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Hello friends. This is my third story in iss. I got a warm response for my previous stories. Many college girls and house wives contacted me through my email [email protected]. Some of them are in great touch with me. Sometimes asking my opinions and used to have sex chats.. This time I am telling my experience with one of my reader. Coming to the story.

I got an email after publishing my first story with my classmate. Telling that she loved that story. And she saw some specialties in that story. I thanked her and got to knew each other.. Name , whereabouts what she is doing like that.Her name is Anupama… She too was a mallu girl studying fashion technology at Bangalore. She was doing her second year of her degree. She told me that she was engaged with a senior. Her marriage is fixed after her course completion…

We started to chat as friends… Sometimes with her would be too…… We became thick friends… She told her would be that I am her classmate during plus two time. That’s how we were introduced to her would be. Because he was unaware of she was an iss fan. We have chatted a lot while she was chatting with her would be.She was a bit shy as I am sex story writer and but we had a nice bonding as friends. I think she forgot about my story. Became as normal friends. As we haven’t chatted any sex related matter.After 3 or 4 months I asked her intimacy with her would be in a friendly manner. She told me that she never kissed him.. And all that would be after their marriage.

That’s her decision. Then I told her that enjoy these moments. Otherwise you’ll regret missing these beautiful moments…. Then I described my love moments. She told me “U are a true lover. How can she object your naughtiness “. From that day we used to discuss romantic scenes in films. And by the time I somehow made her chat with some naughtiness. That is the change from timid girl to a naughty girl. She used to share her friends love matters. Then I took a new step .. Role play. We started role to play by playing by interchanging our personalities. If were her would be like that. She started to get attracted to me. And she told me that on one day. On that day I asked her a kiss .. To my surprise, she gave me without any question(in chat). We hadn’t seen each other.. I shared my photo. And she shared her with her would be. She was so cute. With long hair. Typical mallu girl. I decided to try her.

Our kisses in chat went to hugs and then to tight hugs. Then to pressing.Sexchat.. She was like addicted to me. It was a slow seduction…She allowed me to do the things which she objected to doing before.Her would be met with an accident and his leg fractured and he was taking rest at his native place. She was still in Bangalore as she had class. I decided to meet her in real. I took leave for one week and went to Bangalore… Abd stayed in my friend’s apartment. His wife was going home as pregnancy period. I told my friend that I took leave to get relax from the workload.

I was alone for daytime as my friend went for the job. I called her and told her I reached Bangalore. Can we meet..? She told me not today .. Then scheduled for the next day. She bunked her class and came to forum mall. I had told her not tie her hair. Make it free. She came like that. We chatted there for a long time. All the time I was looking at her eyes. She was like in a shy mood.I held her hand while talking. I didn’t loose it while walking, Then we went for a Malayalam movie. She put her head on my arms while watching the movie. I place my hand over her shoulder and kept her closer… I kissed her forehead…. These have happened till the movie completed. After that, we went to our respective homes. In that night we chatted alot. Done a very good chat sex session.

On the next day, we couldn’t meet… After that, I invited her to my friend’s apartment. She said yes to it. I went with my friends Enfield and took her from her hostel…

After reaching home I closed the door. And hugged her tightly… She too hugged me. I took her face in my hands and told I love you anu. U r so sweet.. Then she brought her lips to my lips and gave a lip kiss… It was so sweet .. I started to enjoy her lips…. Started to suck it….. I kissed her all over the neck. She started to moan…. Then my lips went to her 32 sized boobs. Kissed her boobs over the dress. And pressed it very hard. Then I took her in my arms and make her lie in bed. And started to give a french kiss…… I removed my shirt while kissing….. I started to open her top. And removed it from her body. Now she has the only bra on her top.

Then I removed her pant too…. Now she is in two piece.. She hugged me because of shy. I removed her bra while kissing her boobs. Squeezed it licked it. And tried to get milk from those small balls… Her nipple was black in colour. I bite it with my lips. I really enjoyed the sucking…… Then my lips went to her tummy. I kissed there… And she was moaning heavily….. As she had to tickle on her tummy… Then I started to kiss her panty. Slowly I removed it. There were small hairs on her pussy. I kissed there so hard. Started to lick the pussy from bottom to top. I placed her legs on my shoulder and started to suck the pussy at an ease. It was so tasty….

I widened it with my hands and licked inside. I tried a tongue fuck. She was pressing my head on her pussy. Telling lick it. It’s so good…. .. Then I lied behind her.. And hugged her from behind. I placed my dick in her ass and started to press her boobs from behind while kissing her back neck. It was a super moment in that fuck. I enjoyed her long hair… She was enjoying it with closed eyes. Then I fingered her pussy. And pressed my dick from behind. Hooo… What a situation was that. We really enjoyed. Then I went on top of her.. Hugged her.. And. Kissed her on lips. Then I tried to enter my dick in her pussy. But I couldn’t make it. Because the pussy was so tight.. And she cried a lot….. I widened her legs more. Pushed my dick heavily keeping her mouth closed…

And started to push slowly. She was crying in pain… Blood was on my dick… Slowly her crying was decreasing. Then I started to fuck her on high speeds…. She hugged me tightly and after some pushes she told that something is coming from her pussy…..She hugged me tightly. And in two or three strokes I too came……. We were full on sweats. Laid there for sometime. And went to the bathroom for bathing. Took a bath together. After that, I went to the hotel for bringing food. After having food. She went to her hostel. She was in a sad mood. But in night chat I made it clear. Made her laugh… We had another 3 sessions before my return. She gave me bj also…… That’s how I fucked my virgin story reader. Or my chat friend……..

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