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Hai, lusting boys and horny girls.I like ISS a lot.Stories from this site really help my imagination and i masturbate remembering them.This is my first story and forgive me if i made any mistakes.Getting to my story,my name is kumar,22yrs old from Hyderabad m a student n just an average guy.

When i was in school there was this gal called vaishnavi.She was dusky n i like such a complexion.Once i saw her in saree n i liked her curves,must bE 30 at the age of 18.I lusted her ever since.I lost contact with her after school.But 1 year back,thanks to facebook we met online again.We used to chat sometimes.We exchanged mobile numbers.

One day i went to the colony in which she stays on some work.I just texted her whether she was there at home and she replied yes.I asked if i cud visit her and she agreed.I went to her home.Her dad went to office,brother to college and mom to market.She was all alone and she said she was about to go for bath but delayed because of me..I said ‘no problem u can go to bath i will wait’.I thought i could seduce her somehow.At that moment,door bell rang and her mom came home.Vaishu introduced me to her mom sarada.I was disappointed for my chances were lost.Vaishu went to bath and her mom went into kitchen for making me a coffee.

I knew sarada aunty from school.She was fair and had a big ass,must be around 36-32-38.My friends used to say(probably for fun n i dont think its true) that she is kind of sluttish.Sarada aunty brought me coffee.She sat on the sofa on one side and i on other end.We were talking about my career.Then land-line phone rang and it was on a stool beside me.Sarada aunty leaned over me and took the receiver.Her huge melons were inches from me and my eyes got glued to them.

Her navel was just above my dick and had a pad of fat around umbilicus.My hands were itching to maul those boobs and kiss that navel.It took me immense power to control that urge.My dick was already hard and it could be seen clearly on my pajamas.She finished attending to the call and took her seat.I was embarrassed to face her with my hard on.

She must have seen it as she was looking less towards my side and there was a hint of smile on her face.After sometime when i saw towards her i could see more of her blouse covered boobs.I think she deliberately moved her pallu to show me her curves.Now i was openly ogling her and she caught me in the process.

She asked me ‘kumar what r u looking at?’ with a tone feigning anger.I knew her intention.

I said ‘i m sorry aunty.I could not control looking at your sexy body.

Trying to cover her boobs,she said ‘dont u have any shame kumar.And you are sporting that hard on in front of me,your friends mom.’ her tone was not serious anymore.

I moved towards her and said ‘aunty,you are so beautiful and only a blind man can sit in front of you without a hard on.’ hearing these words she blushed and i took this opportunity to place my hand on her hip.She closed her eyes and moaned ‘aaah’.She was biting her lower lip.I slowly crept my hand upwards and started caressing her left boob.Now she leant her head backwards and was just enjoying what i was doing to her.

I placed both my hands on her melons and mauling them.I took her pallu off started kissing her navel while continuing my assault on her boobs.I raised to her head level and started kissing her on lips.She responded positively and opened her mouth to allow my tongue.Wow,it was such a great sensation.

We continued french kissing for a while.She took off her blouse.She was wearing a black bra from which half of her breasts were jutting out.I plunged my head into her cleavage.She put her hands into my hair holding my head and moaning ‘kumar dont stop.Fuck me.’i removed her bra and took her left nipple in my mouth while holding her right nipple between my thumb and index finger.A current seemed to have pass through her as she shivered when i bit her nipple.I continued eating both the boobs taking turns.

Then i took her petticoat off.Put my index finger in her red panty and found to my surprise that her pussy was shaved.I asked her for which she said ‘your uncle has not fucked me in long time.So i shaved it today to seduce him’

I kissed her on mouth and said ‘i m glad uncle has not fucked you aunty or else i would not have got such a lovely pussy to fuck.Again i started kissing her.She closed her eyes and let our tongues fight each other.She opened her eyes and suddenly stopped kissing.Her eyes were wide open and staring beyond me.I turned around and saw vaishu standing near bedroom door wearing towel extending from her boobs to upper thighs.Her hand was up the lower border of towel and moving.Evidently she is masturbating seeing her mom and me fucking each other.

What happened next surprised me.Sarada aunty turned my head towards her,she smiled at me and said ‘lets give my daughter a good show’. Saying this she kissed me hard on lips and took my pant while kissing.She kept her left hand in my boxer and started massaging my balls.With right hand she started taking off my shirt buttons.

I was thoroughly enjoying the kiss and scrotal massage.In between aunty was taking glances at vaishu and seem to be enjoying giving her a show.She called vaishu nearer,took her towel off and started kissing her.I was shocked.I took my oppurtunity and started kissing vaishu’s boobs while caressing her ass.Aunty took my head and put it towards vaishu and let us kiss each other.We kissed madly.I broke the kiss and said to her ‘i fancied you in school itself and i m happy to kiss u now’.She said ‘u can do more than kissing’ and offered me her boobs.Meanwhile aunty took my boxer and starting sucking my dick.I was in 7th heaven.She licked the tip first,then underside of the shaft and took the whole dick in her mouth.

Her hands were busy with my balls.I could not concentrate sucking on vaishus boobs.So decided to lick her pussy.I made her sleep on floor and dived into her crotch with my tongue in her pussy.My hands were directed towards vaishus boobs.Aunty was lying with her head below my groin while i was licking her daughter while i was on my four limbs.

Believe me,aunty is a expert cocksucker taking my balls in her mouth in between sucking my dick.I was eating vaishus clit in between licking.Vaishu was shivering out of orgasm within few minutes.I lapped her juices and kissed her on mouth.She thanked me.Aunty was still sucking on my dick.I stopped her.Took her panty off and seen her pussy and big ass in full glory.I kissed her again,while doing so i caressed her ass and put a finger in her ass hole.She shivered a bit and asked me y i have done that.I said ‘aunty my friends and i liked your ass from our childhood.I want to fuck your ass and feel it contact around my dick.’

She smiled n said ‘ you boys are quiet naughty.My ass is all yours’

I made her stand in doggy style and licked her pussy.I found it already wet,so i inserted my dick in her pussy and made it wet.Now i inserted it into aunty’s ass.It slid in comfortably.I asked her the same.She said ‘vaishu’s dad also likes my ass and he used to fuck me lot so it became wide’

I continued banging her ass while mauling her boobs.Seeing her mom ass fucked,vaishu became hot again and came near.Both mom and daughter started kissing again and now mom started licking vaishu.I started calling ‘sarada u r my bitch..U r a cock hungry whore’ for which she replied ‘yes i m your whore,fuck me as much as u want.’she came twice.This continued for 10 more min and i could not hold any longer and i asked her ‘where shal i discharge my cum’ and she said ‘in my mouth’

I stopped banging her and she turned back took my dick in her mouth and started sucking.Vaishu started fingering her mom.She took all of it in her mouth and milked my balls until last drop. Vaishu continued fingering until aunty came again.We rested for sometime and went to bathroom to clean altogether.

Aunty went to kitchen to kitchen to prepare something to eat after cleaning herself. Vaishu was under shower.Looking at her body drenching under water drops made my dick hard.I went to her and started kissing.I put my finger in her pussy and masturbating her.She was moaning.I told her i want to fuck you.She readily agreed.I made her back lean against wall,widened her hips and inserted my dick in her.She was no virgin.She said she had been fucked by 3 members in college.

I said ‘u really are a slut’.She said ‘yes i m.Now stop talking and fuck me.’ she put my hands beneath my buttocks and pulled me into herself.Later we changed position and now i fucked her in doggy style.She came once.As i came earlier i was taking long time to cum again.Then i lied on floor and vaishu started riding me.Seeing her boobs jump in front of me was horny.I dont know when aunty came into bathroom,she came near me and sat on my face.

I started licking her pussy.Vaishu was riding my dick and i was licking her moms pussy and fingering her ass.Suddenly i started licking her ass hole.This sent her over edge and she came as I was nearing my climax.I said it to vaishu.She stopped riding and started rubbing her clit so that we both cum together.Finally we both came together and i ejaculated in her pussy.Aunty licked our juices from vaishus pussy and kissed her on mouth.They both exchanged juices.It was horny looking at mom and daughter kissing with juices.We freshened up and ate our lunch naked.I dresses up and kissed them both and left.

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