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Hi friends I am Sahil, em 24 years old & am regular reader of ISS.

Firstly let me tell you about me. I am 25 years old,semi-athletic built, faix complexion, 5’11” height with a dick of 7 inches. And the herione in sex with me is Reena(me neighbour). She is 34 years old with assests of 38-35-42. She if fair in colour & with a height of 5’4”, has 1 daughter & her husband is a Govt employee.

We are neighbours from last 2 months. Firstly i dint have any sexual desires with regards to her. But as the days passed the evil desires began in me & wanted to have sex with her. So i was looking for a chance to approach her.

So fortunately it so happed that on 1 fine day they had their daughter’s B’day. So as there was no 1 for help. Her husband called me for help & I readi;y accepted for help. So that i can see her from near & if possible seduce her.

All the arrangements were made & the function was a hit & all the relatives left after the fuction & by that time it was 10:00 Pm and i too had to leave. So i wanted to leave but unfortunately i started raining & they compelled tme to stay. So i agreed to what they said as there was no 1 in my home(all left for family function). Then we had dinner & uncle went to his room & slept & i was watching movie & Reena also came & sat & in the mean while commercial break was aired. So we had a casual talk & she asked me about my Girlfriend, i said i had none coz i dont believe in love.

Then she laughed & started taunting me. The i took this as a chance & started tickling her. She asked me to stop but i dint. I Slowly started massaging her. The she slowly moaned the i slowly kissing her on her earlobes as she was lost. She asked me to stop but i was in no mood to stop. Then i hugged her from back & started pressing her left boob slowly. Then she turned towards by face So that she can push me. Then i kissed her on lips & held her tight. ‘

In the sametime i was bit feared coz uncle was sleeping. The not to take futher risks & stopped their & waited for a chance.

The day finally came when uncle had to go out for a weeks time, then he called me & asked to take care of Reena & readily accepted as i too was waiting eagerly for such a chance.

The i dropped uncle in the Railway station & hurried to Reenas house with Murder-2 Dvd. The when i rang the bell Reena opened the door. She was in Nighty & her duaghter was sleeping, then we watched movie in the mean time my dick stood like a rod & searching for a hole to enter. Then slowly i started to talk with Reena & left some Non-Veg jokes. She laughed & then i took it as green signal & shared my jokes & slowly i went & sat beside her & slowly kept my hand on her shoulder & started massaging her slowly. Then started to escape but i held her tightly & all of a sudden pulled her to me & kissed her on lips. First she tried to escape but later she submitted her to me.

I explored her mouth with my tongue to which she responded sucking my tongue.

The breasts were much bigger I thought them to be. I squeezed them slowly at the beginning and harder then onwards. I then removed her nighty, moved back and started to unhook her Bra.

Her beautiful boobs were inviting to me to be sucked. Then i started to suck those brown erect nipples. I squeezed both of them hard and started licking around her nipples sometimes biting them softly like a child. She was moaning.

I hug her tightly & was kissing all over her as if there was no tomorrow. I tried to take them wholly inside my mouth but never successful as my mouth was trying it my hand was engaging the other boob. She was at the hilt of pleasure with only sounds of pleasure from her mouth mmm aaah yess and so on.

I then started kissing her legs taking care not to involve her crotch. By then, her panties were wet with the juice from her vagina and my penis was poking her and she caught hold of it tightly and started stroking it gently. I removed her panty slowly and continued kissing and licking around her crotch.

I started to unhook her petti coat & started tongue fucking her deeply in seconds, she started cuming, bowing her back pushing her vagina against my face with her vaginal juice dripping out. She was breathing heavily and her body was so hot covered with sweat.

Then she removed my tshirt & also reomved my lover & inner wear & took my whole 7 inches dick cock in her mouth Her hands were always busy holding my balls and my cock and playing with them. I can hold out for a long time, but this creature was driving me nuts. I caught hold of her lovely long black hair and began to use her mouth as a cunt as I felt my juices boiling.

She was sucking as if there was no tomorrow, then as i was about to cum, I pulled myself out of her mouth, then she shouted saying I want to taste your sperm in another 2 seconds I came right into her mouth. The best part is she swallowed the whole thing in without any hesitation. I realized that she was actually fantastic.

Then i again started I licking the nipples one by one and held them occasionally in between my teeth. Knowing that she needs some release fast, I invited her to come on top so that she could regulate the secession at her pleasure.

She jumped at the opportunity and came up. She held my dick with one hand as she aimed it into her dripping pussy. She slowly lowered herself on it with a loud moan and a signal

She kept still for a while adjusting to the size and the fit, while I adjusted to her incredible warmth and unused tightness. Her juices were flowing freely and making me all wet too. Ohh!!

She moaned as she started her ride to her peak. I grabbed hold of her beautiful breasts and started playing with her nipples while giving her tits a great massage.

She was rocking her hips hard as she tried to give max possible pressure and friction to her clit. Her eyes were tightly closed as she rocked her hips hard and fast.

She was clearly on her own trip. I was just hanging on for dear life as I was getting the fuck of my life. I too joined in the fun by fucking her from below. I left her gorgeous boobs to bounce in all their glory and grabbed hold of her waist as I pushed up into her fantastic warmth. I filled her pussy with all my cum.

We layed on each other & for some & again started our journey & has sex for 5-6 times thatday & enjoyed the same with for next 6 days.

Hope my story has made u all horny. For feedback or for sex at anytime for Aunty’s & Girl’s mail me at [email protected].

100% enjoyment guaranteed.

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