Sex With Neighbor Alpha-male On Terrace

This happened just 15 days ago.

I stay in a rented room in the third floor. Behind my room is a girl’s pg and hostel. Whenever I go to my backyard, I see girls through their windows and sometimes they will be on the terrace.

On my neighbor’s terrace, a boy used to come and stare at these girls at night. I’ve been observing this boy since many days. He looked cute and handsome. Slim and sexy. A couple of times, I’ve seen this guy standing behind the water tank and masturbating while he watched the girls.

In fact, after seeing him shagging to the girls, I get into the room and used to shag imagining him.

I always wanted to feel his abs and touch his dick.One day, it started raining at night and this guy was standing in rain and was trying to hide behind the tank. I went out to smoke and spotted him. I took all the courage and called him to my terrace. He was confused at first and asked whether I’m talking to him. Later, he understood and jumped the terrace compound and landed under the shelter that I have on my terrace.

“Even you come here to watch the girls?”, he asked. “No. I come here to smoke”, I replied.

“These girls are hot. Most of them are north Indians. Wish I had one of them as my girlfriend”, he said. I just gave a vague humming response.“Don’t you look at them. You have a clear view from your terrace”, he questioned. I chose to be outspoken this time and said, “No. I don’t get excited seeing girls. I prefer men”, I said.

Now, this guy gave a strange look at me and asked, “So you are a gay”. I said, “Kind of”.

Keeping his eyes glued to the windows of the girl’s pg, he questioned again, “So what excites you”.

I was trying to be a cool dude in front of him and didn’t want to show him that I was desperate to get in his pants. I answered, “Staring at hot guys like you. Guys who does adventures to see girls”.There I dropped a hint and I so wished he picks that up. And interestingly, he picked that line and replied, “So you like me?”. I nodded with my bright eyes.

“I didn’t know that I will excite gay boys”, he said.“You are hot and sexy”, I acknowledged.

“What will you do to me, if I give myself to you”, he asked. That was a straight approach.

I looked him in his eyes and was expecting a “Go ahead” expression from him.

I stashed my cigarette down and placed my hand on his pants zip and uttered, “I’m ready to take the pain if you want to give me”.He didn’t react and stood to stand still. I got down on my knees and unzipped his pants. I looked at him to see his expressions. But his sight was on the girls through the windows and on the giggles that they did.

I pulled down his underwear and took out his tool. Now I had his dick in my hand. It was a good average size dick which was hard and had precum on it. Without doing any hand job, I directly took it in my mouth and started licking it.

He held my hairs in his hand and pulled me behind the tank. If the girls looked back at the terrace, then they would only see his upper part of the body.

Down there, I was relishing the yummy taste of his dick and now started with his balls. Just as when I licked it, he started moaning and he held my hairs tight.

“Shall we go inside my room?”, I asked him. “No. We’ll stay here”, he said.

I continued and started rolling his balls in my mouth and passionately sucked his dick.

Putting my hands up in his shirt and feeling the abs, my tongue was completely exploring the layers of the dick head and giggles from the girl’s pg was actually disturbing me.

“Will you feel bad if I tell you that I’m imagining that a girl is sucking my dick”, he asked. I did not react to that. I continued to suck. I never feel bad if a person imagines someone else while having sex. We are just having fun and there are no boundaries for imagination.“I wanna fuck you”, he said suddenly. “Sorry!!???”, I exclaimed. “I want to fuck you”, he repeated and spelled more specifically this time.

I asked him to go inside, but he disagreed and dragged me under the solar panels.

He ripped my shorts and took off my underwear fastly. I understood that he is horny as hell and wants to tear my ass apart. He made my lie on the floor and lifted my legs. This was the moment that I waited for. I wanted to get fucked by a guy who is as masculine as him.While he was searching my hole down there, I assisted him by pointing his rock solid hard dick to my hole. Within a second, he rammed down there.

I got lost in the pleasure of pain. “Speed it up”, I said. He got excited and started speeding his pace. He was hitting the hike hardcore and was holding his teeth and jaw tight when he penetrated each time. Sometimes, he was even hitting his head to the solar panel. He was totally enjoying it. I lied down swinging my legs in the air and feeling the pain. My eyes were rolling up in that pain. “You have an ass like girls. It is tight and gives a lot of pleasure”, he whispered in my ears. He continued to fuck my hungry ass for 10 minutes. He started sweating and his chest was shining as fuck.

He made grunting sound and pulled out his dick from my ass and jumped on my chest. He sat on my tummy and shagged his dick for few seconds.

His hot cum started dripping from his dick and he poured it on my nipples. He tapped his cum with his dick and spread it around on my chest. We both were breathing heavy and sweating.

He smiled at me and said, “I want you to come to terrace every day”.“I come every day. But to smoke cigarettes”.He laughed at it

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