She Is Too Hot To Resist

Hi friends I am big fan of ISS , Special Incest , here brothers makes love with their hot sister.

I’m raj age 28, 5.9 tall , well built ,

It was party in our society, I generally don’t go to such events, but due to option and much forced by mom I have to go.

It was boring their many old aged peoples where in party. I was feeling I too old in them

8 PM I was busy chatting on phone with friends, Now Slowly the crowd was increasing and many hot girls and young boys were arriving to the party.

WOW where were these hoties, a smile came on my face what happened I don’t know a spark was there on my face. I was checking out each and every hot babes in party, even my mom introduced to some hot girls, to try my luck I got engaged with them.

After Some time, From a back someone with very sweet voice called aysha, a hot, sexy and bold girl around age 20 next to me,

We all turned to know who she was, Aysha replied yes mom, what happened,

Mom I exclaimed, how she cloud be her mom, I was amazed she was so beautiful that my mind was not ready to accept her as mom of aysha.

She was in dark red saree must be 45 -50, but actually she look 35-40 can be called babhi, she was looking dam hot,my eyes remain wide open and was just staring her like a hungry dog, my lust was seen from my eyes and expression

She was very well toned with mass on parts needed, she was bomb shell, she was perfect MILF , her look was sufficient to seduce any adult, I seen even a old men where rapping her through eyes, all the oldies present their where scanning her body, her beauty was that appealing that all the hot and sexy girls present where fade in front of her. She was gorgeous lady in party.

Even I was amazed with her sexy and beautiful body, In seconds I have analyzed the figure she must be 36 30 38 , not only her body was beautiful but even her face was more attractive, her eyes were so attractive, which made her face look charming and lovely.

Aysha introduced me with her mom Anjali, I greeted her and with eye contact I expressed my feeling to her, I said she Is looking beautiful and all the ladies are fade infront of you. She smiled and said oh come on don’t flirt with me.

she took a leave from us and joined her kity party group.

My eyes where stuck on her , I was observing each and every move of her as she turned,

Oh God , she was more sexy from backside, she have a sexy round ass Oh loved it. I was in Love with her, actually with her sexy , stunning and seducing body.

Whole party i was just staring the divine beauty of that sex goddess .

Many times we had eye contact, she noticed that I’m interested in her, even she was also responding to my behavior, she use to give sweet smile when we have eye contact.I was trying to get close to her, and she was intentionally trying to keep distance from me, she was doing it to make me feel jealous and angry. We played this game till the party end.

It was 11;30 night and the announcement came that the party is over and we have to move to our home.

And one by one we started leaving party

That night I was not able to sleep properly, the whole night I jerked imaging about her.

It was morning 5:30 I was still asleep, so decided to go for a morning walk.

Oh yes, What a coincidence a beautiful lady to whom I meet last night was their .

She was in track suit, she was looking beautiful in it, her body was more appealing today, she was looking more charming, Due to morning, her face was shining she was looking just awesome, oh what to say about her body she was looking to too hot to resist my internal feeling

I was in deep love with a beautiful lady , a sex goddess

I joined her, Good morning aunty, she oh Hi very good morning

How are you I asked her, Fine she answered

We started chat , we had formal chat , In between while talking to her I was praising about her beauty, she was giving a sweet smile and blushing all the time. She say’s hey young Boy don’t flirt with old lady.

Aunty still look young and beautiful all the young girls don’t even match to your fitness, your dam hot, you have maintained your body very well.

She blushed once again, hey raj don’t lie, don’t you dare to try on me

I tried my level best to be her friend, even she was behaving more friendly with me,

I Know that she was also having interest in me , and she know what I need from her.

In week we were good friends, we have started discussing our personal issue now, while chatting with her I came to know that due to busy schedule it was not possible for her hubby to take care of her.

She feels alone in home.

it was Tuesday, as regular we meet at for morning walk, we were talking normally

She said raj are you free today, I said what happened any issue.

Oh Not at all , I want to go for shopping but no one to company me, will you come with me.

As she finished I replied quickly yes, and accepted

As decided to avoid gossips in society we both meet directly at Mall, it was 12 noon, I was waiting for her from last 30mins, oh their she comes.

Wow, she was looking beautiful, she was wearing saree, Oh God am I dreaming , she was looking so gorgeous so hot and sexy my dick started rising, she was true beauty, she defines a beauty.

Thanks god , I’m so lucky to be friend of her , I was just looking her with eyes wide opened, she came near me, she said hi raj , I greeted her and said aunty you are looking stunning dam hot and sexy in saree.

She blushed and tapped me and said oh raj don’t start flirting now, lets go we have to do shopping.

I was following her I was checking out her 38 ass , Big Boobs she was amazing, it very hard to hide my erected dick.

All the time I was just praising her beauty , I was now making a naughty comment on her body , even she was supporting me.

While She was in Changing room , without knowing her I purchased a saree for her .

Finally we ended shopping, we were very closed to each other, we had lunch and left to our direction.

We were now a good friend, actually we have now crossed the friendship, we used to chat little vulgar, now we used to exchange sexy messages.daya day we were crossing our limit. While Chatting I expressed my feeling that I want make love with her, She replied no , but I knowing that she also feel the same.

It was 8:30 AM a messaged received from anajli , it was “no one at home”.

Oh God , It was lucky day for me, As Routine I left house for job at 10 am.

I10:30 at anjali’s house, Knocked the door, She was opened it.

We smiled at each other, she was wearing Gown, Its very well fitted to her Tonned body. It was low cut gown, due to her big boobs and low cut gown her sexy cleavage was visible, Oh God I must die

She greeted me and invited to her sweet home. I like her house was also decorated nicely.

As She turned her beautiful ass was in front of me , as she walks her bigs butts were juggling and making me excited, oh Love you I aunty , I thought to hug her right now, But I controlled and stay clam.

She was going o kitchen , I followed her, I sat on dinner chair , she was making tea for me, she was avoiding to eye contact, she was hiding her face while talking.

It was irresitable for me to control now , I got from the chair and hugged her from behind,

She Shivered, Placed a kiss on her neck and said in her ear Anajli you are beautiful , I’m waiting for this day from the day I have seen you, Love you, She was silent and eyes closed .

I hugged her tightly and was kissing and licking her neck and back so passionately , My Hands were squeezing and arousing her boobs hard , She was Moaning slowly , at down My dick was hard and poking her ass from the pant.

I turned her , And placed my lips on her , we started kissing each other, I was tightly holding her, her Big boobs were pressed on my chest, we were kiss passionately ,

We kissed each other fro almost half an Hour, while kissing my hand were moving all over her body, I have Lifted her gown, My hands were on her ass inside her undi , wow what seen it was.

I lifted her and moved to her bed room ,

I droped her on bed and was over her , we were Kissing each other our lips were locked , I was kissing and licking her whole body , She was loving and gets more excited when I place a kiss on neck ,

I removed my all the clothes and was nude , she was looking at me , I kissed her toe and started licking her sexy legs , While licking her legs I was lifting her gown slowly, She was having a sexy Thigh , I was licking thighs like a hungry dog, Finally I reached to the destination she was wearing a pink undi , I lifted her legs and removed her undi , Parted her legs and started licking her pussy she was moaning sweetly

Aaahhhhh ….

Only the sound in room was of her sweet moan aaaahhh


It was making me more excite and I bit on her thigh her screamed loudly

Now I removed her gown and made her nude , i started sucking her boobs and squezzing it hard she was amazing her expression was too good.

I was time to rock now, I placed my dick at her pussy and with a force inserted in her in one stroke , She screamed with pleasure ahhh..

Ummm ……….

I was started fucking her hard , with every stroke her moan was increasing

The sound of puck puck and aaaaaah ……

Uuuumm … was in room.

I fucked her hard while fucking kissing her lips her boobs , I mark of teeth was their on her neck her chest , she big boobs, Was loved , I came in 15 mins.

We both were exhaust, I was laying on her , after 15 mins we parted and was laying beside her , we both were heavily sweating, Our Body was became hot due to hard fucking session.

After taking rest for some time, it was her turn to rock now , she started Playing with my dick , as she took my dick in hand, a sex hormones got excited and dick got rise. Wow she is true awesome , Love You anjali Uuuuuma

I was riding now she was amazing Oh Love You we had session little long this time , till 6 we fucked each other almost 10 times, we even didn’t had lunch , it was just fucking, we tried all the position in just 6 hrs , it was the best day of my life.

We kissed each other , I gifted a saree which I took while shopping, Love you anajli.

Time To leave , my mind was not ready to leave her, I hugged her tightly ,

My Dick again got hard , we had a quickie standing their only , we kissed each other

I left her house , as I reached my home , I was too exhaust that I got sleep without food and wake up in morning due a call from anajli for morning walk, what morning ,

Oh love you anajli uuumaaa

So the story end , will love to have feed If u like it on my id [email protected] Or can chat with me on yahoo messenger [email protected] Thank you!

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