Sex With My Wild Aunty Padma

Hi, I m Charan of 23 years old want to describe my sex experience with my aunty (Padma) who was wild and horny. So this was my initial sex story and try to help me out in suggesting suitable comments. You can mail me at [email protected] and Vizagites can reach me through e-mail for fun relationship.

Let us step into the story. The story is in between me (Charan) of 23 years studying B tech and my aunty (Padma) of 35 years old lived with her daughter (10th class studying) in Vizag. We lived in quarters provided by the company. My dad and his husband work in the same company. My aunt the Padma and her daughter lived on the top floor.We lived in the middle ones.I heard that her husband was a drinker and won’t cares about them.Most of the time he drinks alcohol and fall on the roadsides. She is ashamed of her husband deeds and never comes out to show her face to neighbors.But unexpectedly it was a shock to me when I saw her in my house discussing few things with my mom. she was very beautiful with big round boobs and has a large ass which covered maximum place of the sofa. I have noticed her boobs popping out of her tight blouse where some part can be seen.I thought that how lucky his husband was and how unlucky I am.I felt like squeezing her boobs, hug her tight and scroll up to my left hand from thighs to her ass by raising up her saree and on the other side squeezing her butt cheeks with my right hand. I wanted to envelop my hand inside her panty and insert my finger into her ass hole.I always wanted these dream come true.I was waiting for the time to get my dreams fulfilled.

Always, In my dreams, I have picturised her big ass wiggled as she walked in front of me. When she walked the air left in between her ass cheeks unable to find the way back out then, pumps back creating curls in between the border curvy line of the right and left ass cheeks that can be clearly visible from the back. The air is the luckiest one as it experiences the sense of smell that comes from the glorious hole.

One night, I was lonely in my home.All of my family members went on some important tour.She knocked at my door at 9 pm.I opened the door and shocked to see her. She was in nighty and looked damn sexy. She asked about my parents after being explained, she wanted to join me as she was bored being lonely at home. I asked about her daughter and she replied don’t worry charan she won’t wake up till dawn.She sat beside of me and watched tv for some time. I was not able to control. My sexual dirty thoughts aroused me.I thought of laying my hand on her thighs but my hands got shaken. I refused to do so.

After some time, she asked about the drinking water.I pointed my finger towards the fridge. She went to get back from the fridge. I thought this was the only chance to get my dreams fulfilled.I quickly followed her and hugged her from the back side.I squeezed her boobs and planted hard long kisses on her lips.That kisses helped me to retain her long from loud screams.She pushed me backward and kicked me hard. She rushed back to her home covering all the parts with her hands.

I even tensed and I felt tomorrow gonna be a judgment day for me as I’m ready to face the situation that comes in my way.I thought of asking her to forgive me.I was not in the way to do as I feared a lot. I slept back on my bed.My door was knocked at 2 am again.I was afraid to open the door being thought as her.After opening the door.She was her who stepped in and locked the door from inside.

She grabbed me to the bedroom by holding my collar.She pushed me down on the bed and moved down towards my crotch.She unzipped my pants and started stroking my cock with her hand.I immediately opened all the clothes of mine.She slowly removed her nighty followed by her panty and bra.She inserted her panty in my mouth and asked the taste of it.She shouted

” U bloody fucker. How was the taste of my ass? Today I’m going to show you the hell ”I replied:- ” come on baby…my bitch.please show me the hell for me. I am ready bitch ”

She grabbed my ass onto her inserted finger into my ass.She buried her finger deep into my ass hole as it was very painful for the first time.She took out the finger from my hole and smelled it.She liked the taste of my ass. She wiped my ass completely with her tongue and inserted her tongue deep inside my ass hole. She took most of the time licking my ass hole as she liked the taste of my ass.Aunty: ” Mmmmm charan ..your ass smells dirty ..but tastes good ..I want ur ass as daily menu for dinner ”

Me:  why not bitch ..I want ur boobs milk in exchange of that ..will you agree on baby …

Aunty: Aaa. Haa yes, charan. I will also suck ur sperms out of you as a discount for you ..ha ha …

Me: It would be very glad bitch .thank you …

I continued to hug her and softly kissed her neck and earlobes and moved my hands to her back rubbing my fingers up and down near her ass hole.She started kissing again deeply.She opened my mouth and spat her saliva into mine. I refused but she slapped and spat more into mine.She bit my tongue with teeth and held my tongue in between her teeth jaws.She pulled my tongue outside of my mouth till I get pain.

Aunty: charan u want to taste my ass .?

Me: yes my bitch ..I want to eat your ass ..I am hungry so much..serve me..aunty.

We lay in 69 position. She farted on me facing her pussy cheeks deep into my mouth and her ass hole covering my entire nose.It was very difficult for me to breathe that time as her ass is very large. I sucked her pussy all of a sudden. She moaned ” Aah …charan …Ohh no ..slowly …i will cum faster …suck me slow …” I never stopped and she shook and came inside my mouth. It was a big load and I drank all the juice out of her pussy.It tastes like a sweat mixed with the salt liquid.Now I just wanted to smell her ass and taste it.I put my nose inside her ass hole and smelled it deeply.I tried to force my nose into her ass hole up to the limit it was possible as it was very hard to do so it was a very tight hole.It was a different smell that was dirty and stinky but sexy one.In the meanwhile, she stroked my cock very hard. She farted and riding my face .” Come on baby ..cum on me .. she moaned ..ah suck me …ya charan ….my husband has left for you ” these are all your baby ..fuck me.

Her loud voices made me tempting and she sucked my cock like a straw ( Drinking juice from straw).I even controlled my ejaculation but her suction pressure made me unable to control and I erupted and blasted my big load and she sucked all the cum inside her mouth saying it was the tasty milkshake I ever had.She again squeezed my balls hardly saying

” come on tiny balls ..produce more cum ..” I want so much cum from you ”

I came hard and she drank all my big load not leaving a single drop.We then changed position into doggy style.I inserted my dick in her ass very deep such a way that I was imagining riding horse (aunt) holding her hair in my hands pulling her hair with my hands hardly.

” She screamed a lot “Stop charan ….pls no… no charan ..aahhh ahhhh no ahhhh. ..ohhh ohhhhh ohhh ahhhh ”

It was painful for her but never stopped until she came.

She also took revenge on me by biting my dick very hard as I screamed a lot. Later, She sat on my dick inserted my dick into her pussy. She rode me very fast and on the other hand, I was squeezing and playing with her boobs.I drank some of the milk out of her boobs which his husband left for me.It’s very tasty and sexy.After having ejaculation she was tired and fell on me. After some time, she slowly stroked my dick and kissed me hard for some time and later we both had a combined bath and had many sex encounters again till it was dawn. She went back home and served her daughter at dawn. It was a horny experience for me

So readers, hope you enjoyed my sex story and if any aunties or girls wanted to have fun with me mail me. You can also post ur comments to my mail id: [email protected]




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