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Hai ISS reader lam Ajay 22-year-old engineer fresh out of collegethis is my first story in ISS and Am living in Chennai about me dusky skin color, medium gym body, clean and 5-6 inch tool anyone in Chennai wants my service means mail at [email protected] and IT women are most welcome.

Now coming to the story this story happened while I am doing my BE final year in my college at that I need a Java programming teacher to teach java. We have a java teacher called Ms.Ramya (name changed). She must be in her thirties or so. She is a really hot thing lot of guys have their eyes on her First of all she has really sexy, hot lips And her breasts are these huge melons that give everyone a hard on me too. But no one had tried to come on to her since she was Mrs.ram, not Ms.ramya. She was a divorced woman.I once wrote an own programming and showed it to her.She really liked it a lot and said that I should teach you.

She even invited me to her place to spend some time reading my java programs because she liked it so much. I said OK. But for a long time after that, nothing much happened after day by day our phone calls slowly increased & she often called me for an outing (in Sunday’s only) like going to the park, sea beach etc…One day she said, “I actually live alone. I am a divorcee. For the past five years, I have been living alone here.”

she asked me, ” Do you have a girlfriend ?” I said no. She continued,”Hmm….but are you a virgin? Lots of boys of your age are not.” I said I was though. She asked me if I felt like having sex ever. I said yes. I told her I just wanted to know what it was like to have sex. She was silent for a while. Then she said, “Do you want to have sex with me. Just to know what it’s like. This way you’ll also know what it’s like and I will also satisfy my five-year long sexual urge. ”I shyly said Ok. She then told me to stand up.

She went inside and came a minute later and sat down on the sofa where we were sitting and talking all this while. She was wearing a red nighty all this while. She sat down and placed her hands on my jeans. Near my penis. She then quickly started stripping me. First, she took off my jeans, then my shirt and then my underwear. I was standing completely naked in front of her. She then slowly looked up and smiled and put my penis in her mouth and started sucking on it. She was sucking really wildly on my penis which was erect and about 5-6 inches long by now. It had become very very hard. She sucked for about 15 minutes and then released my penis. She told me to sit down next to her.

I slowly removed her bra making to feel the warmth of her skin.I started just sucking those and my hands were pressing them, she had a perfect figure where no one can stop staring at her boobs, I was really eating them, I did not believe even then that I had bedded with my Java Mam, I was in my heavens, then I started licking her lower part of her bellyI slowly progressed towards her pussy and her ass hole, then I removed her saree in the lower part and she had her black panties on her

she just looked damn sexy on it with the dim light on and first I bit her pussy fully and then slowly I inserted my hand inside it where I found a bush inside it, it seemed that no one took care of it for a very long time then I pressed the walls of her pussy and she moaned and made a sound initially, then I removed her inner wear completely in an order that

she was able to stretch her legs, all the time when I was doing these things the light was on for the whole time, then I first before inserting my dick inside her pussy I started or I needed her to feel my finger deep inside her pussy and I needed to make her hard pussy gain some easiness, so I inserted my middle finger first inside her pussy, she moaned very heavily and I started stroking them inside creating a lube, then I inserted two of my fingers into her pussy, she started loving them, she then wanted to do something while I was doing them, so we both adjusted ourselves and we laid in a 69 position where I was laying on her and she was on to my, she again started giving a blowjob, my dick was her plaything, we did the same to each other and this carried on, then at a moment I was having four of my fingers inside her pussy, then I went to her ass hole, but It was so difficult for my single finger to go inside, then she wanted my dick inside her pussy.

she told me to insert my dick inside her pussy and she need it to be rammed so badly, then I made her lay on the bed and I came on to the top , I was a bit hesitant at the starting , she giggled seeing me and she went to the drawer and took out a packet and she tore it up, to my surprise she had a condom, then kissed my dick and inserted the condom into my penis, then I had a big relief and then I wanted to make her feel really very very hard, I slowly inserted it inside.While it went inside slowly it was very tough for a push up inside, she screamed ahaaa. Then I took my dick out, it did not go inside fully.

Then made a gentle push the same again and she screamed as if it was a very long time before she had sex, then I took it out and I again licked her pussy and gave a pause, a wait , then again I took my penis and inserted it and slowly I pushed it until the full length of my dick went inside, and slowly step by step I took it outside, then I applied my saliva to her pussy which might add a lube against it, then again now my dick without any pressure went easily the full length then slowly I started stroking it, and I increased my pressure, while she started shedding tears in her eyes and to avoid over noise I bent down with my dick inside the pussy.

I kissed her lips with smoothened her, then she wanted some action to happen and she made me lay on the cot and she came on the top of me, she then took hold of my cock and she slowly inserted it into her pussy, she struck it in such a manner that she almost got struck, she did not take it out or she stroked it outside, she made a pause and slowly she started getting up, then she started stroking it out and in, she increased the speed, then to make it really painful I pulled her in such a manner that her breasts were inside my mouth and she had my dick inside her pussy still, she loved the things, then we almost fell tired and finally she again gave me a hand job and she drank off my juices and I were licking some from her pussy, finally we both had ourselves sticky. She was now sleeping with her back to me.

I grabbed her hips tightly and entered her again. She screamed loudly. I then lay down on her body. I grabbed her breasts from behind her, held them in an extremely tight grip and started heaving again. Both our bodies were going up and down on the bed. The bed was also starting to creak and shake loudly now. I fucked her again for about 15 minutes till round two came to an end with a moan and a satisfied smile on her face. I got off her body and lay down beside her. My left hand was still clutching her breast very tightly. She then got up. It was her turn. She pinned me to the bed with her arms and sat on my penis. She then explained,”This is going to be the best ride of your life !”. She then started heaving up and down on me. I was in a sexual ecstasy of my own.

She started getting wilder by the minute because by now we were jumping up and down on the bed. We were almost a feet into the air because of all the heaving. The third round lasted about 10 minutes. This went on till about 4:30 in the morning till we could carry on no further. But till then we had had sex 22 times. We slept in each other’s arms like babies. We were gripping each other tightly even in our sleep. I woke up at around 8.

She was still sleeping. I didn’t want to wake her up. But the sight of her naked body in my arms was still turning me on. My penis was still erect. I started sucking on her breasts again. She was so tired she was sleeping very soundly and she didn’t realize what I was doing at all. I sucked for about an hour before she finally woke up.After some months our relationship travels Now I was completed my BE after that we won’t meet still now, she married to divorced man and living in Kerala, she is happy now, life always moves on.

Note: if any college girls or aunties or IT working girls or any ladies of any age group in any part of India are interested in having a sexual relationship with me are most welcome in my following E-mail address [email protected]. Groups of girls are also welcome to approach me. I Will keep our relationship 100% secret

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