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Hi, Guys, this is Akhil, back with another real sex story. It’s been a long time I wrote on ISS. Well as you know, I write only real experiences I have had, and this time it took almost 4 months to experience something new. 🙂

I am put up in Bangalore and keep traveling to Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Dubai due to my office work. Any girls/ladies interested in no string attached kinda relationship, who wants to explore the real treasure of life, who wants to experience new ways of intimacy in complete secrecy, feel free to write to me- [email protected].

Now coming to the sex story, after reading my last two stories, one day I got a ping from an unmarried girl working in an MNC in Bangalore. She appreciated my stories and experiences and she wanted to experience the same but was little skeptical. She told about herself and said, she is deprived of sex, she had been through break-up about a year ago and now she feels her desires are taking control over her. She was very clear in having a non-committed relationship as she didn’t want to go through the same pain again. After reading her message, I knew exactly what she wants, and I also made sure to go slowly, make her comfortable.

You guys might not believe but we took almost a month and a half, got comfortable with each other, after series of talks and pic sharing and video calls, we decided to meet finally. I was always patient and never hurried as I knew how much secrecy is important.

She was staying with her friends in a rented apartment, so to meet there was not possible, so we decided to meet at the hotel. I am not going to tell her name as I promised the same to her and after her consent only I am sharing our experience. 🙂

She is 24 years old, working in an MNC in Bangalore. She is a bombshell in the true sense. She has firm breasts of 34D, 30 waist and nice 34/35 bubbly ass. She is too fair and has a mole on her left cheek. Imagine guys how I would have felt seeing her so closely for the first time. 🙂 The moment I saw her, I felt why I didn’t meet her long back and I was not able to resist myself to hug her, but I wanted to keep it slow as I could sense her fear on her face.

We went inside the hotel room, I poured water for her and made her sit comfortably on the couch. We started talking and I asked her if she wanna talk about something. She was silent at first but slowly she started to speak and was getting comfortable. We talked about lot many things(which I am not writing here). I requested her once to wear a nose ring as I have a fantasy of that, and I felt very happy that she remembered and wore and came. I thanked her for that, she smiled and told: “I want it to be special for both of us and want to make it memorable.”

I held her hand and kissed her palms, she took her hands back a little but didn’t resist much. Her hands were so soft and very fair. I liked the red nail polish and complimented her. I was trying my best to make her as comfortable as possible. After around half hour of talking and some kissing, we moved to the bed. I hugged her and started playing with her hairs and was kissing on her neck and ears. I could hear a slight moan from her and it was clear she was getting into the mood and moving in the flow. She was so pretty and amazing lady that I didn’t want to make it fast, I wanted to spend the maximum time with her and since we were in the hotel we had all the time.

I kissed on her forehead and then eyes. Slowly we started giving pecks to each other on cheeks. All this time her eyes were closed, I made a move to her lips and kissed her. She felt a tremor and I could see her goosebumps on hand. I kissed again and this time she reciprocated. 🙂 I was slowly diving into the ocean of her sweet lips and saliva. We were smooching like there is no tomorrow and were feeling each other’s tongue. I was also kissing her nose and was tickling her with my tongue on nose rings. The mood was set and I could feel her hand on my thighs and ass now. She gave herself in my arms completely. We were enjoying each other and it was not feeling like we met for the first time.

I made next move and now was caressing her back underneath her tee. OMG, she was damn soft. I could feel her bare skin and bra strap. I lifted up her a little and starting kissing/biting her breasts over the top. Her boobs were very firm and now she was very excited as her nipples were tight and I could feel them. Meanwhile, I removed her tee-shirt and was now having a clear view of her gorgeous breast over her black laced bra. I told- ” You are so damn sexy, where were you till now..!!” She just smiled and told, “now I am with you, make the best use of it,” with a smirk on her face. She was licking my earlobes and was playing with my hairs. I kept licking her from her neck till cleavage and made her all wet. Suddenly I felt her hands on my dick and a smile on her face.

I was not able to control any further, I unhooked her bra and her boobs which were struggling inside came out in open to breath fresh air. I started licking her hard erect nipples and one hand found it’s way to her vagina. We were doing foreplay like crazy and both were wet down there. She inserted her hand inside my trouser and she could feel the pre-cum. 🙂 Slowly we removed each other’s clothes and now we were fully naked. God damn, she was hot as hell and too sexy. For a moment, I just kept looking at her, she felt too shy and covered her face with hands. We kept on licking each other for quite long, both were wet and very horny, but we just wanted it to go as slow as possible.

After a long foreplay session, we could feel the heat around us. She was too aroused and starting asking me to insert. I was also very tight and now I started rubbing my dick on her pussy. I kept teasing her for a while, but after her scoldings :P, inserted inside. She was very tight down there and with every push, I could hear her loud moan. I took some oil, applied on my cock and spilled some drops on her vagina, and started again. This time it was smooth comparatively, I kept fucking her for around half hour, she was relaxed by now but kept pushing me deep inside her until I came. We had all the time, so didn’t hurry again, we slept for a while, and trust me it was one of the best deep sleep I got.

Once I got up, I saw her still sleeping with legs twisted till her belly, hair streaks on her face, she was looking like a doll. I couldn’t resist and started playing with her nipples with my tongue. I licked them slowly and they both were wet. I moved to her pink lips and started kissing her. She was awake by now, she fully responded to my kisses and we started to smooch again. We tried different positions and ways to enjoy the best sex of our life, which I will share next time after receiving your feedbacks. 🙂

If you feel happy reading my sex story and if you liked it, please don’t forget to send your feedbacks on my mail- [email protected]

For now, it’s time to say bye…Have a happy reading and get lucky with your next adventure. 🙂

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