Sex With Women In Belgaum I Met On Facebook

Hey,  guys, this is Vishal from Belgaum. I am 19 years old studying my degree in Belgaum.


Ladies or girls from Belgaum can contact me at [email protected] for fun.

I am a totally safe boy to have fun.


Now coming to the story… This is a real story which happened with me 3 months ago.


I was surfing through my facebook one afternoon and I came across this one pic with this really hot looking women… She might be of age 27-28. So I checked the tags and found out her account and added her. She was married to an average looking guy. Next day by evening she had accepted my request. I sent her a message saying “Hi can you be my friend” and her response was positive… And we started chatting.

Firstly she was conservative and as we became close she started speaking freely… I used to flirt with her indirectly like saying “Hot pics” or “Looking sexy in that new pic” and she used to respond me positively…


So one day she had pit this hot pic of her with red top and tight jeans.. That day I texted her that she’s very hot and her husband is very lucky to have her and enjoy with her.. And she replyed that nothing like that. And they are a just normal couple and have normal fun…


I asked what do you mean by normal fun. She said me to drop the topic and tried to change conversation. But I asked her boldly that does he have sex with her or no.


She said they have sex but once in 2-3 months…

Then I asked her is she satisfied with that. But she didn’t answer me …


But after me forcing her she replyed that she’s not satisfied and her body needs more as all other women need… And she also said that her husband isn’t fit to satisfy her as he gets tired early…

Then I suggested her to search for a young guy to satisfy her needs and have an affair with a young man. But she got angry on this and didn’t reply to me.


I texted her for a long time but she didn’t reply.


After about 2 weeks I texted her again saying sorry. And she replied that she’s sorry for not replying.. I said that it was my mistake to speak about sex to her.


She said that it is ok. And whatever I said was correct but she doesn’t have the daring to have an affair. I asked her why. She said that she doesn’t trust anyone. And if the boy leaks her identity her married life will be ruined. Then I said her to find someone whom she trusts…


She replied she trusts me but was shy to ask for a relationship with me.


I said her to be totally free to speak with me. Then she said me to come to her home next day and she needs to speak with me and gave me her address… She used to live in bhagyanagar and I live in chennamma Nagar so it was close to me. I asked about her husband. She said that he leaves home at 9 and comes back at 7-8 in evening. So full day she will be free. Then I agreed to meet her next day.


Next day I attended only 2 classed in my college 8-10.And bunked other classed and took off for her address. As I reached her home I called her no. And asked that can I come. She said come directly to the first floor. So I went to the first floor and knocked the door. She opened the door and I was shocked to see her. She was more beautiful and hot than in her pics. She was wearing a black top and leggins… When she turned I had a look at her ass. It was in perfect shape. Her size might be 32-28-34. She was the hottest women.


She said me to sit and insisted me to have breakfast. I agreed and she went to the kitchen to prepare it. I was bored alone in a living room so I followed her to the kitchen and was checking out her figure from the backside. She asked me with a smile what I am doing.. I said her that she’s hotter than in pics and I was watching her figure. She gave me a cute smile and we sat down to have breakfast… After breakfast, we started talking about everything except the reason I had been to her home.


Then she indirectly asked me that what do I think about yesterday’s chat. I said her that thinking is left to her and I already like her and wanna satisfy her if she is ready. I held her hand and sat close.To her.


She gave me a smile and she said she also likes me but is afraid of her husband. Then I comforted her and put my hand around her and hugged her. She also hugged me back .. Then I put my hand on her thy and started moving my hand there… She had closed her eyes and enjoying the move. Then I moved close to her and kissed her lips. Her lips were soft and juicy…She kissed me back and we were kissing madly… She was moving her hands in my hairs and I was holding her waist. Then I made her lie on the sofa and got on top of her and continued kissing… She inserted her hand in my shirt and removed it…


Then she came on top of me and I removed her top she was wearing a blue bra and her books were looking awesome????.


Then I moved my hands to her ass and started feeling her ass.

She said me lets move to the bedroom… I agreed and I picked her up and moved to the bedroom. She was shy when I picked her up… Then I threw her on the bed and removed her leggins… Now she was just in her blue bra and black panty. The combination of her white legs and black panty was awesome. Then I jumped upon her wildly and started feeling her breasts with my tongue.


Then I removed her bra and bite her nipples… She was in pain but she was enjoying it… Then I moved my hand inside her panty and touched her pussy. It had little hairs on it. It was totally wet and warm… I felt her clit and started tickling it… She had gone wild by now and she removes her panty… I too removed my clothes now we both were totally naked feeling each others body… I then put my finger inside her vagina and started fingering her. She held my cock and started shaking it… She was totally hot by now and asked me to fuck her… I asked her does she has condoms. She said she need to do it without a condom…I agreed and took her in missionary position and spread her legs. And slowly inserted my cock inside her… I felt as I have inserted my cock in some hot fluid… It felt soft inside with nice warmth.


She was in pain as she doesn’t have sex regularly but she was happy.Then I started giving her strokes. And she liked it… But she was so wild that she came on top of me and started banging me. I was totally enjoying it… We kissed a lot while having sex. I put her legs up on my shoulders and fucked her… She just closed her eyes and was feeling the moves. After about 30 min we both discharged and she was tired after the fun..Then I spread her legs and sucked her pussy and played with her clit by my tongue… She loved it… Then I hugged her and played with her hairs. It was really a romantic and hot movement for us. I asked her is she satisfied. And she replied totally…. After that day we had sex whenever we got a chance… I took her on outings. And had fun there. I ‘ll say about that next time.


Ladies from Belgaum and around please contact me for fun and to satisfy yourself at [email protected].


I wanna enjoy with more girls and ladies. And satisfy you all.Please mail me.

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