

We started our road trip, whenever I was in cruise mode, my left hand would finger her and she would get her hands on my cocks on my pants. But since I wanted to be safe, asked her to take it off so that we can reach safely. Whenever we got an empty stretch of highway, we started smooching.

We reached the wedding city, checked into the hotel that I had booked. It had a bath tub. I got into the tub and asked her to join me. she was still very shy about showing her upper I came out of the tub, switched off the light and asked her to strip. she felt better and stripped. After this moment, she never wore clothes for the next 3 days inside the room.

We both got into the tub, hugged each other, she was playing with my chest hair. I pulled her face towards me and kissed her with a lot of love and passion, she reciprocated by holding my face and kissing me back. I kissed her neck and licked her neck and gave a small love bite on her shoulders. Then I carried her to the bedroom, we went and lied on the bed all wet, her juices were filling the room with an aroma which was very erotic.

I told her that she has very beautiful and shapely breasts and that she shouldn’t feel inferior. I wanted to make her lose her inferiority on her breasts so I spend a lot of time in squeezing and sucking it and biting those big brown nipples. I went down on her again, I clearly remember that she has 3 orgasms by my licking in the next 20 minutes. she was pleading me to stop since she didn’t have the energy to continue. When I finally stopped with all the wet erotic fluid on my face, she licked off all the liquid from my face and bit my ears and whispered: “fuck me, I wanna feel you inside me”. I didn’t have any condoms but she said she wanted to feel me deep inside her. She wasn’t a virgin but she was very tight and I pierced her with slow strokes. It had been a long time since I have been inside a girl. I increased my pushes with a little more pressure and speed. After around 5 to 10 minutes, I came inside her and collapsed on top of her.

We slept off some time and more of these things continued for the next 3 days with chocolate sauce and ice cubes and vodka.

Hope you enjoyed another part of my life. Please send you comments to [email protected]

My special thanks to people who emailed and appreciated me, especially Anita/Sapna who really gave some very important inputs on mentioning about kissing, cuddling and stripping during romance.

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