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Hi Friends, this is my first story in ISS, so will expect feedback to post more in mere future. My name is Krishna, a very jovial, easy going, fair, handsome and a height of 5.6, i know only to make others happy and everyone who are with me, they love to be with my company, the only drawback got gave me is unsatisfied married life with lot of mental tensions and problems and of course i love sex and to have but my fate made me to marry to a girl who cannot satisfy me. I hope ladies/aunties/girls if you like my story please post comments and my email address is [email protected].

Coming to the story, this happened last month in Chennai. There was a lecturer named jayanthi who is my neighbor who was not fair but with a sexy figure a man can die for. I am of average height, but my looks and features made most of the girls or aunties to get attracted. I was very close to her from the time i changed to her place.

I used to stare at her when she comes out and while washing clothes to see her awesome ass which is dripped wet while washing. I thought i was very lucky but never got courage as my wife used to be with me. Days passed we used to casually talk when my wife was with me and her husband. Soon became family friends. One day her husband was going to out of station and she asked my wife to sleep with her as she is bit afraid of dark.

Since myself and my used to work in IT MNCs we used to have shifts, to my luck one day my wife had some outage and she had to stay back in office the whole night working on the issue. I came back around 9pm and came to know that my wife wouldnt come and she was bit hesitant to say or ask how i am going to sleep. She said to Jayanthi to be alone for tonight and if any problem t give me a call. I was totally depressed and tried to sleep. One hour passed, i was not getting sleep and i heard my door knocked, i know its Jayanti, i opened the door and saw her, i am sure she didnt wear bra inside as her melons were clearly visible over the nighty.

I asked her what happened, she said she is afraid of dark and since today my wife is not there she is unable to sleep, i felt i was lucky. She said she will watch tv in my home and asked me to sleep in bedroom, i readily accepted and went to bedroom. Only today i came to know she was a sex starving lady.

It started this way, i was trying peep what she is doing from bedroom (my wife didnt know that she is at my home, but this Jayanti since she wanted to have sex with me she came to my house), i saw the tv channels were intermittently changing. I want to be with her on my bed today, i took some courage and went to hall, i saw she was watching midnight masala songs, i just went casually and took some water from fridge, still she was not changing the channels, i asked her “you have so much courage to see these channels in front of a guy when u are alone?” She just answered in simple way “if not in front of guys do you want me to watch in front of girls?” I came to know her intention and just went near her and held her in my hands, kissed on her lips for 2 seconds,.

The next answer i heard from her was, for this you were waiting these many days? I couldnt control and she was sweating, i took bit courage and placed my hands on her breasts over nighty, it was a tight so her breasts were becoming stiff and nipples getting erected. Next i held her close and press her buttocks in such a way that my penis was hitting her inner thighs and breasts crushed between.

Though i had much time before my wife could come i never hurry, as actual sex pleasure starts with caressing and how far you can arouse your opposite sex. I made my hand movements inside her nighty, she was not wearing bra, touched her breasts from bottom and started to rub slowly with my finger nails, she closed her eyes and started to bite her lips. I made her top above her breasts now and pulled her nighty up and cupped both the breasts with my hands, never touched her nipples. You need to make girls nipples arouse and then touch or bit them for more pleasure, unless you give pleasure, you will never get it back.

So i made my way with breasts, her nipples started to poke out, even now i didnt touch her nipples directly, kept my tongue out and started to rotate around the nipples, she was dripping inside and she said i cannot bear anymore, fuck me now or else i will complain on you, i said there is more to go where you never complain on me but you beg me every day.

Suddenly kept my hands under her after moving the nighty, and rubbed her thighs, buttocks while kissing and biting her nipples and breasts. Removed her nighty, i saw her clean shaven pussy was dripping with juices, she was trying to catch my penis but i never made her to, i just concentrated on her, as i want to make her mad, i went down circling her tits with my fingers and made her to sit on sofa and started to lick her clitoris, the upper part of the girls vagina makes them mad when u suck or bite, but dont bite hard as its the most sensitive area of a girl.

I started licking slowly touching my tongue and rubbing her tits. moved my mouth towards her face and locked her lips for 2 minutes continuously she was unable to bear and was biting my lips cheeks and and i kept one one hand finger in her ass hole and one in her pussy, i started to thrust with more speed as it was well lubricated by that time and locking her lips here once side, her all possible sexy holes were taken care my lips on her lips and breasts.

She was moaning heavily saying my name aaaaahhhhhh please i cant wait anymore dig your dick into my pussy and make me feel you, i was totally out of control and started to remove my dick and inserted into her cunt. it was so wet that full of my dick went inside and i can feel her hot pussy. I dont want to finish off soon so started to hold her tightly feeling her breasts and kissing her on my lips without giving her any movement, as i want my hard dick inside her with motion, this will tempt girls a lot and tease them. She tried herself moving her hips and with her complete strength, still i kept complete force, and we were only kissing.

Now that she is completely nude in front of me, the real action started. I made her in doggy position and started to lick her from back holding her breasts and pinching her tits, she was going mad of this action, i dont want to put my dick inside her and finish off soon, i licked her ass and pussy at least for 30mins holding her breasts tenderly, she was moaning a lot and releasing more juices from pussy. she was reaching her orgasm and i was licking her clit for a long time, she wanted my dick badly now. I just gave her challenge and said i will not insert, insert my dick by yourself.

She held my dick but i made my body movements in such a way that she can shake my dick but its hard to insert in her pussy, i was playing and teasing with her boobs, lips, buttocks and pussy for a long time, when i felt enough of teasing my sex girl, i carried her over to the bed and rubbed my dick on her pussy, she was moaning” krishna please its already wet fuck me hard and tear my pussy before your wife could come, i dont want to end up with one session i need your dick in my ass as well”. Hearing this i went mad and started to pound her very fast, it was not hard since we both were oozing a lot. Guys, kissing on girls lips and pressing their breasts while fucking them gives more pleasure for girls as well as guys. Before i could reach climax she already had two orgasms and i can feel the juices on my dick.

Now it was my turn and i want to pound her in doggy style to release my sperms in her pussy, she accepted as she said she would take an iPill to stop pregnancy. I was pounding her hard and released my sperms inside her pussy and we both collapsed on bed. We cleaned ourselves and took rest for a while and slowly she started shaking my dick and its not ready to fuck her ass.

I took coconut oil and poured on her ass and on my dick, she was afraid of pain but i assured her will do it slowly, before applying oil i licked her ass and kept some saliva and fingered for a while, she said that her husband doesnt like ass fucking and she never experienced. she was enjoying and moaning krrrrrrrrriiiiiissssssshhnnnnnaaaaaa fuck my ass with your fat dick and make it feel the pleasure of sex. i was very slow while inserting as it was tight, at least it took five mins for me to insert the complete dick into her ass, slowly started pounding in doggy style and with one hand i was catching her breast and other hand was busy fingering her pussy, she exclaimed her happiness saying “Krishna i never felt so satisfied, fuck my both hole at a time, ahhhhhh your a good fucker, i am your whore, make me your whore for lifetime fuck me fuck me, fuck my assssss ahhhhhh.

I climaxed after 20 mins of ass fucking session and i saw her ass became red, i cleaned her ass and applied oil again so that she will not feel the burning sensation, she was very happy and said “Krishna you know how to satisfy a girl to the core and care a girl”. I just said there is no pleasure without pain and i am happy to take care of her parts as i am not satisfied with my wife and i was totally satisfied with her. we both were very happy and before my wife could i left her in the house next door and kissed her lips passionately and said will be eagerly waiting for another session for a long time, i had happy tears in my eyes as i was satisfied and she said “Krishna i came to know what you were missing all these days, and i am happy that i am the person who made you happy.

Thats it ISS readers, please ladies do mail me if you like my stories and provide feedback to [email protected]

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