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Myself Aamir from Hyd /Chennai/banglore ..Age 25..Heigh 5.11 ,,looks simple and normal…..Working in hyd.I am regular reader of ISS .First of all I would like to “THANK GOD” for creating a beautiful women’s in this earth. We can’t explain about their beauty..what a beauty they maintain from top to bottom each and every area covers sexy spots like Lips, neck ,Navel ,Thighs ,pussy, clitoris and Ass .I used to dream it and sleep every day by having masturbate.

After reading these stories I was feeling disappointed why can’t I get a chance like aunty, neighbours, colleagues like that..Because doing sex with women is not that much of easy ..It’s 100% we need her cooperation

At the time of job I just got into my friend’s apartment. They got their posting in Hyderabad after the six months training in Mysore. I was staying alone in a PG for the previous three months.

Well, it was a good 3 bedroom flat on 6th floor with three balconies and good ventilation. In the flat in the opposite block was residing a family of three – Husband working in some bank, his wife was a house wife and their 7 year old kid. Their kitchen was just opposite to one of our bedroom’s balcony and is hardly 20feet away. One of my friend and I used to sleep in this room. So I used to get chances to see her in kitchen.

In the next Monday, I came back from office around 5.30 (my office hours were from 8 to 5, so I used to come home by 5.30 but all my friends after 6.30) in the evening and this lady and the kid were standing in their balcony enjoying the evening and then I happened to open our bedroom door and came out to our balcony.

They just looked at me, so I said ‘Hi’.

She too responded ‘Hi’.

The kid was smiling at me, so I asked what his name was. He replied: ‘My name is Aamir’.

She asked me are you new to here..? .

I said yes.

‘Ohh.. Ok’. ‘she told that she never saw me here previously..’ ( ‘Ohh.. Ok’ I replied.

She asked my name.?

‘Aamir’ I replied.

‘I asked her’

‘Sneha’ she replied.

Then we chatted for some time. She told her husband was working in Bank and they were from north. And she asked my details. I told her I was from A.P and where I was working and all. We stopped after 5 mins.

That was the beginning. I could see her clearly from my balcony every day morning and evening.

I used to come out to my balcony every working day morning around 7 to hang by bath towel on the string and she would be in the kitchen doing her works. Initially we used to exchange smiles every day, later I started giving her a Hello. She liked it, used to laugh and started giving me back.

She was a gorgeous lady. 5 and half a feet tall, fair, round face, good figure with a little oversized breasts (Later she told me that they became big after her son’s birth.. 🙂 ). She was 32. But her husband looked little aged (in his early forties) with grey hairs and I understood that he was always busy with his works as he used to leave by 8 every morning and come back by 7.30 – 8 in the evening. Even after coming home, he used to do paper works sitting in the balcony. He used to be in home only on Sundays.

Days were flying away. I used to give her a Hello and smile every morning. I was very careful to behave normally when my friends were around. Each one of them had an eye on her. Everyone tried to take her attention by smiling at her, showing their bare upper body etc. She never responded to any of them and never minded me too when my friends were around.

So one day I took the courage to ask her the mobile number – not verbally, but by hand signs. She smiled and nodded her head in a negative way. I got disappointed, but continued with Hello and smiles.

I asked her again after 3-4 days. The response was same. Then I told by expressions that I would give her my number. She just smiled. I noted down my number on a piece of paper, kept a small stone inside it to make it a small paper ball and planned to throw into her kitchen window. She was signing me, not to do it; but I threw it, unfortunately it hit the window grill and fell down to the ground, 6 floors below. Both of us were scared. I ran into the lift, reached the ground in no time and searched for the paper ball, got it immediately. Then I came back to my balcony and got ready for a throw again. She nodded her head heavily, I didn’t accept that, was getting ready for a perfect throw. All of a sudden, she came, closed her kitchen windows and went back to her work. I felt like getting a slap on face and felt very sad too. That day went like this.

Next day morning too, the windows remained closed, but I could see her inside the kitchen through the window glass. Evening too the windows were closed. They were opened on the third day morning. I smiled at her and gave a Hello, she just smiled back, but it was not a full smile. The next 2-3 days it was only smiles and Hello. Then it was a weekend and Monday I decided to try my luck again.

As usual, I came back from office at 5.30, went to the balcony, she was there in the kitchen, I smiled and gave a Hello and she too smiled back. I asked for mobile number but she nodded again. I just went inside my room, powered on the laptop, opened a word file, typed in my mobile number in maximum size in two rows and put the word file to full screen mode. I came back to the balcony and showed the laptop to her. She looked at it for few seconds and just smiled. I asked her to call me. She nodded again. I was disappointed.

Next day evening again I asked her to call me, but she nodded again. This continued for few more days but she never called neither texted me. I was disappointed and losing interest in her. I stopped spending too much time standing in balcony watching her. I stopped giving Hello too, addressing her was restricted to a smile only.

One evening while I was watching TV, around 7.30 I got a SMS from an unknown number.

The text was:

“Hi, This is sneha here. Can you plz make a call on tomorrow after 11.00am, please.”

I couldn’t believe it. My friends were there with me; so I came out of that room to my room and then to the balcony. She was there alone in the kitchen; I smiled and waved my hand at her. She smiled back and blushed. I gave her a flying kiss..!! She blushed again.

That night I could not sleep well. I was eagerly waiting for the next day morning.

I reached my office at 8 as usual.

When it clocked 11 in my watch, I called her. She picked after 3 rings.


>Hello Sneha

>she — are you still in office…?”

>I—Haa.. ji..”

>.I –how surprise that you have called me??”

“She—just was getting bored and thought to called and talk with you..”

I-Is it for talking purpose ?can’t I do anything apart from this?

“Hmm …s we can do but on phone by physical.”

“Hmm … you are naughty boy ..if possible plz try to come home today afternoon..”

I was in heaven. “today afternoon…??”

Yes sir afternoon after 2 pm

“Ok..sure will come”

“Ok.. plz come after getting a call from me.”


“Ok.. bye”


I told some reason to my manager and secured half day leave in the afternoon. Since I didn’t even have a bike I have to come by bus only. I reached the place by around 2.30 PM. It was raining in that August day. I called her. She told to go to the 8th floor by lift and then come back, so that no would doubt me. I did the same and started climbing down to the sixth floor. My heart was pounding. Before reaching her floor, I called her. She slowly opened her front door and waved me to come inside. In the fraction of a second I got inside and she locked the door behind me.

She was in a sleeveless silky gown. The room was slightly dark. She blushed and smiled at me. I reached her, hugged her passionately. Then I kissed her on forehead and cheeks; then on the lips, then it was a long smooch.

“Andar jayenge..” She told.


We went inside the master bedroom. It was a neatly arranged one. I lifted her in arms – I didn’t feel her much heavy. She should have been 56-58 kgs. She was very shy on my activities. I sat on the bed. Still She was in my arms and we were smooching.

Her skin was smooth like silk and fair like butter. I pressed her right melon. It was so soft like sponge and she let out a low moan. I pressed both her boobs for some time and then slid my right hand inside the gown. I explored her smooth thighs and stopped at her panty.

I decided to undress her. She helped me to remove her gown. Then I tried to remove her black bra, she was shy and hesitant initially, but I managed to release her melons finally. They were big with big, dark pink color nipples and brown areola. Her tummy had some small wrinkles that just added to her beauty. Her navel was round and deep – beautiful again. Then she tried to unbutton my shirt, I removed everything except my briefs. I laid by her side. Started drinking her right boob like a child and pressing the right boob. Meantime she slid her hand inside my briefs and got hold of my already erect tool.

“Ye strong tho ho gayi.. he he..”


Meantime I had changed to her left boob. After sometime I slid my hand inside her panty. Her pussy was neatly shaven and it was wet. I just rubbed its lips and the clit to tickle her. She tilted her body as she got an electric shock and held my tool firmly.

“Mein kuch precaution lena he kya..??”

“Ji kuch nahim.. mera pregnancy stop kiya kar chuka hum..”

I removed her panty. I couldn’t resist kissing it once as I was seeing a real vagina . I kissed again. Then I started licking it. She bent her body like an arc. I continued my act for some more time and let her go.

She pulled my briefs down. My manhood saluted her. I told her to lie on her back. Placed a small pillow under her buts. It took some time for me to position myself for her hole as I was much taller than her. Slowly I entered my hot tool inside her hole. It was slightly tight, but became smooth after 2-3 in-outs. I was pumping in a slow rhythm so as to fancy her. Although I was slow, I was thrusting her to the maximum which ignited her fires. After around 2-3 minutes of slow pumping and simultaneous smooching and boob drinking, she started begging me to increase the speed.

I started increasing my pumping speed, sometimes reached very high speed, then slowed down, regained the full speed so that I would not ejaculate soon. This continued for another 6-8 minutes and we both were almost exhausted. So I decided to finish the act. I regained my full speed once again and started thrusting her vigorously. Her light moans of “mmm .. oooomm …. Hmmm ….” were audible in the room.

was a loud aaahhh aaaahh and she rested her butt back on the bed as softly as a petal Then my pumping sound of phuufkk…. phuuffkk … phuuffkk … Then the moment arrived. I couldn’t hold it anymore. I thrust her to her deepest and exploded. Her love tunnel was fired full with my hot semen. I was exhausted and collapsed on her. So did she and she embraced me tight. We remained in that posture for few more minutes and had a bath together in the bathroom.

Later she made tea for me and fed me with snacks too. After that I left her after a long smooch by 3.30 PM.

This was just the beginning. She told me that it was the first time she enjoyed sex in her life. We continued our secret relation for another two years and we mated at least once every month. We tried different positions like face-to-face (Lotus), doggie, back to back, 69 and all. She taught me the tips to please a women and how to last long in the act.

We were enjoying like a young married couple on these days. But we took utmost care to keep our relation secret. We parted after they left that apartment as her husband got a transfer to Banglore. Still sometimes we talk over phone, and whenever i get a chance am fucking her by going at her place.

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Feedbacks are most welcomed . Dont ask for details because i respect the privacy of women. So dont waste your time and my time by asking information of clients. Sorry for this. signing off for now . buh bye. Love you all. Yours aamir. Thank you all.

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