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Hey I have been reading ISS for some time now, and I find the stories shared by people quite stimulating. Am here today to share a story from my life, I am a divorced guy and got separated recently. Most of the time I am busy with work so don’t really get the time to date anyone, but recently a girl came for an interview to my office. She had already given two rounds of interviews and was waiting for the final round with me, and I came after 3 hours so she was tired of waiting and a bit frustrated too.

I came in to the office and started the final rounds immediately, I took 3 interviews and then this girl came for her interview, I asked her to sit and tell me something about herself. So here’s the conversation that took place

Me: so, miss pooja tell me something about yourself

Pooja: I am pooja; an MBA grad from symbiosis and have recently completed my education and shifted to delhi. I am looking for a satisfying and a high paying job.

Me: what kind of satisfaction are you looking for?

Pooja: job satisfaction, I am a hard worker and am willing to do anything for what I want in my life.

Me: I am looking for smart workers and what are you willing to do for this job, and what do you want in life?

Pooja: am willing to anything for this job, I will give everything for my ambitions in life.

Me: but what are your ambitions and what do you want from life?

Pooja: I want to financially very stable, be a helping hand to my parents and reach a very high position in my career..

Me: where do you see yourself in 5 yrs from now?

Pooja: on the other side of the table.

Me: you can do that right now, but I will always be on this side of the table, so you have to adjust a bit and make space for yourself. If you can show me that right now, you got your job…..

Pooja: what??

Me: you heard me, I like people who are willing to grab the opportunity.

Pooja: really?

Me: really

So after thinking for a minute pooja got up from her chair and came to my side of the table and started inspecting where she can sit, then without wasting a single moment she came and sat down on my lap and asked me so!!! Now what??

Me: now I take the most important round for your selection, and if you pass this round with flying colours you’ll be satisfied and get the position that you want, and I ll see you in the positions that I want to see you in, with that I touched her cheeks and started kissing her on her lips..

After some hesitation she also started enjoying and started participating in the smooch with full dedication, and I loved every moment of it. Slowly our tongues where fighting with each other and saliva was getting exchanged, we smooched passionately for about 15-20 minutes, then I started pressing her boobs from over her shirt, her boobs were perfect, not small not too huge, just the perfect size to hold and squeeze. She was about 34d, I started caressing her boobs and squeezing them hard, she started to moan now, I opened her buttons and now was playing with her boobs over her black lacy bra, I inserted my hand in her bra and started pinching her nipples and my fingers were moving around her nipples and she was now getting out of control. So I got up, and locked the door and removed all her clothes and what a sight!!! I made her lie down on the couch in the cabin.

She was fair, her thighs were milky white and her skin was so soft as if she was made of some creamy stuff. I started kissing her again and this time my hand was moving around her pussy and I was fingering her clitoris. She was moaning loudly now, so I had to kiss her to prevent her moans from escaping the room. Two of my fingers were violently now fingering her pussy hole, and she was kissing me wildly, sometimes she was biting my neck, ears and lips out of excitement. In another 5 minutes she was trembling violently and said don’t stop, and then she had her orgasm, all her fluids were coming out so I bent and started licking her pussy and drank all the juices, but I continued to lick her pussy and both my hands were pinching her nipples. She was out of control now and was saying, fuck me!! Fuck me!!..

I didn’t listen to her and continued to lick, but now my one hand was near her ass, and started fingering her ass, she was shocked and said noooo!!!!, but I didn’t listen and inserted my fingers in her asshole, and started fingering her ass, she was now moving like a snake, slithering and trembling, and had her orgasm.

Now she wanted to take things in he own hands, so she got up and want down and removed my clothes and took my cock I her hands and started licking the tip of the penis, I was in heaven at that time, she slowly took the entire cock in her mouth and started the blowjob, she was giving the blow job like a pro and she was moving her tongue in circles, licking the tip and then taking the cock in her mouth completely. After about 15 minutes, I came in her mouth and released all my juices.. She drank every single drop of my cum and then again started to give me a blowjob, to make me erect.

I was now fully erect and wanted to fuck her madly so I asked to her lie down on the couch and I got on top of her, I started sucking her nipples and was pressing my cock around her pussy and she was trying to move, so that the cock is inside her pussy. I realised that she wanted to have it inside her, so I took my cock and placed it on her pussy and gave a thrust, she was already wet so the cock went inside fully and she let out a scream, so I smooched her and my lips were holding her lips and I started moving slowly and was now fucking her. I increased my speed gradually and now was fucking her hard and her boobs were bouncing and moving with the speed of my motion.

I was fucking her wildly now, and she was screaming and had another orgasm, but I wasn’t finished , so I asked her to get in doggy position and I inserted my cock in her with a violent thrust and she let out a cry, my cock was fully in her and I started fucking wildly. In the midst of it all I inserted my fingers in her ass and was fingering her also. After sometime I decided to fuck her ass also, so I took out my cock and started rubbing on her asshole, and she was now terrified because it was her first time, but without giving any warning I thrust my cock in her ass and it went in about 2 inches. She was screaming loudly now.

I slowly gave one more thrust and the cock went in completely and she was in a little pain, so I caressed her back and pressed her boobs and slowly started moving my cock in and out, her pain was easing now and she started enjoying it now, so I started fucking her ass wildly now. I was about to cum now so I took out my cock and placed it between her boobs and started boob fucking her. She was holding her boobs with her hands and was licking the tip of my cock whenever the cock was coming near her mouth. I was about to cum and released all my cum on her boobs and then she started sucking my cock again and licked of every drop off my cock…

We lay there for some time and finally I said congrats the position of sexretary is yours and from now on you will always perform like this and you will get what you want in your life…

I will continue with more of our escapades in the office, next time

Guys I would like get feedback from the readers and if someone is interested in just sexual relations discreetly , you can get in touch with me at [email protected]

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