Sexy Bus Journey With Virgin Cousin

Hello Friends, This is my first story , happened few months ago while traveling to Bangalore with my cousin Sheeba. I am a sex addict and the female body just drives me crazy but with my cousins I was behaving very Decent and they do not have about any of my Gf’s too. If you like this story please respond to [email protected]. Any unsatisfied females, Bhabi’s please reach me for fun.

I work in Bangalore to a reputed MNC and keep on traveling to my Native on Weekends. Let me Introduce Sheeba to you all. Just passed her BE and was in search of a Job. She is very Slim but got huge boobs and attractive ass. Last month when I traveled my native, my Aunt asked me to accompany sheeba to Bangalore since she is going for the first time to Bangalore for an Interview. It was Sunday Night and very difficult to get a Bus ticket. With the Help of my friend I managed to get 2 tickets, When we reached the stop we came to know that its Duplex sleeper Bus, without any option we got in. Sheeba asked for window side and started playing with her Mobile.

I too opened my laptop and sent few imp mails to my manager. After an Hour sheeba said, she is feeling sleepy and lied down facing Window. It was raining heavily and we didn’t have any Blanket. accidently I touched her feet once and didn’t see any reaction from her. All the lights were switched off and it was too Dark. every time when Bus turned we made a contact to each other body since there was hardly any gap between us. Her touch was making me crazy, I slowly tried to touch her ass but very scared at same time. I acted as if I am in deep sleep and put my one leg on her.

She turned towards me and checked me sleeping and didn’t bothered to remove my leg. My tool was growing Bigger and bigger. Couldn’t control myself and hugged her from one hand. Now she realized that I am doing it intentionally and turned towards me said, Please don’t act now. I knew this is going to happen when I checked the sleeper Bus. She asked to me close the curtain properly and came close to me. Now I knew she too in need of Sex. Asked her have you done this before, she said I didn’t have intercourse but had foreplay many times with her Bf. I didn’t waste any time and started kissing her, we were acting like animals with each others lips locked.

I slowly moved my hands over to her navel and slid the t-shirt up… I found a cute little belly button with a piercing… I felt her skin which was soft as silk… I was tempted to move towards her mound and stroke it… but I had the bigger urge of sucking on her breasts. In little motions,, I slipped her t-shirt over her breasts to reveal the black bra… I cupped both hands on each breast and gently massaged it… I wanted to rip it open and suck on her tits…

Then I got on top of her n then I kissed her slowly on her neck n slowly moved my lips to hers n I placed my lips on her lips. She responded to my kiss n opened her mouth n she gave me a big n a long kiss. My right hand was on her boobs. They were really big n I could feel her hard nipples. I just guided my hand inside her dress. My hands were over her breasts n I was touching her breasts over her bra. We just paused the kissing, n then i pulled her t shirt off n she was in her bra n shorts. I placed my hand over her breasts n then kissed her cleavage.

Then she took off the bra herself n lied on her back. In a split second I was sucking her breasts giving her love bites in between the sucking. Sheeba’s nipples were already hard n sticking out. Her nipples are her real asset. They can drive any man crazy. I took it in my mouth n kept sucking it n giving lovely bites off n on. I love to kiss n bite the area just below the nipples, i.e.. the bottom part of breasts. I sucked between her breasts n then moved from left to right one after another. I went on and on and I could feel that Sheeba is moaning harder. Her breath was getting heavier.

Then I asked sheeba to sit I kneel down n pulled down her shorts. Then I touched her pussy over her panty. Then I gave her pussy a sweet kiss over her panty. Then I slowly pulled her panties down. then i just pulled her panty and she was sitting completely nude in front of me. I looked into her eyes n she gave me a smile. I put my mouth right over her pussy n i kissed it slowly I slowly pushed my tongue into her pussy, and she moaned in a low voice. Then she lied down on the bed, and she gave me a very naughty smile inviting me to suck her pussy.

I put my head right between her legs n started kissing licking sucking and biting her pussy lips. She wasn’t clean shaven, her love juices were flowing out of her pussy. I kept sucking her pussy n sheeba said she really loved the way i tongue fucked her pussy and she it felt really good. Then I got up n now sheeba wanted to take my dress off.. I was in my blue jeans. She unbuttoned it and she pulled my pants down. Then she put her hand on my dick and she started feeling it over the underwear. She removed my underwear n then she took my dick in her hand and she said it’s hot, and she loves holding it. She held my dick in her hand n she started playing with my dick. I was enjoying it.

I went on top of her n kissed her lips n then slowly moved down her neck and took her breasts in my mouth. I played with her breasts for some 3 or 4 minutes. I moved her breasts to either sides and kissed between her breasts. Then I went on to the bottom part of her boobs n I bit her breasts.

I went down to her pussy n started sucking n licking her pussy. Her eyes were closed n her breath getting heavier. I asked her if she wanted to try 69, for which she readily agreed n got over me with her pussy rite over my mouth. I started to suck her pussy and she started playing with my dick. This didn’t last long. I got on top of her n again gave a bite on her breasts. Kissed her lips n then placed my dick on her pussy lips. I held my dick in my hand and I started to rub her pussy lips using my dick. I didn’t push my dick into her pussy. I was just playing n rubbing her pussy n I am sure she liked it. In between this act, I just pushed my dick into her pussy. Sheeba just moaned n she said it hurts. She was a virgin.

As soon as she moved I took her right breasts in my hand n gave it a bite. She left out a soft moan n she was back in action.

For the next few min I got down n sucked her pussy, parted her pussy lips n inserted my tongue inside her pussy n started to rub my tongue inside her pussy n she came during my sucking.

I got on top of her n started playing with her pussy by rubbing my dick over her pussy. i had started to rub my dick hard against her pussy n in between tried to push my dick a little into her pussy. I just pushed an inch into her pussy n took it out immediately. Sheeba said it hurt when I tried to enter my dick into her pussy. I kissed her on her lips n calmed her down.

Then i held my dick n placed it over her pussy. I again started to rub her pussy. I continued the act for more than 5 min. I between i got down n suck her boobs hard. Sheeba’s nipples are really amazing. Even to date, my dick gets to its full size remembering her lovely boobs. After few minutes of sucking, I asked Sheeba if she would like to take my dick in her mouth. She readily accepted & knelt down to take my dick in her mouth. She held my dick in her hand. Then she kissed the tip of the dick. She put her tongue out n licked the dick n she moved licking the entire length. She took my dick in her mouth. My tip of the dick was completely in her mouth. She started very slowly n applied her saliva on my dick. In between the sucking she also bit my dick & wow I am sure I just don’t think my vocabulary is good enough to actually narrate how wonderfully she sucked my dick.

Then i made her lie on the bed & i gave her a tight kiss. Her boobs were pressed against my chest. I grabbed her boobs in my right hand n pressed it hard during the kissing.

Took her breasts into my mouth n i gave hard bites n kissed her boobs. I moved down to her pussy n started to lick the inner walls of her pussy. i moved on all sides n all directions in n around her pussy n used my tongue quite well to suck her pussy.

Sheeba spread her legs indirectly inviting me to fuck her pussy with my dick. I got on top of her n placed my dick at the entrance of her pussy. I pushed my dick slowly but firmly in to her pussy. She had closed her eyes n I felt she was in pain. I could feel some resistance in her pussy. sheeba had lost her virginity to me. My dick was completely insider sheeba’s pussy. She never asked me to stop. I kept on shoving her pussy for more than 5 minutes. I felt I was going to cum.

I immediately took my dick out of her pussy n controlled n stopped myself from having an orgasm. sheeba said she felt so good and asked me not to stop fucking her pussy. I inserted my dick back into her pussy n started fucking her hard. I went on n on to fuck her n this continued for a few more minutes. I could feel that I am going to cum. Right at the moment I took my dick out of her pussy n came on the seat

After a minute, i just slept on the side of Sheeba, I held her tightly n even she stuck to me. It was 2 Am, they stop the Bus for short break . We both dressed up and slept hugging each other. Next Day after the interview we again had sex in our room. If you like this story please respond to [email protected]. Any unsatisfied females, Bhabi’s please reach me for fun.

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