Sex With My Lecturers – Part II

HI ISS readers and I am back with my 2nd part of the story Sex with my Lecturers. I hope you guys enjoyed the first part of the story and here I am with the continuation of the 1st part.

Me and Suganya lived in my house together. We both decided to abort the child which is growing inside her stomach. We took this decision since this thing might affect our future.

The other reason for aborting the child is that if she gives birth to a child, we won’t get that much time to enjoy our bodies. So we decided to do so. Days went on and we had sex everyday and enjoyed the bodies like anything. Everything was going fine till this thing happened.

Lakshmi was Suganya’s friend. She is also a lecturer in my college. She handles microprocessor subject for my class. Suganya won’t hide anything from Lakshmi but Lakshmi doesn’t know about Suganya’s relationship with me.

Suganya maintained it secret with Lakshmi too. One day Lakshmi went to Suganya’s hostel room to meet her. But the hostel warden informed her that Suganya has vacated the hostel a month before. Lakshmi was shocked after hearing this and the next day she asked Suganya about this.

Suganya tried to divert the topic but of no use. Lakshmi asked what happened Suganya. For the past one month I am noticing you. You are not the old Suganya. There is a change in your body too. What’s happening? Tell me. Suganya couldn’t hide anything now. She told everything to Lakshmi. Lakshmi got shocked hearing this.

To tell about Lakshmi, she is a divorced woman. She might be in her 30’s. She too got a good figure that when we see her, we won’t find her age to be 30’s. She will be looking younger than her actual age. I know Lakshmi before Suganya came into my life even I too admired her beauty many times.

Lakshmi couldn’t believe what Suganya says. She was sitting quietly for a long time. Then she opened her mouth.”Suganya what you are doing is something wrong. You are not only spoiling your life, but also sandy’s life. Suganya said “there is nothing wrong in having sex with my student.

He too loves to have sex with me and even I got pregnant because of him. But later I aborted the child. You won’t understand the sexual feeling, since you might have enjoyed sex once or twice with your husband before getting divorced.

Lakshmi broke down into tears after hearing this and then Suganya convinced her and sorry Lakshmi. I never thought of talking like this. You made me to react like this. Lakshmi says you are right Suganya. I never enjoyed sex. That why I am like this. That feeling made me to be rude with my students. It’s all because of the sexual feeling

Suddenly Suganya told why don’t you get the help of sandy to satisfy your sexual desires?

Lakshmi: will he accept me?

Suganya: why not? i ill convince him if he don’t accept

Lakshmi: thank you Suganya.

Suganya: hey no thanks and all.

The next day Suganya told me about everything. To tell the truth, I really got excited about the proposal of Lakshmi since she was my dream girl once upon a time initially I acted as if I don’t have interest in it and after some time I accepted.

Suganya didn’t waste more time. She arranged for the night between me and Lakshmi the next day itself. She brought Lakshmi to my house. I noticed that Lakshmi came with a bag and a suitcase. Suganya said here after Lakshmi will be staying with us sandy.

Any problem because of that? I said no problem Suganya and she can stay here with us. Hearing this Lakshmi became happy. Suddenly suganya went to the Pooja room and brought two mangalsutra’s. She asked me to tie the mangalsutra’s on her and Lakshmi.

I accepted and tied the first mangalsutra on Suganya and the second one on Lakshmi then Suganya said now we both are your wives sandy. I was smiling with full happiness. I said within myself that this was my luckiest day in my life. Then suganya said today you have sex with Lakshmi.

Make her sexually happy and she is starving for a good male companion for years. Please satisfy her sandy and I said ok to suganya. Then suganya said lakshmi and we will have a time table for having sex with sandy. If one day I sleep with sandy, the next day you will and likewise alternate days we will have sex with sandy.

Lakshmi told ok to Suganya and I couldn’t wait anymore. I suddenly lifted Lakshmi and went to the bedroom. I threw her on the bed and I fell on her. I started chewing her lips. She too reacted well and with the intensity of her kiss, I came to know how she is starved for sex.

I licked her neck, ears and she too did the same to me and then I licked her nostrils too. Then she could not control her. She took my dick out and started giving me a nice blow job with her mouth. I controlled myself for 5 mins and then ejected inside her mouth.

She ate all my cum and I could see her happiness on her face after so many years then I removed her saree and blouse. Basically I am an armpit lover. You might have noticed that in my previous story itself. I didn’t wait a minute and raised her hands.

I saw her armpit with hairs. I smelled her armpit and the smell of her sweat drove me crazy then I started licking her armpit. I licked both her armpits. She started moaning heavily then I started playing with her boobs which is hidden inside her black bra. I removed her bra and now she is topless in front of me. I started licking her boobs. I even bite her boobs in excitement.

Then I removed her petticoat and panties. Now she fully nude in front of me. I really never thought that I will see Lakshmi like this as my wife, her body belongs to me. I hugged her nude body. I kissed and licked her whole body. Then i went near her pussy.

I was surprised to see that she has shaven her pussy hairs. I kissed her pussy. She was moaning with sexual mood. I started licking her pussy and I was doing that for half an hour and then if inserted my dick inside her pussy initially

She screamed with pain and later she started to enjoy. She came in 10 mins itself and then I came after 2 mins in that beautiful night, we both tried in many positions. We were enjoying our bodies for more than 5 hours and then fell asleep.

The next day morning, Suganya came into our bedroom to wake both of us. At that time we both were nude. Suganya smiled after seeing our condition. Lakshmi went to take bath and I couldn’t come out of the mood. I grabbed Suganya’s hands and made her to fall on the bed.

I had a quickie with Suganya and we both joined the bath with Lakshmi. We three bathed together and went to college. This life of sex continued between three of us and many interesting incidents happened. I will share those things in my next part. I hope you guys enjoyed my story and can mail me at [email protected] feedbacks are welcome.

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