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Hii, this Pavi, age 23 now this sex story is 2years back. I am new to this, if any mistakes are there please forgive me. I am a college going student and my bf is Karthik, working in the reputed company. We had talked lot day and night and he wants to move to next level. He wants to do sex with me and decided to go for a long drive and we booked a room in one resort.

He picked me from the bus stop which is near to my home and we started I wore black and pink chudi which are his favorite color. While going on the bike I hug him tightly so that my 32 size boobs touches his body so that he will feel my boobs. I was teasing him till we reached the resort. While going he will stop in between where the people will not come and press my boobs and kiss me badly and ask me to lick his dick.

So now both of them are horny and both of them wanted badly. As soon as we reach the room he ordered the drink and he closed the door and started to kiss me badly and press my boobs I started to make moans ah hmm sss……..

He took me and made me lay on the bed and he came on me and started to kiss my lips and was exchanging our saliva and playing with my tongue. And he removed my tops and kissed me and removed my pant too. Nw I have my panty and bra. He is pressing my boobs on the bra he is pitching me ahhh hmm make me so horn and I removed his dress and now he is only with his boxer.

Now, I came to him and licked his whole body and cleaned his body too, it tasted salty and I licked it. And I removed his boxer and took his dick in my hand and started to rub that and I can feel his dick growing. Then I took it in my mouth and started to suck it he started to enjoy it a lot and he started to moan paviiiiiiiiii sssssssss I liked it suck my hot rod ssssssssss and I sucked his balls too and spit my saliva on his dick and rub it he was enjoying lot….

Then, he made me lay and removed my bra and panty and started to suck my boobs and pinch my nipple. I started to moan ah sss u bitch ssss u make me so horn I want to feel ur dick inside my pussy come karthiiiiiiikkkk. I started to moan like this. Then he came down and to my pussy and my pussy was full of my juice and he started to lick my pussy and he inserted the finger in my hole and started to fingering me he inserted 4 fingers into my hole and fucked me fastly ahh hmmm oh ssss….. I was making heavy noise so he kissed then he gave his dick to my mouth and he licked my pussy to both of them were upside down now both of them were in heavy mood and he rubbed his dick on my face and started to spit his saliva on me and rubbed it on my face with dick .

Now, he took his dick and rubbed it on my pussy and slowly he inserted it was very painful for me so slowly he inserted it inside me. I was crying in pain before then it was feeling good. He started to fuck me faster and he slapped on boobs while fucking me he increased the speed. I was moaning heavily and we changed the position in the doggy style he was slapping my ass and fucking my pussy. He was coming, he took it from my pussy and inserted it into my mouth and fucked my mouth and he came on my face and asked me to lick his sperm…. And we both were tired and we took rest and started to continue next round.

Still, he was horny, now he took me to the bathroom asked me to clean his dick and he wanted me to drink his urine and without spitting it out if I spit he will slap me hard and he fucked in my mouth and he slapped me hard and made me red. Then in the bathroom, he fucked my pussy and he took to me the bed and asked me to drink the beer and from my mouth, I have to give to him through the mouth. With falling down I have to give and he will be fucking me ………..

Now, he inserted his finger in my ass hole it was so tight for me and had heavy pain…. I was screaming ahh nooo pls take it off. He didn’t listen at all he inserted 3 fingers and fucking my ass hole now he applied oil on his dick and inserted in my ass hole which was paining lot….He told not to scream if I scream he will slap me hard and started to fuck me harder and I was rubbing my pussy he was fucking me faster I was enjoying it and started to moan softly and he started to take the dick and started to fuck me in doggy and fuck me faster and faster I was moaning heavily ah ss karthiiiiiiiiiiiikkkkkk ahs and I sucked his dick and kissed him. If you like this sex story, pls mail me to this [email protected] feel free to mail to me.

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