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Hi, readers,I am a regular reader of Indian sex story and was hesitating to share my experiences, finally, has decided to come forward with my first sexual encounter.I am a well-built man 6ft tall and a tool that can give pleasure to most of the females.This is my first sexual encounter with my college senior.When I was in my B.Com 2nd year I met a girl at the parking lot and got to know that she is my senior and her name is Kamna.

I always use to feel that her name Kamna means come..Na..I use to wait at the parking lot at the exact time when she comes to college and used to greet her.Later used to make it a point that would meet her accidentally were ever she used to go.Then started telling her we are destined to be best friends that are why we are coming across each other every time…She smiled and agreed to be my best buddy.One day I kissed her in the parking lot and said that I was unable to resist her beauty and apologized for misbehaving and she said that is ok.We shared our mobile nos and started interacting on WhatsApp…

Slowly we developed an interest in each other and started giving more time for each other.She used to come to my house and was very close to my parents and asked me to come to their house.

One fine day, I went to her house and met her mother…Kamna’s mother is a single mother.Her mother also liked me a lot and used to take my help whenever required.Kamna’s mother was into travel & ticketing business and used to go out in the evenings to deliver the tickets.We used to spend a lot of time together in the evenings every day.Once I went to Kamna’s house and she was in the bathroom…Aunt asked me to stay at home and she left to deliver the tickets.I locked the main door and slowly got into Kamna’s bedroom to see what she was doing..I could hear the water sounds and guessed that she was bathing.It’s the best moment to materialize.

The computer was in one corner of her bedroom and I sat there silently.Kamna came out of the bathroom with a towel around her and locked her bedroom door without noticing that I was there in a corner.She dropped her towel and started wearing bra and panty…Oh god, what a beauty…I have never seen such a beautiful girl and that too naked.She wore her churidar and walked out of the room and was calling her mom and she could not see her so she called her on her mobile and then got to know that I was there when her mother left.

She came inside the room and located me in the corner using her computer.She asked me from when I was there in the room, I said for last 30mins…She felt little shameful but did not ask me anything.But I wanted to raise the topic so said that she is gorgeous without anything on her body.She started hitting me and said how dare you to see me like that.

I wanted to stop her from hitting me but unknowingly hold her and my hands touched her boobs…She felt it different I could notice her feelings.I wanted to take this opportunity and hug her and kissed and she responded back positively.Wow, what a feeling and this made my dick thick.Later she said it’s wrong to do so and went into the hall…I followed her and said it’s not wrong as its natural phenomena which lead to gods creation.

She said don’t link everything to god.I said I wanted to feel her again she asked me what does that mean?I immediately took her into my arms and planted a kiss very passionately.We were enjoying this moment for few minutes and later we sat beside each other and started talking about various things.Then I asked her if she can sit between my legs so that I can hug her from behind…She said ok and we changed our positions.I got my opportunity to play with her boobs…

Slowly I started placing my hands on her stomach and pushed them to her boobs.Initially, there was some resistance but later she started enjoying it.I slowly whispered in her ears can I remove the top she said yes with a smile and in no time I removed top and bra.She felt shy but without wasting time I started kissing her boobs and started licking her nipples and slowly pushed her boobs deep into my mouth…I started sucking them rigorously and she was moaning what else do I need to take this to next level.

I slowly asked her to stand and turn towards me and hugged her.My dick was fully erect and wanted her to feel it so I said let’s get into the bedroom and she agreed to that.We went inside and undressed and she saw my disk and was shocked and said what happened it’s so long and thick…I said it wants some action.She said what can she do to please me I said suck it…She started slowly taking my dick in her mouth and after a while, she was handling it like an expert I shoot the cum in her mouth and she drank all my juices.

Then, she said let’s do it and I slowly inserted by dick and started the motion we both were enjoying it as it the first encounter for both of us…Initially, we started the missionary position and then we tried the doggy position.I was very fast while in doggy style and she liked it and asked me to increase the speed of my cock…I understood that she was enjoying it.Later I reached the climax and before I could ejaculate she said she want to take it in her mouth and I agreed to it.We lied down on the bed and she told me that she like my dick in her mouth…We had similar encounters thereafter whenever aunt was not at home.Thanks for reading my sex story. If you would like to share your comments or give me feedback you can reach me at — [email protected]

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