Sex With My Sister Rashmi

Hi myself is ravi from bangalore… I am a trainer in bangalore. I have normal body with cock size 6 inch.. K I will come to story. Basically we r from a village.. I have a cousin sister rashmi. I and rashmi were very close . She is in bangalore doing her studies. One day I went to her house . She welcomed heartly because we met after two years. Her mother father sister welcomed me. We talked so much.. From our childhood we had the habit of saying I love you.. So I said I love you to rashmi and I hugged she also told me.

Next day my uncle aunt and big sister went to office . I and rashmi were in home. She was sitting on sofa. I went near her and told her I love you. She also replied me. I hugged her and gave a kiss to her cheek. She also gave me. Once again I gave kiss to forehead . She also gave me. I thought to take chance so again I gave kiss to her sweet soft lips… Wow what a time…. She responded well.. I stopped and asked her will you not give me.. She told yes and she gave kiss to me… We smooched for 10 min.. I was in heaven… I started to kiss to whole body. Frist I kissed to boobs she was wearing chudi. I kissed above the chudi only. I kissed to boobs… And I told her rashmi I want your boobs .. She in smile said ok anna… Ohh thats great words for me with in no time both also became nude started to enjoy each other body. Ohh I was waiting for that .

First I sucked her boobs for ten min. It was so soft and big of 34 size. I was sucking like mad dog. She was enjoying and moaning…. Anna innu begaaaa joragiii cheeeepiii I sucked nicely. Then I went to her pussy I started to lick.. Wow it was like ice cream I licked her pussy… Nicely she started to orgasm..I licked fully. I told her rashmi I love you she replied me anna love u. Now she started to lick my cock. Wow what a feeling its great she was sucking like lollypop.. I was in heaven..

Now we started real game I kept my dick near to her pussy I looked at her she was smiling and said anna nan thullige haki.. So was happy I inserted my dick in pussy she was virgin she screamed loudly I closed her mouth . I bought some jelly applied to her pussy and put my dick ohhh it was great . With five stroke my dick was inside her pussy. I fucked her.. She was in heaven and sating anna joragi madi.. Innu…. Nivu dina nanna fuck madbeku … Nanu nimma hendti evatinda… I felt happy and fucked more hardly ..Then she cummed. I took my dick and cummed on her boobs.. We slept till noon. Then again we did in afternoon. In night all was there I had my dinner we were watching tv . We thought to sleep rashmi told to sleep me in her room . But in her room her sister also sleeping . We three slept on floor.. Rashmi was on middle ..

At 11 pm I kept my hand on her boobs and started to press to my goodness she changed her dress to nighty I was pressing… She lifted her nighty till her stomach I kept my hand on her pussy and started finger fuck she was moaning. I closed her mouth and fucked in finger she did her orgasm I licked her cum. She was in heaven I smooched her for 30 min . But at that time my big sister woke she came to all and stood but I also stood and gave a smooch to her she responded and that night we three also did sex and slept nude.

Next day we woke up in morning my sister oh forgot to say big sis name her name raji . Raji took leave to her office rashmi was on leave … My uncle and aunt went to office in we were three me rashmi and raji. I asked raji y you took leave for office. She told because for me.. I was happy that time because I thought today I can fuck both also.

Rashmi came I gave a deep smooch to rashmi raji was looking at us… Oh I dint said about raji . Raji is so sexy girl with big boobs of 34 both raji and rashmi were like sex bombs . I told to raji and rashmi to take bath together they agreed. We three went to bathroom . I took all cloth of rashmi first because she is my sex angel then I took raji’s cloth.

Both were nude in front of me four boobs calling me to suck them. They both took my cloth I became nude. We started to pour water. Rashmi was pouring water on my dick it was so hard. I started to massage rashmi’s boobs in one hand raji’s boobs in another hand they were moaning I applied soap to all parts of them and rubbed neatly ohh what a feeling that . They both applied soap for me. We finished bath and came outside. I went and closed all doors and windows. And I told them to be nude in home they agreed. We three also nude .

We started to joke each other we went to bed room and we started our game rashmi was busy with my cock me and raji were smoching.. then rashmi came to give kiss raji was sucking my cock.. Oh its heaven with my sisters I started to lick my sweet rashmi’s pussy it was wet I licked but she did piss I drank her piss oh that was so tasting. That was the first time I drank. Really that was great and started to fuck her raji watching us.

I fucked rashmi half an hour its good to fuck rashmi… After that I cummed in rashmi’s pussy that was my first seed I planted that to for my sister we both were happy raji told to fuck her. I started to fuck raji she was moaning I fucked nicly she told anna nim rasa bidi nan thullalli. Hearing that I increased my speed I loaded my sperms in rajis pussy we slept nude till noon.. I fucked both of them 3 days they took pills.. I will say how I fucked rashmi everyday and how we thought to marry in my next story. Girls and aunties reply me for sex…

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