Sex With My Hot Kavitha Aunty

Hello Everyone! I have been reading ISS for years now and it has helped me ease out lot of sexual tension, it has also inspired me to have my own sexual experiences. I used fantasies as a way to quench my sexual urges but that only helps till a limit beyond which you need the real thing! So I am here to share that real experience I had, this is unbelievably a true story! I know most of you won’t believe it hence for those truth seekers I have shared my mail-id at the bottom of the post, you can write to me and I can even share a few pics!

The category which I love the most in ISS is Incest, I have no idea why! I prefer reading those stories because they turn me on. So coming to my story, I am your average guy having no good looks and neither good physique but a good enough brain to sustain myself. Like lakhs of people I am a engineer and now work with a big company and have a decent salary package. I have a huge family from my father’s side which gets together at any major function. I have had fantasies of having sex with almost all my aunties, I prefer mature women since they have experience and they have wonderful assets. You just cannot ignore wonderful melons (boobs) they have and the plumpy body is great to hump.

My father’s sister is the one I had a sexual encounter with few weeks back, her name is Kavitha. She is a school teacher and is married and has two children. I am not sure about her assets size and all but she is plump, has those wonderful dripping boobs and a good ass which when you see all you want to do is ride them! She is an extreme money lover, hardly spends anything and always wants to earn through various legitimate ways.

Kavitha and her children had come to our house in Karimnagar(Adhra Pradesh) many years back for a vacation. I was in 12th back then, I was already in my fantasy world during that time.

So one night when they were at our house I sneaked into the room where they were sleeping and noticed Kavitha aunty sleeping in between her children and her daughter had placed a hand on her stomach. I wanted to feel a woman’s body so with all the courage I placed my hand on her naked back above the blouse and felt a jolt of current through my body! She din’t react at all! So I kept my hand like that for few minutes and then after some time got a little more courage and placed it on her stomach! Same current again through my body, I then slowly moved my hand over her stomach and was moving it towards her boobs and right then she moved and was adjusting herself, I ran away from that place and prayed that she dint get to know.

Next morning she acted normally and I got lucky again, I mistakenly entered the room while she was changing and I could see her boobs! What a sight it was! Could not take my eyes of it, but eventually had to come outside of the room. From that year onwards I always fantasized of having sex with kavitha aunty and I did that few weeks ago.

I din’t have any foolproof plan of how to convince kavitha aunty to have sex with me but then I was unable to control my urge anymore, so whenever I was around her i made my intentions clear. I was at her house during a family function and she was taking a nap in afternoon, I sat next to her and again more confidently than before placed my hand on her body which woke her up! I made a excuse and escaped from the situation but such situations continued. She knew what my intentions were.

So finally few weeks back I took leave for few days and went to her place and was raring to have sex with her. I waited for her husband and her children to go out and when I found her alone I went directly to her and said,

Me: “Aunty I want to have sex with you”Kavitha: Have you gone mad? Do you know what you are speaking?Me: Yes aunty, I want to fuck you.Kavitha: Mind your language! I will talk to your parents regarding this bad behavior.

Me: Aunty, Please..I cannot control mu urge anymore, All I am asking is for a chance to fuck you once.Kavitha: You utter one more word and I am going to call your father now!Me: Aunty I shall pay you. ( I don’t know what I was thinking)Kavitha: What?? You think I am a prostitute??Me: (Almost begging!) Please only one chance!Kavitha: ( Her tone changed!) Get out! I am giving you one more chance, speak again and I shall call your father.

I came out of her room and wondered, giving me a chance! After I said I will pay her she changed her tone! I thought to myself was she considering that choice.. After a few hours of awkward silence she came into my room and asked me, How much will I pay? I got shocked! I said how much do you want? She then said I want 10000, I took a few moments to reply and said okay! She was so money minded that she agreed to sleep with me for money! I was very happy.

I then asked her how can we have sex when her entire family was at home?

She then said something which blew me away, she asked her family leave for her hometown by convincing her husband and said that she is going to join her tomorrow. She said to them that since I was at their home she will take care of me and then come the next day when I leave. I was surprised that her husband agreed and was packing his bags for the sudden trip.

I went and spoke with uncle (Kavitha’s husband) regarding the sudden plans and he said they were planning to go the next day anyway so for some odd reason they were going tonight itself. I asked how are you going to go? He said we are planning to go by bus which leaves at 10pm from the bus station. I saw the time it was 9pm! They were going to leave in half an hour and then I was going to have the night of my life! I was staring at the watch for most of the time and waiting for them to leave. That half an hour was like the longest time I had ever waited! It was 9:30 pm, I and kavitha aunty dropped them till the gate and I came back earlier to the house because of my excitement!

She came inside and was putting the bolt to the door and at that moment I went behind her hugged her and grabbed her boobs! She was surprised at my move but she dint resist but said in a sexy voice “Couldn’t wait could you?

I then made her face me and kissed her on her lips and then on her face, it was like the beast in me was out in open and enjoying the kill. I took her to her bedroom and first removed her saree then her blouse and then made her complete naked. I started licking her body and grabbed both boobs and started fondling with them. She was moaning and she was enjoying it.

I then went to her pussy region and started licking it and put my tongue into her pussy and was playing with it..She was increasing her moans and asked me to fuck her… After completely exploring her pussy I took a breather and then decided it is time. I told her, Kavitha aunty i am going to insert my dick in your pussy and fuck you my bitch…

I slowly inserted my dick in her pussy and started slowly with motions and then increased the speed..It was an experience which I could not believe I am going through…After some time I said I am going to cum and did it in her pussy.

It was only 10:50pm after our initial session, she was tired and lying on bed, I told her aunty tonight you are mine, will fuck you all night. She smiled. Then we decided we need to clean ourselves for dinner, went to to the bathroom and I was bathing kavitha aunty!! I could not believe my luck! I took the soap and was applying it to her entire body and she was doing the same to my body. After the bath she asked me what to wear… I asked her to wear an bra and panty..nothing else.

She then wore those and came out! It was a sight! I kissed her and then we had dinner and after that I asked her to give a blowjob to me! She wasn’t sure how to do that, so I told her and she grabbed my penis and then after fondling for some time she put it in her mouth. Ah! That was heaven for me!! She was good for a first timer and then I went for one more fuck session in her bedroom again. This time she was calling the shots and I was just following it. So we kept on having fucking sessions, once in kitchen, once in her son’s room . I fucked her four times that night! We both were exhausted and in the morning I passionately kissed her for long time before giving her the money.

Me: Aunty, I can fuck you again right?Kavitha: Yes but you will you have to pay me.Me: Sure, but I do deserve a few free fucking sessions too.Kavitha: Lets see..with a naughty smile.

If anyone wants to know more or want to see some pics you can mail me at [email protected].

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