Sex With My Mom’s Sister

Actually, one day when I was sleeping in my mom’s sister house she is a sexy body having big boobs and ass we were not alone we are all sleeping with guests after lunch, after two hours everyone woke up and went to the hall.At that time me and my aunty only sleeping in the room.She was sleeping next to me but little lower to me.


At that time she put a hand on my leg actually I was not sleeping because I was horny at that time then within a minute she started moving her hand slowly inch by inch to touch my dick then I found she was not sleeping but she acted like sleeping. Finally, she touched my cock and she founded it was so hard.I can’t able to fuck her bcoz full of guests in the house.So I planned to fuck her one day.After a week I bought one sleeping pill and went to her house to sleep at night she was alone that time I thought more sleeping pills will make her to coma.So I bought one sleeping pill then I bought Pepsi also ..I was 9 pm I was drinking Pepsi and asked her to do you want Pepsi?She said give me last bit then I said ok last bit I mixed sleeping pill and given to her then after 10mintues she said to I m going to sleep I feel so sleepy.Like that. She went asleep after that then I called her she given no response she was in very deep sleep.So first I touched and pressed her boobs.Then I became so horny I made myself nude and lifted her nighty and started fucking her hard as I can.


Her whole body was shaking like a doll.Then I removed her whole dress also I fucked her for an hour slowly in order to maintain my cum finally I bummed on her boobs and replaced her dresses without cleaning my cum.Then I hugged her and I started sleeping.Morning she said hey dear wake up wake up she made coffee for me suddenly she asked wat happened yesterday night I felt shocking like she founded that I fucked her by sleeping pills but she didn’t found ..Then she asked dear I’ll ask you one thing don’t say to anyone ..I said ok suddenly she suddenly asked do you ever get automatically cummed on sleeping?I asked wat I can’t understand…Then she said hey don’t act ok…Just tell me she said.Then she went and locked the doors if you say me only I’ll leave you like that. For a minute I was being silent .


Then she told me I know the smell of cum..U cummed on my body while sleeping she said ..I feared I said know..She replied I sexed with my husband I know how it will be …She is a strong person so started arguing me finally I said yes.Please don’t say to anyone like that. She said ok no problem… But tell asked how you cummed on me.I replied sorry aunty I can’t say …She said if you don’t say I will tell ur mom abt this…Ok, I replied I can’t tell and I can show you how I did.She laughed at me in a sexy way ..Ok do it she said then I took her to the room and made her like sleeping and took my cock outside.She said that means you are horny at me right?I said yes then she came near to me and started fucking my cock then we involved in deep sex…Happily, she said she is loving me and sex with me daily she said bcoz her husband is in abroad I said ok my dear aunty ..Till now we are doing sex regularly when and all we meet…Any way to know abt my next story just reply abt my story and mail me abt this [email protected].


Then after some days of our first-day sex, I started talking with her openly. Then I said I want to marry her daughter she laughed and said no problem you should marry my daughter only actually she was studying college by staying in a hostel.Then she said if you marry my daughter you must sex with me also I said, of course, she laughed at me ..You are so crazy she said I replied I m playboy … Then one day her daughter came from the hostel for holidays.We three were chatting together in her house.After that aunty went to cook.My cousin was using mobile I went to the kitchen I said to my aunty …Hey, darling, I’m gonna propose ur daughter and gonna seduce daughter for sex so don’t disturb she said look enjoy and she said …If you sex with her cum outside or the way you cummed on my boobs I laughed and I said ok…After a minute I called my cousin to the bedroom she came I said to sit with me. Actually, she likes me a lot bcoz I m cute and smart that y ..I asked her are you single?


Suddenly she gave a shocking reply like yes I asked who is he?She said you….And she kissed me on my cheeks and again I kissed her on her cheeks then slowly we kissed each other on lips.Then touched her boobs she didn’t say anything suddenly she took off my hand and said mom is here ..I said she won’t say anything ..We were kissing each other and she touched my cock and felt it…And I touched her boobs and we are going on saying I love you I love you too like that. Then she becomes hornier and she hugged me tightly and she sat in sex position and I made myself to fuck her hard today itself. Bcoz she is very hot and naughtier beautiful like angel sexy body structure she is having…Anyway if you wanna……. Here full story just mails to my Id… Bye guys tell about my story….

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