Sex With My Nieces – Part 1

Hello ISS readers! This is my first story on this website. I will be posting more parts of this story depending on the response and feedback I get from the ISS readers.

This is a real story of how I had sex with my nieces, age 19 and 23 years old. I am a 41 years old guy working in an IT company and I need to travel to different countries for my project works.

I am sexually active keeping a good healthy life with my 6-inch manhood. I have had sex with girls from each country I traveled, with mutual consent though and not with prostitutes. And just for the records, the girls from South Korea have the best soft velvety skin to die for and best figure proportions.

Once after returning from London, as I was just out of the airport, my wife called me over my mobile and told me that I need to visit her elder sister’s home for some urgency. I applied for Work-From-Home to my Manager and went straight to the bus station from the airport.

I traveled overnight to reach my wife’s elder sister’s home the next morning. My wife’s elder sister is 10 years older than my wife and she got married early when she was 20 years old. She had two daughters; one 19 years old and the other 23 years old.

I have not been to their home for almost 6 years although my wife visits them very often. I took with me a few gifts that I brought from London to my nieces.

As I reached the elder sister’s home, the young niece, Priya (name changed) came running to me and gave me a tight hug calling me ‘London Babu’. She was wearing a short sleeveless t-shirt (her navel almost visible) and short pants. I was surprised to see how big my neice had grown. She seemed to be more physically developed for a 19-year-old.

Her skin color was fair. She had an athletic body. Her height was almost 5.2 feet. Her tits seemed to be B-cup and firm. I gave her the gift that I brought from London and she gave me a kiss on my cheek and hugged me again.

Then the elder niece Swati (name changed) came to greet me with a handshake and my God, she had grown to a beautiful woman. She was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt and jeans shorts. She had milky skin and slim body to die for with a height of nearly 5.4 feet. Her tits were almost C-cup and firm. My manhood gave a twitch as soon as I saw her.

I said to my manhood, “STOP, she is family”.

I gave Swati the gift that I brought from London and she too gave me a soft lovely kiss on my cheek saying, “Thank you, uncle”. My manhood now stood firm and I had to hide it with my backpack holding in front.

Since I traveled overnight, I went to take a bath. As I was in the shower, the images of my elder niece Swati came to my mind and my manhood started to rise again. I could not control myself and gave pleasure to my 6-inch manhood thinking of Swati.

After the shower, I sat down for breakfast and then the topic of urgency came up. Both elder sister and her husband need to visit a distant relative of the husband for 4 days for some religious ceremony and I have to be the Nanny to look after the two hot nieces as their college exams were nearing and they needed to study.

I do not know how but the idea of fucking miece Swati took a plan. I took a good long 5 hours of sleep that day as I was tired after long hours of travel. That afternoon, both my wife’s elder sister and her husband left home for 4 days.

Swati has now switched to short skirts, butts almost visible and with a sleeveless t-shirt and was looking sexier than before in the morning. Both Swati and Priya cooked the dinner and we did a chit chat discussing my travel and about their college studies at the dinner table. I came to know that both of them had boyfriends.

Priya was more hooked to the phone doing the social networking thing and Swati was only on texting between our talks.

I came to my room after the dinner but the idea of fucking my sexy neice Swati was now hitting my manhood. I needed tomake a good plan so that I can fuck Swati. Both the nieces had their own rooms far from each other at each end of the house. The guest room was near Swati’s room where I was staying.

As I slept the whole day, I was not feeling sleepy after dinner. I made a plan to visit my elder niece Swati’s room. Wearing my shorts with no underwear and t-shirt, I came out of my room and knocked on the door and asked her if we can do a little bit more chitchat since I was not feeling sleepy.

Swati opened the door welcoming me inside and said she was also not feeling sleepy.

Swati said, “We both sisters sleep late, but I wake up early and Priya wakes up late”.

We sat down on a couch and started discussing my travel, the people I met and about the cultures of different countries. Swati then asked me if she was as beautiful as the girls in the countries that I have visited.

I said, “You are more beautiful than those girls”.

Swati stood up in front of me and said, “Look at me” turning around “is my figure sexy?”

I was shocked to hear the question, but keeping with the flow I said: “You are beautiful as you should be at this age”.

Thanking me, Swati jumped into the couch and sat beside me touching her soft velvety thighs with my thighs. My manhood could not control and started to stand up. She noticed my bulge on my shorts as I saw she was looking down onto it.

Swati said “You have a very tough body at this age”, gripping my biceps. I said I do a little bit of workout.

Swati then put her hand on my thighs and said, “You have tight legs too”. A wave went through my body as Swati touched my body. I then deliberately touched her thighs and said that she also had a tough body and I then complimented her saying, “You have a very soft velvety skin like rose petals”.

While I was saying these words, our eyes met and we were staring at each other for long seconds with our hands still on each other’s thighs. I then suddenly kissed her on her lips in a jiffy. Swati did not stop me but stood still, with our eyes in contact.

She then kissed me back with her hand gripping by the back of my neck. Slowly, we went to passionately kiss each other. Our tongue was deep into each other’s mouth and saliva dripping down. Our hands are still on each other’s thigh gripping and caressing slowly.

I then stopped and said, “We cannot do this as we are family”. Swati then put a finger on my lips and said, “I have seen your bulge and I need you as I have not had sex for almost 3 months with my boyfriend. This will be a secret between us for the rest of our lifetime. Don’t worry”.

Those words made my manhood more rock hard and wanted to burst out of my shorts. I wanted to tear apart all clothes of Swati and drill down her pussy with my manhood and fuck her like there is no tomorrow.

Swati then stood up and pulled out her t-shirt revealing her C-cup bra. Kneeling down, she kissed on top of shorts onto my manhood. Wow, she knows the way.

Smiling, Swati pulled down the zip of my shorts and pulled my manhood out. “Oh my God, this is so huge”. Swati gripped my manhood with both her hands still not able to cover the whole. Slowly, she stroked my manhood and I was getting a handjob.

I then asked her if she had given a blowjob to her boyfriend. Swati said, “I love to give a blowjob but my boyfriend does not like. I will give you the best of it”. Saying so, she pulled the foreskin of my manhood revealing the pinkish huge tip and started kissing. I started to slowly open her bra revealing the best beautiful tits ever I have seen.

Her skin was so soft that velvet was no match. With both my hands, I started caressing her tits and she gave a moan in between the kisses she was blowing to my manhood.

My sexy niece then pulled my shorts completely down and started to put my manhood into her mouth. Slowly, she was sucking and licking the head of my dick and then went to full gagging.

Swati could not fully suck my dick as it is too long to fit her mouth and was gagging very often. Swati then started to create a vacuum by sucking my dick and giving me the best blowjob ever.

I was near to blow and asked her to stop. Swati then said, “I want to suck you dry”. I was on edge and then in a few seconds, I filled her mouth with load after a load of my sperm.

Swati swallowed all my sperm and then licked and sucked my dick dry and said “your seeds are so salty and tasty. I loved it”.

I was exhausted with so much intense dick sucking the best blowjob I ever had. I then kissed Swati to taste my own sperm and thanked her for the heavenly pleasure she offered.

“Now eat my pussy”, saying this, Swati stood up. I pulled her skirt down revealing the white panty which was wet by her pussy juices flowing out. I pulled the panty down to a view of the wet pink pussy with clean save pubic hair.

I pulled my t-shirt and stood up. Both of us were now totally naked. I picked Swati up and took her to the bed. I then kissed all over her body from forehead to tits to navel to thighs to toes and the gave a tongue bath. I then started to suck her soft tits and she was moaning and enjoying.

Slowly, I went to the inner thigh kissing and then to the pussy. Swati moaned again as I kissed her pussy. I then slowly licked the clitoris, Swati jumped.

I dug into her pussy with my tongue and gave her the best experience. Swati started to moaned loud and slowly her body was becoming restless nearing to climax.

Swati was twitching her body vigorously and then climaxed all over my mouth, pulling the bedsheet tightly with both her hands. The taste of her cum was sweet and I sucked her pussy dry. Swati was exhausted and lying still. I then kissed her on her lips to give a taste of her pussy.

Swati said, “I have never ever had this kind of pleasure, my boyfriend cannot eat my pussy like this. Wow, I am really in heaven. Now I need your dick inside my pussy”.

My niece then slowly started to stroke my dick pulling my foreskin. Feeling my niece’s soft hands, my dick started to grow again. I was laying on my back on the bed and Swati started to suck my dick again along with stroking with her hands.

My dick was now rock hard and I asked Swati if she was ready to be fucked by this huge dick. Swati said, “Drill my pussy with this big juicy cock”.

I then pulled down Swati on the bed lying on her back. I knelt and then put my dick’s head into her pussy entry. Swati moaned and said, “Oh ummmnn, aaahhh, fuck me please”.

I then slowly pushed my dick head into her tight pussy. She was in pain as my dick was too thick for her pussy. I then pulled out my dick, put some Vaseline all over it and then slowly entered into her pussy in missionary position. Swati was in pain as she had never experienced a big dick before.

I pushed my dick halfway into my young niece’s pussy and then pulled out. After doing this several times and making Swati comfortable, I pushed hard and drilled deep into her pussy. I could feel the end of the vagina wall and Swati screamed out.

I kissed her to keep her scream down and remained still for a few seconds and then slowly started to stroke my dick in and out of her pussy.

Slowly, Swati started to feel comfortable and joined my rhythm. Her juices were flowing out and lubricating my dick. Swati moaned as I was fucking her pussy for almost about 10 minutes. Then she started gripping my dick with her pussy wall.

With an increase in my fucking rhythm, Swati was moaning more loudly and she was pulling her nails into my back. Swati was nearing an orgasm and pulled her legs into my lower waist twisting her body vigorously. I began to fuck her pussy faster and faster.

Swati pulled her head back as I increased my fucking speed, her pussy walls squeezed in gripping my dick and was about to scream out. She bit on the bedsheet on her mouth to hold it and a shiver ran through her body.

Swati was shaking up and down for almost a minute with my dick still inside her pussy. I knew Swati had a huge orgasm. She said, “Wow, I had the best orgasm till now in my life”, and then kissed me passionately.

I then rolled over and pulled Swati on top of me with my dick still inside her pussy. I began to fuck her again increasing my speed. I fucked her pussy more deeply and faster, she began to moan louder now. I was sucking her tits giving her all the pleasure.

I was now on the edge after fucking my niece like no tomorrow and she was gripping my dick again with her pussy wall. Swati was jumping up and down. I then pulled her to my body and hold her tightly and fucked her even faster and harder.

Both of us were moaning load and then climaxed together filling up her pussy with one after another load of my sperm.

Her pussy juices were all over my dick. Swati was lying still on top of me and we kissed each other for a few minutes.

My dick now became soft and came out of her pussy. Sperms along with her pussy juices were now dripping out of her pussy. I said, “You need to take a pill now”.

Swati said, “No worries, I already have the pill and will take it in the morning. The stamina you have at this age is surprising for me. Thanks for everything”.

I said I had the best sex in several months. The last good sex I had was in Spain with a corporate lady of 30 years.

Swati then rolled down on the bed from top of me and I held her from back in a spoon position and slept the night. Waking up the next early morning, I saw Swati was stroking my dick.

She said, “The best treasure I got in my life” and gave a naughty smile.

I kissed her good morning with a smile. I then dressed up quickly, kissed Swati passionately once again and went to my room before Priya wakes up and sees me with Swati.

I have fucked my young niece who is almost half my age. Wonderful sex to remember.

Please do let me know if you like my story. I will come back soon with the next part of the story.

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