Sex With My Girlfriend And Her Sister

This is Krish from Bangalore and I hope you have read my previous stories and enjoyed it. I had mentioned about the sex that I had with my girlfriend Paru and her sister Suja and also mentioned that we had been to Mysore together. I would like to narrate the experience on what happened there. As mentioned in the previous episode, along with my girlfriend Paru and her Sister left Bangalore at around 1.30 PM. I was driving and Paru was sitting in the front. Since it was a weekday, the traffic was heavy.

It was a Tuesday and we could not try out anything much. Suja was sitting in the back seat wearing a short top and skirt and Paru was also wearing a similar dress. I asked Suja and Paru to remove their panties while in the car. When we the traffic was not much around Ramanagaram, both the ladies removed their panties and deposited it in the car’s dash. Since the glass was tinted at the back, Suja removed her skirt also and was sitting with her legs spread. Paru slowly started stroking my dick from the outside and it had grown to its fullest. I found a deserted road towards the left of the main road and drove onto that road, I asked Paru to suck my dick and Suja offered her boobs to me. I was sucking Suja’s boobs like crazy and within around 10 minutes, shot my load into Paru’s mouth.

She swallowed it completely, licked my dick clean, zipped up my pants and re-arranged her dress. Suja also pulled her top and bra down and we started back to mysore. We reached Mysore around 6.30 PM after stopping at a few placed for Tender Coconuts and snacks. I had already booked a room in Hotel Maharaja. I asked for a corner twin bed room and we settled in. We three locked the room and immediately undressed and fell on to the bed. I was tired driving and the girls wanted a fuck. I asked them to lick my dick first.

Suja took my dick into her mouth and placed her cunt on my mouth, Paru was licking my balls. I had informed Paru, that since we both fuck on all weekends, we will give preference to Suja’s desire when in Mysore and she had agreed to the same. After about a few minutes of sucking, Suja came and started pushing her cunt on to my face and I was almost getting suffocated. I immediately pushed her down and asked her to get into the doggy style and started ramming her cunt. Paru came below Suja and started sucking her tits. Suja was in heaven.

After a few minutes, Suja had come twice more and then I was on the verge of cumming. Since I did not want to deposit my load into Suja’s cunt, Paru asked Suja to turn around and take my dick in her mouth and suck me off. I shot my load into Suja’s throat. She could not drink it completely and some was dripping down her mouth onto her tits. Paru licked the cum off her face and boobs and we all went to take bath. It was fun soaping each other. After bath, we slept until 9, Woke up and went down to the restaurant to have food.

We came back around 10 and started planning for the next day. We decided to visit Chamundeshwari Temple in the morning and hence had to wake up early. We slept naked with Paru on my right and Suja on my left. Suja was holding my dick and went off to sleep as she was also tired. I slowly turned towards Paru, inserted my finger into her cunt and started to lick her boobs. Since she had not been fucked, she was horny and started lubricating. I mounted her and fucked her for about 15 minutes and we both came at the same time and went to sleep. We woke up around 5 AM, bathed together and left for Chamundi Hills around 6.

We visited the temple, had a good darshan and then breakfast. We thought of roaming the whole day and visited the Palace, Zoo and an Handicrafts Fair. I bought a few items for Suja and Paru and then post lunch, we were window shopping. I saw a T shirt in one of the shops which was skin tight and bought one each for both of them. We reached the hotel around 5.30 PM and ordered Ice Cream to the room. After the Room Boy delivered the ice cream to the room, we locked the door and immediately the girls undressed and started trying out the T shirt. It was so skin tight that their curves were very visible and the nipples where jutting out of the T Shirt in a very sexy way. i asked them to remove the T shirt and I also got naked.

I smeared the ice cream on my dick and asked them to lick it off. I was fun and sexy and said that the Ice cream was very tasty today when it was mixed with my pre cum. I took a spoon of ice cream and put it in suja’s cunt and on both her tits. Paru licked the ice cream off her tits, I started to lick the ice cream out of her cunt. She was squealing with pleasure. We had one round of finger fucking and at around 8 PM went down for dinner. We had dinner and came back to the room, had a nice fuck and went off to sleep. On Thursday, we decided to visit Nanjangud and left around 6 AM. After the visit of a few famous temples there, we left back to the hotel and had lunch. We started our fuck session.

I wanted to anal fuck Suja and asked her about it. She wanted to know if it was okay and weather it will pain to which paru answered that she had enjoyed it until now and it might pain only for the first time. We had carried vaseline and condoms from Bangalore. It was an agreement that inside the room, we will be naked and will not be wearing any clothes. Paru asked Suja to lie down on the bed and slowly started inserting her finger into Suja’s ass. At first, it was slightly tight and Suja was feeling un comfortable. I asked Paru to lick my dick and slowly started licking Suja’s tits and when she started responding, scooped little Vaseline on my middle finger and slowly started pushing it into her ass.

When my finger went all the way in, I asked Paru to unroll a condom on my dick and asked Suja to change to the doggy position and slowly started pushing my dick into her asshole. Suja said it was hurting. So I pushed some more vaseline on the rim, held her waist tight and pushed my dick in. I went half way, I removed it to the tip and started pushing it in slowly.

Meanwhile, Paru had come to the front was lying with her legs up and Suja was licking her cunt. I slowly started to insert and remove my dick and we got into a rhythm. After about 15 minutes, I shot my load into the condom and paru also had come. I turned Suja around, removed the condom and started fucking her again. Suja came about 3 times and we slept exhausted till 9 PM. We had another fucking session in the night after dinner. We left Mysore around 11 AM on Friday and en-route visited Srirangapatna and reached bangalore around 5PM. We reached my house and I called the travel agent to book a ticket for suja for Sunday evening. I will come back again with the experience that we had on the weekends before Suja left for her home town. Hope you enjoyed my experience. Please write to me at [email protected] about your experiences.

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