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Hello friends and fans of this wonderful site. This is Aditya basically from Vizag once again. I am 20 yrs, 5ft 11 inches male with a good physique, with some really hot looks & a very strong sex drive & I have an rock hard cock to satisfy any female craving for sex. I have submitted two stories before this and thank you everyone for encouraging and correcting my most stakes through email. Any women and girls from Vizag want to be satisfied can contact me through [email protected]

Now coming to the story once I went to my moms friends house to meet my aunt after a very long time I directly went inside the house and asked is anyone there then aunties voice came.from the bathroom who is it I said its me aunty she recognized me and said to sit and watch TV until I come.

Within few minutes I heard the door locking sound I went near the window and peeping through it suddenly aunty saw me through the mirror and asked me to come in I went inside and she asked me don’t you have shame you are peeping and seeing your mothers friends through the window I said sorry aunty she said she would complaint this to my mother I begged her not to and asked sorry and will never repeat she excused me and said never again repeat this. In the meanwhile I got call from my mother and asked where am I I said I am at lakshmi aunties house waiting for you she said she is at home and to come home.

Again I went to her house after few days this time uncle was there at home and asked him weather my mom is here he said no then I was disappointed and when I am heading back he called me I got terrified I taught aunty said everything to him and went to him he said he have some work and to take aunty I felt free and said I would take her he called aunty and said her to get ready. She came out wearing a is xy saree and asked me to move I took my bike and we started going then the road was a bit bad and I asked her if she misses her balance to catch my hip and sit she did the same and I could feel her breasts on my Bach and suddenly a speed breaker came and her hand slipped and touched my dick she felt it hard and removed it quickly.

After her shopping we were coming back home she rang the calling bell no one responded she called uncle he said he came out he has work and he kept the keys in the power box she tooknthe keys and opened the door and asked sit I said in would go she said no sot you can eat and go and said she would change her dress and come and I went again to the window and was peeping she again caught me.and asked me to come in I said sorry once again she did not speak for some time and then after some time she asked me why my cock was hard when she accidentally touched I kept quite she once again asked me I said that her boobs were touching my back.

She asked from the bathroom that she forgot her towel and asked me to get it I went and gave her towel and said me to go out I went to the window and was watching her she saw me and said already you have seen me why are you again peeping through the window come and see me directly I went in she opened her towel she asked me that then did it become hard while seeing her nude I wantedly said no.

She suddenly touched my cock it became erect and rock hard that it she said I lied to her when she asked I simply smiled and said yes and I said aunty please wear your clothes somebody may come she said me to lock the door and come I did the same she said you saw me totally nude but still you are in your clothes then I was string to open she said me stop and she opened my shirt then my pant and unzipped myy pant and opened my underwear my cock swung like a swing she got shocked seeing my cock and said your cock is so big and your uncles is not even half in this then she asked me that I have to sleep for three hours without clothes on my body

I said I will get bored for such a long time she said that she would also sleep with me nude and came and slept beside me then I saw her boobs and asked why your boobs are loose and stretched she said that your uncle.will daily play with them that is why I said that will they lactate she said no I said I will try my luck once and took her boobs in my mouth and I am vigorously pressing them she got into mood and was moaning aah aah hmmm hmmm ahh vlcomme. Onnn aah aah hmmm … plzz aaahhh then she caught hold of cock and is pressing it hard then after I went to her pussy and fingers it she was moaning out loud again aah. Aahhh hmmm comeeee on don’t tease mere comeeee onnnn fuck mee aahhh plzzz ahhh then I kept my cock in her pussy and fucked hard and after releasing my load inside her in slept on her for a while after se she took my cock in her mouth and gave me a nice blow job and came in her mouth she drank everything and said she enjoyed a lot and asked me to visit frequent when ever I am free I still continue my sessions when I am free

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