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Hi friends this is kkb again from Lucknow hope you all will enjoying my sex journey. Today I will share my experience with another student. The story starts, when I was in my Job. I was in teaching profession around 8 years back.

One day I received a text message in my yahoo messenger ID of a girl who is unknown to me. I asked her who you are. But, she replied catch me if you can and she started sending me couple of messages in my messenger every day and I started replying her and asking again n again who you are.

This was continued around 5-6 months and yet I am not able to identify her. One day I warned her, OK, this will be my last message let me know about you or stop sending messages to me. She said ok I will tell you and she sent a mail to me with her pictures with all the details.

Mail was well explanatory and I understood she was one of my students. But, I was not able to recall her and anyways who cares.? We stared chatting and shared our cell numbers. We started talking each other. She was in Varanasi and I was in Lucknow.

One day I asked her do u like me? She replied yes, I asked do u love me, this time she didn’t replied and went offline and our chat ended here. We both were not talking with each other for 10 months.

One day I received her message for New Year wish 2012. I replied and wish her too and given my new cell number. After 3-4 months I received a call and amazed she is back again. But, this time I was a bit angry with her as she left without any reason.

She replied that I was surprised as you asked me: do I love you, I had no reply. But, after a time yes I realized I love you and do you? Can we meet? I said yes I too and where to meet in Lucknow or Varanasi? She said I will let you know.

We started talking again but this time with some dirty chat. I tell her how I will fuck her and all. Finally that day arrive when she was coming in Lucknow and we planned for a day stay of her at Lucknow. I booked a hotel room for her. She came late from her town and we had 3 hours only in our hand.

She was not feeling well for a hotel room, I guess everybody knows why. But, no problem, she said I can go for movie. I replied Ok and we went for a movie. I was thinking all went in vain. We went to watch a movie. I asked her to hold my hand and come bit closer.

She obeyed me. I was touching her face and ears with soft hand and she was bit moaning. I kissed her on her chick and on her ear. She again moaned. I was feeling good.

I hold her face and kissed on her lips this time she was also interested and we started smooch each other each and every chance we got in the movie while kissing her I touched her boobs from the top and guess what, she was moaning.

I asked her to touch and jerk my dick. She touched my dick and excited as she has never seen dick. She touched my dick from the top of my pant. This was uncontrollable for me and I was desperately looking to fuck her. But, time over and she left me for the day to Varanasi.

Our talking was continued and we talk naughty over phone. One day, I told her my parents are going for one week, out station. Can you plan for Ur trip to Lucknow? She replied, not possible. I was bit sad.

One week later on Friday, I got a call from her where are you? I replied in office. She said ok, can u leave the office and pick me from station, I am in Lucknow. I was very happy and asked my supervisor for day off and I earned my day.

She was in my home within hour. We both were happy and I welcomed her by a hug. It was around 7 pm. She asked for washroom as she wants to be fresh. We went together in my room. She was using my wash room. I ordered for pizza for dinner.

She came outside the wash room and my god she was looking so beautiful in shorts. She dressed a short white top and a pink mini skirt. I was going mad for her. We had our dinner and I switch on the TV.

We were sitting on couch side by side watching TV for a movie. After 10-15 minutes there was a romantic scene in the movie and we both were waiting the scene without any noise. Suddenly, I placed my hand on her hand. She did not respond.

I turned on her side and turned her face towards me. I hold her face with both hands and started kissing on her forehead, eyes, and cheeks and on ears and put my lips on her lips. We started kissing each other. Slowly I reached for her boobs and started cupping them hard.

She started moaning slowly I put one hand on her belly started caressing while my right hand was around her back and feeling the fresh melons from side on. She was really enjoying the petting and I removed her top and started massaging the breasts and she was under my full control.

She was looking very beautiful and I was losing control. We started undo our clothes. Wow, what a good figure she had. I started sucking her boobs one by one and she was moaning louder n louder once I put my mouth on her nipples.

I started sucking it she was enjoying the same and pressed my head on her boobs while my other hand was massaging the other breast. Now, it was here turn, by this time my dick was standing fully erect and she took it in her hand and started rubbing it back and forth.

She pushed me on the couch and told me that she was going to give me a blowjob. I was sitting at the edge of the couch. She split my legs apart and took my dick in her hand then she started licking the bulb of my penis fast.

She then thrust the full length of my well shaved penis into her mouth and started doing back and forth inside her mouth. I started moaning in pleasure and ejaculated a huge load all over her face and even oozed down on her boobs.

She took them and licked it clean. She then told me to lick cum on her breasts. I licked it well. She then kissed me once again, transferring her saliva mixed with my cum, into my mouth. I hugged her tight. I lied down on the couch and she was over me.

We stayed like that with her breasts crushing on my chest and my dick rubbing her pussy. We went to my bedroom. I asked her to lay on bed and parted her legs. Her sex lips were looking great and started kissing on her sex lips.

I kissed there and started kissing n licking there like dog. She was going mad and asked me to fuck now. I asked her it will take 5-10 minutes time as I just cum. She replied I can’t wait do it right now.

I replied o.k. wait n hold my dick and jerk it. It will be hardened in a couple of minutes. She obeyed my order and started jerking my dick and kissed on it. It was getting harder n harder. She lay down on bed and I was on her top and tried to insert my dick in her pussy.

But, I was not able to insert the dick. I pushed hard but all in vain. She was dying for fuck. I said wait let me dip my fingers inside Ur virgin to stretch it. My finger came across a barrier and I realized she was a virgin slowly and I dipped second finger and started in-out by my fingers. It was continues for 2 minutes.

She was moaning and cum and she was moaning like nothing and shouting come inside me, come on. I parted her and inserted my dick inside her with force and as a result I was in. She was crying in pain. I saw tears in her eyes and told her it will go within couple of minutes and u will start enjoying.

I kissed on her eyes after a couple of minutes she started enjoying. I was moving my dick in and out slowly and started increasing my speed. We both were enjoying. I bent on her and was kissing on her neck and she was holding me tight. We were kissing badly.

Finally, I cum inside her vagina and feeling bit tired. She was looking at me; we kissed each other and lay down on the bed side wise. She was caressing my dick and I was caressing her boobs. After 15-30 minutes she again took my dick inside her mouth and started sucking my dick very badly.

I was cum 2 times in last 1 hrs it was a bit paining but, still enjoying her suck. My dick gradually started hard with sum pain. We did 69 position and you know it was the best I like ever. I wanted to go deep inside her vagina with my tongue. I was enjoying the taste of her vagina.

My dick was hard again and ready for another fuck. I asked her to come on my top. I was not able to insert my dick in this position as was not able to judge her sex hole. She guided my dick with her hand towards her hole.

I inserted my dick and asked her to move up n down. Both were enjoying the ride. I was pressing her boobs while she was busy in moving up n down. I pulled her towards my chest and my hands were wrapped around his back.

Her boobs were touching my chest. She was not able to move up n down due to this act and I started to move in n out. She was enjoying it more. I was tiring due to 3rd fuck in 2 hours and was not able to cum due to the same. I started fucking her in speed and cum in next 20 minutes.

I was too tired and lay down on the bed. We both slept without cloths. I woke in morning around 5 am. I went for wash room and came back in 5 minutes. I saw her cleaned shaved pussy and went towards her. I smelled her vagina and put my tongue in her vagina.

She was not moving at all. I started licking her vagina and in next couple of minutes she started moaning and pressed my head towards her vagina. I was enjoying her taste. She was moaning yes lick my body and Lick my ass hole.

I inserted my tongue in her ass hole and licked her. She loved it. I began swiping my tongue in the ass crack. Her ass gave a musky smell. I inserted deep in her hole, now I was able to lick her inner hole. She lifted her body to get closer.

I was swiping my tongue from ass crack to cunt crack and again back to ass crack. She was twisting and turning on the bed due to lust. I located her clit and licked it then began sucking. Then let out a scream as he bit her clit ohhhh aammmaaaa you fuck me but I continued my assault on her cunt.

Suddenly I felt her cunt muscles quiver and I knew she was about to cum. She pressed my face harder on her cunt. She clasped her thighs on my ears and pulled me closer. She shouted, I am Cumming and her cunt erupted with her love juice and cum on my face.

I tasted a bit. She pulled me towards her and we kissed again. The musky aroma of her juices was everywhere. She hugged me tightly and gave me a passionate kiss which thanked me for giving her the immense pleasure she was experienced.

I put a pillow beneath her butt, the wonderful butt, and raised her legs to place myself in a missionary position. I placed my head at the entrance of her love hole, which my now was slippery as ever and pushed in gently, she winced.

Her eyes were closed but I could see the pleasure on her face slowly she felt the taste n responded me by raising her waist sometimes I was sucking her boobs in this process then I hold her waist n increase my pace both were moaning heavily.

She cum again and I felt her hot juices around my penis. Holding her waist, I stroked in full pace. The sound of stroking came from her pussy due to her juices n my pre-cum. Finally, time for me to cum and I informed her I m going to cum inside her very soon and I cum inside her.

She wanted more fucking sessions and he asked for fuck, I replied give me 30 minutes to get energy and I applied some oil in my cock and fucked her again. Finally it was breakfast time we started our round and this continued till 2 days our fucking.

We tried many positions and she left for her home and went with her to drop to station and thanked her for our sex journey. If you liked my sex journey, you can share your comments with me on my id [email protected]

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