Sex With My Teacher At Her Home

When I was studying in class 12 (18 years old ) there was a teacher in our school who taught classes 6-8. She also happened to be my house’s Master while I was the house captain.She was a sexy lady and most of the boys in our class had a huge crush on her. But she was married and had two kids too.

I never got a chance to really speak to her. But then our school’s Golden Jubilee function came and I got a chance to work with her. The first day of the preparations was awesome. Really, really awesome. She was sitting in front of me and I just kept staring at her sexy structure whole day long but I never got to speak to her that day. The next day was even more awesome. She came and spoke to me. She told me what work I had to do and most of those things. But even then I never thought she fancied me too. We worked together, arranging skits and dramas and dance practices for almost 3-4 days.Then one day it was a Saturday evening. I had completed my biology practical exam and was going back to my classroom. On the way back, I found her sitting alone completing the class attendance list. She noticed me coming that way, looking through the window. I smiled back. She waved her hand and said “Krishna, come here ” I obliged and went inside.

She was in a red saree and wearing a thin gold chain around her neck which made her sexier, I was simply staring at her when she said: “Sit down, I’m feeling bored .” I sat down too and we were soon talking about several things, formal as well as informal. I always loved her lips, those soft petal-like ones. And this was one good chance to enjoy looking at them.

Just as we were talking she held a flask of tea and askes if I would have tea . I said yes and she poured some tea into a cup and held it in front of me . As I took it , she briefly touched my hands and I was sure she smiled at me then . That was the first touch we ever had . And then after drinking tea , she asked me if I could help her by taking out some files from the cupboard . I agreed and took the files from the highest slab in the cupboard . But then when I turned back , she was standing right behind me and the files pressed against her boobs . It was a sexy sight to enjoy . Then she moved back and I placed the books on her table and we were talking again .

Then after some time when I was about to leave, she asked me if I would help her carry those files to her home. I told Okay and we soon went to her home which was only a couple of streets away. Her son was with her husband in office, so we were alone. She asked me to sit down and told that she would prepare something for me to eat . I just nodded and waited in the hall.

But then I got bored and I went to the kitchen and stood behind her. She notices me coming and smiled. It was a small kitchen and there wasn’t much space. So I stood right behind her, just inches away. It was then that she suddenly bent (I don’t know the reason ) and her butts brushed against my dick. It was just like we were in a well-thought out sex position. I pulled back and she stood straight too .,I just kept on thinking about it for a few seconds (Behind her , inches away ) that she turned and bumped into me . Her breasts brushed against my chest and I stood there enjoying it , trying to control my excitement .

“Sorry, ” She told. “It’s okay, ma’am ” I told. And then we were sitting at the dining table, on opposite sides. Just as I was eating the Noodles she had made, her legs brushed against mine. Trying to not let go of the chance I didn’t move my legs away. She didn’t too, but she smiled at me. I smiled back, not knowing how to really get it a step forward.

Then I went to wash my hands and when I turned I bumped right into her once again (Was it all coincidence ?). “Sorry, ma’am ” I told .”It’s Okay Krishna ” She whispered and placed her hand on my shoulder and patted it gently. I kept looking into her eyes. But then I don’t know what really happened to me, I hugged her tight and closed my eyes. To my surprise, she hugged me back too and whispered: “Do you want something ?”

I moved back and looked at her. She continued “I don’t want to do anything wrong. But then if you wish ” She paused “I’ll give you just 5 minutes. She spread her arms and closed her eyes. She then said “Your time starts now ” and smiled.

I immediately went towards her and pulled her saree down. Then I removed her bra and hugged her tight and kissed her cheek, her ears, neck, held her hair, and kissed her lips. It was 5 minutes of enjoyment. But then she pulled back and draped a towel over her. “Sorry ” she smiled.

“Thanks ” I smiled back . Then she stared at me “Don’t tell about it to anybody ,please ”“I promise ma’am ”

She looked at me (not smiling now ) . “We’ll meet tomorrow , shall we ?” I nodded .”Any work , ma’am ?” I asked . “Yes , school work ” She smiled and continued “My husband and son will not be at home . So I won’t be bored if you are at home ” I smiled and bid her goodbye , fantasizing about the next day ….

(To be continued ….)

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MY name’s Krishna , a hard-core Sunny Leone fan too . And the lady I’ve been talking about all this time is Ms.Sherine , sitting right beside me now . I’m a thin , lanky , nerd , wearing spectacles . She’s 5’5 tall , with long black heir (36c if you really wish to know )

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