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Hi all, myself Farhan I am from Hyderabad my age is 24 I ‘m working in a mnc company I ‘m new to ISS and I like the stories of ISS very much if you like my story please mail me on

Coming to the story…

I was working in a mnc company in Hyderabad from last one year with me there are 15 members are working in my team after six months of my job one new person jonied in my team her name is lakshmi she is a married woman…. But she was too hot in looks and body shapes… She is in milky weight color her boobs was awesome…

Day one: hr came and introduced her to our team and her seat was next to me itself at that moment I was in cloud nine… I introduced myself to her and she felt happy for that and we became good friends in short time….

One day I asked her how many years you got married she told 2 years and I asked what your husband do she told he is in marketing field, I asked y you don’t have kids yet, she told we are not interested in kids now itself we want to enjoy more in our relationship…. But she was some out off depressed at that time…

Me: what is the problem lucky I said..

She was happy for calling her lucky..

She sad nothing in ok..

Me: I feel your depressed about your hubby…

Lucky: y you think like that I ‘m happy with him he do all I need…

Me: ok if you don’t want tell me live it…

Next day to office I didn’t went… I got a massage from lucky saying ‘hi”

Me: hi how is displayed

Lucky: display is lakshmi (lucky)

Me: hi lucky how are you

Lucky: I ‘m good why you didn’t came to office

Me: I ‘m feeling seek that’s y I didn’t came to office

Lucky: ohh how are you feeling now

Me: I ‘m good feeling better

Lucky: what are you doing

Me: watching movies

Lucky: which movies

Me: prone movies

Lucky stopped chart by seeing that massage

Next day I went to lucky and said sorry for yesterday massage don’t tack it as personal

She said no nothing like that I had some work and I didn’t chat with you…

She asked you will regularly watch that movie?

I said which movie.?

She said xxx videos

I got some current in my body and said yes I do

She smiled….

I asked do you also watch?

She no with small smile ☺

I said I wasn’t to ask some personal things can I …

She said ok go head…

With some fear I asked how is your sexual relationship between you and your husband.

She was silent for some time and I was asking please tell please tell..

She said her relationship is not good with her husband because he is not active in sex… Because of him they are not having kids…

I asked from last two years how many times you had sex… She said we have sex once in a month that too I will only ask him after that also he do only for 10 min not more than that…..

I said ohhh I ‘m sorry for that, she said no please don’t tell like that… I said can I help you in your sex relationship…

She said how….. With some out of fear I said I will satisfy you if you give me the chance…. She said no I can’t cheat my hubby… With angrily

I said sorry for telling you like that I will never tell ask you again…

After 10 days I got a call from lucky… It was weekend

I picked up the call that was lucky…

She said hello farhan… With low voice..

I said yes tell me lucky..

Lucky: she’ll we go to move tomorrow?

Me: who all are coming

Lucky: only you and me

Me: ok

Lucky :at 10am show

Me: ok

I booked two tickets for we both

At 9:40 I was at theater next day

I called lucky she said you go in I will come by 10:10

I said ok and went into the theater

She came at 10:15 in theater

I already booked corner seats for both off us and my luck thir weir approx 40 members in theater..

She came and sat beside me..I asked her now a sudden what movie plain you maid, she said my husband went to his home town that’s y…. I said ok with smile…

Move started theater lights weir off. .

I started touching her feet with my feet she said nothing….

I took her hand in my hand started kissing her she was also enjoying the same I felt happy and puted my hand in her bra wow that was awesome feeling I had I pressed her for 15 min I puted my hand in her pant I got to touched her panty…

At a sudden she stopped my hand and said stop…I removed my hand she came to my ears and told we will go to my house I was more happy we both stared from theater and went to her house it was v.Big house…. She told you seat at sofa I will get something to eat…

I was setting at sofa she vent to kitchen after 5 min I went to kitchen I said I don’t want to eat this stuff I want to eat you and you hold her tightly started pressing her boobs kissing her on her neck…

I lifted her with my two hands and taken to the bedroom directly she was also with full mood, she removed my clothes made me nude and I removed her t shirt which was in pink colo, I removed her bra with my mouth, she started playing with my dick, she gave me a nice blowjob for more than 15 min,,,

I pushed her back and started eating her pussy she was getting shivering because if that I put my two fingers in her pussy stared fucking her with my two ✌ fingers she was shouting like anything and saying hmm fuck me hmm fuck fuck me after that we were in 69 position for 10 min after that I took her to sofa lifted her left leg and put my dick her in pussy started fucking her hardly she became red color from white color we both enjoy a lot that day we tried so many angels, I fucking her till evening….

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