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Hi friends, I am Bikash again to tell you another story. I have been writing for ISS for quite some time and thanks to your hundreds of mails and I am getting inspired to write more and more stories. If you find this story nice do please mail me at [email protected]

This happened a few days back on a vacation when I went on to visit the beach capital of India, Goa with my family. We were not alone as we were going there with a big group of known and unknown people, which included Lina.

She was newly married and was on the vacation with her husband on the train to Goa all the men got busy in drinking beer and smoking cigarettes while I avoided that I remained with the ladies in the compartment. After about six hours of our journey while we were seating Lina’s legs touched my legs.

I thought it may be an accident as there were many people there with little space and so I ignored it but I noticed her legs kept on touching my leg. I looked at her and she looked at me with a naughty smile and although my family was there but no one noticed this tossing of legs when we reached Vizag it was night.

And we took our dinner and after that Lina requested me to accompany her till the toilet, as her husband was busy drinking beer in the next berth. I gladly guided her to the toilet and she went in and when she came out, she grabbed my hands and virtually pulled me to her body, where her 32 sized breasts crushed on my chest.

The space for guards was empty then, so I did not mind being glued to her while I was trying to stand still she pulled my hand and placed it on her breasts and guided me to squeeze them. Now it was too much, because I was worried someone may come in and see this.

But she seemed like completely out of senses and laughed and left me in a phase of astonishment when I returned to my berths the bed was being prepared. I preferred to sleep on the top berth. She took the berth opposite to me after an hour or so when everyone was asleep

She got up and looked at me, while I was watching a movie on my mobile, when I looked at her and she pulled her top down and showed me her cleavage. This went on for a while and then we slept. The next day we reached Goa. Our hotel was booked in advance and at the hotel.

After checking in to the rooms she came to me and quietly said be in the room, do not go out now. After a while all the people started moving towards the beach and I informed everyone that I will be coming after a short while after completing the formalities at the reception.

And also doing some work online for our further movement on the vacation and so everyone left. I was in my room waiting impatiently, when someone knocked my door. I opened the door to find Lina with her husband.

He informed me that she is having a bad abdominal pain and if I have any medicines. I informed him that you let her stay here and I will call the doctor and get her treated, in the meanwhile you can leave to the beach if you wish, since I am here to take care and then he gladly left the room.

I went outside the hotel room and watched him walk faster towards the beach and I came in and locked the door while I turned back Lina came and grabbed me tightly and started licking all over my face and then I pulled her loose nighty down and started squeezing her tiny boobs.

She was moaning and I switched on the TV and took her to the bed and started licking all over her body. Her nice pointed boobs were inviting me to bite them and suck them which I did and she was in heaven after a while I pulled her to the corner of the bed and separated her thighs and started licking her pussy lips.

And she was mad and held my head tightly above her pussy and I pushed a finger into her pussy and started finger fucking her. She was throwing her pelvis on my face and while I was chewing her pussy lips she was moaning louder and louder and then suddenly she started vibrating hard and stopped responding and her pussy was filled with sour tasting fluids.

She had had an orgasm. She was sleeping on the bed motionless and I got up and pulled out a condom form my bag and fitted it on my dick and slowly pushed in her pussy. It went inside smoothly as her pussy was flooded with her orgasm fluids and she had her pelvis muscles relaxed.

I pushed and pulled my dick into her vagina slowly and she grabbed my waist and asked me to give full deep thrusts and I did that. She stood up on her knees and hand and from behind I pushed my dick into her pussy and standing on the floor started giving her good deep thrusts and she moaned and almost cried out loud.

I went on fucking her till she started gripping my dick again and for another orgasm and I bent on her to squeeze her boobs and with another hand teased her clitoris and with a loud moan she started vibrating again and went in to another orgasm and I also started fucking her hard and fast and did cum.

This was the first and last time I did fuck her on the vacation trip after this incident we did not even talk about it although we spent almost a week together but no one could know about it. I did not know why she did that with me either. Anyway I had a splendid start of the vacation at Goa. Do please mail me your comments and messages at [email protected]

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