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Hi Guys this is Rajiv here and I read lots of stories in this site and I feel lots of times why this kind of incident not happening to me. I think its al because of luck but not like that, it’s in our talent only and finally it happened to me also.

I would like to get your feedback or suggestions also. Please mail me at rajiv.sathya1 at gmail dot com.

Now let’s go to the story. I’m Rajiv 25 staying in Banglore BTM Layout, working in a software concern as I was looking for a change so I updated my profile in job portals and then I got frequent calls from several companies.

One day I got cal from US based company then I decided to attend that interview. I went there and waiting for the HR. there one Lady came and called me as Rajiv I just turned and stunned to see her.

Good looking beauty, normal height then she called me to come with her and I went with her to a room where they usually conduct the interviews there she asked about my details, how much you are expecting such kind of formalities and all.

Then she gave me a form and told fill it up. While filling the form she was sitting opposite to me and looking at me while I look at her she changed her face to some other side. Mistakenly I dropped my pen while taking the pen and I just see her.

She was sitting in a crossed legs and her skirt was above her knee. Wow what a legs she having. I can’t able to fill the form after that and I was sitting there like something. She asked me Rajiv are you alright? After that only I came to conscious.

I forget to tell about her name is Latha 27 of size 34 28 30 good structure looking fair but one thing is that she got married. I think of myself that her husband must be the luckiest person after filling the form and I handed over it to her.

She told our employee will come in 5-10 min. So please be seated here and then she started to move and I called Latha she asked what Rajiv. I complemented her as you looking Beautiful and hot.

She smiled and told thank u and she left the room then interview went smoothly after that their senior HR came and speak with me as because of some salary issues unfortunately I got rejected then I came from there.

But my mind full of Latha only, I can’t able to sleep that night. She was disturbing me a lot. Then for some days I got busy in my work. One day again and I remember about her and to try my luck I thought of mailing her again.

I mailed her with some formalities and that day I didn’t have reply from her. After two days I got mail from her personal mail id asking some casual questions, hi, how are you? Like that and then I too responded with casual talk.

This went for someday and then I asked her and I want to be your friendship throughout my life. She accepted im then I asked her mobile number she told will call you in the evening. I was expecting for her call around 6.30 pm.

I got a call and she told Hi Rajiv good eve and I was excited and don’t know what to speak. Then we talked for 30 min and ended the call. I was in cloud nine for talking with her and she has a sweet voice then in the night.

I messaged her but no reply from her in the morning and I ringed her in that time only she told sorry and I slept that’s why can’t able to reply you then she told when I was alone I will message you.

The frequently we talk each other and will message in night time also slowly we become close to each other for 2 days she didn’t ring me even if I ring her also she not picking up the call. After 2 days she itself rang me.

I scolded her happened to you Latha? Why you are doing like this. She told sorry da, there was problem with my husband that’s why mood out. I asked her what the problem will tell you in the evening.

She asked me shall we meet today and I told ok and I went near her office in the afternoon and ringed her. Now also she talked so dull. I asked her to come. She came and we went nearby coffee shop. Her eyes were full of red colour maybe because she was cried a lot for the first time.

I called as dear, what’s the problem. She sat quietly. I went near her and hold her hands in between mine and asked again. She started crying there itself and rested her head on my shoulders and started telling. She got married 3 years back her husband is a PM in a reputed company

And work alcoholic. He always comes home late around 12 or 1 am and will sleep in the morning up to she is coming to office, in the weekend also he go to office. Rarely he’ll in home and even though he stays in home, he always sits in front of laptop only and he not at all taking care of me.

Now a days I feel alone and I asked to him why you behaving like this. I’m one person here for you. Please consider me also. But he shouted like hell and told before you job only important for me if you need get divorce. By telling this she started crying.

I tried to console her but I can’t and then I kissed on her forehead and asked her to drink the coffee and we went out to some other places within 2 months we came close to each other and we used to talk in hours and message until we go to sleep.

We madly love with each other. One day she told her husband is going for US for some training for a month period of time. I was very happy to hear this. Her husband left in 1 week. That weekend she asked me to come her home.

I went there around 12 pm on Saturday. She welcomed me with a big hug. She was wearing pink shirt and black skirt. She looks really hot in that then we had lunch prepared by her and went to movie and had candle light dinner and reached her home at 10 pm.

We switched on the TV and started watching love songs. She was lying on my shoulder. I was caressing her shoulder and kissing her forehead and head slowly I lowered my hand to her hip and stared rubbing there. She still laying silently in my shoulder and I can feel her breathe becomes hot.

At that most romantic song of Tamil Maalai mangum neram song after seeing this we both become hot and I kissed on her eyes, cheeks and finally came to her lovely red lips. I started to kiss in her lips and first I sucked her upper lip then coming to lower lip

And slowly inserted my tongue in her mouth and started French kissing her. She too responded quickly then I started sucking her tongue and our tongues fighting in her mouth and we both exchanged our saliva while kissing her.

I started massaging her boobs, wow that was so soft like anything. We have been passionately lip locked for more than 15 minutes and then I made her to stand and started removing her shirt and skirt. She was wearing pink netted bra and panty.

I started kissing her from head to toe. Then I removed her Bra wow what a sight it was her firm boobs was in front of me with brown nipples. I started kissing her boobs and sucking both the nipples slightly I bite her nipples also she shouted ahhhh slowly my dear I’m only for you while sucking right boobs.

I hold her left nipples in between my fingers and rotated it then I kissed and licked her neck with tip of my tongue. I came to her armpits it was little hairy I love the armpits with hairs. I smelled there, it was feminine smell, it makes me even hot and I started licking her armpits.

I came to her stomach and kissed there and massaged in her hip. I went to her toe and started licking each of her fingers from there I kissing her legs and came to her thighs it was awesome like my dream comes true and I kissed there inch by inch and started licking there.

Her thighs full of my saliva and finally came to heaven of love and I kissed over her panty and rubbed there and she can’t control herself and she told dear please don’t tease me start it dear I’m longing this for 5 months. I can’t take it anymore and then to her request.

I removed her panty with my teeth. Her pussy was neatly shaved and it was fully wet with her love juices her pussy was pink in color. I went near her pussy and sniffed there. I was a nice smell and then I started to lick her pussy and inserted my 2 fingers in her love hole.

She shouted aaahhh like that only do it and then I tongue fucked her and inserted my tongue in her hole and rotated there. She scream oohhh yeah come on honey I never got tongue in my pussy you are showing me heaven, do it and don’t stop.

We become 69 positions that was my fave position. She touched my dick with her tongue and I feel shocked and dick got hot. She sucked my dick vigorously. We are in that position more than 10 minutes and finally we are nearing to cum. She shouted I’m going to cum my honey.

I told me to sweetheart then we both cum at the same time and we tasted each other’s cum without wasting sing drop. She went inside the kitchen nude and brings some fruits while she walking her ass bums jumping here and there by seeing again and I got erected.

She came and saw my erection and laughed so soon you are ready a? By telling this she just pats my dick. Then we ate fruits from each other’s mouth and I made I lay on the couch and expand her legs and slowly and I started inserting in her hole it was tight.

It was paining for me as it was my first time, as she didn’t had sex for more than 5 months so her hole also tight then I inserted with some force. It went inside with blup sound then I was in that position for a while and slowly started moving to and fro motion slowly.

I increased the speed at the same time and I was kissing in her lips and massaging her boobs. I increased my pace, she started screaming loudly yeah do it faster ram my pussy, tare it my dear, don’t stop fuck me hard. oohhhh aaahhh you are awesome.

I’m slave do as per your wish and she shouting like anything. Meanwhile I’m going to get climax and I told her and she ordered me to put semen in her pussy. She want to feel my cum and so we both cum at the same time with loud moan then.

I lay on her boobs and we were like that for 10 minutes and then we kissed each other and she kissed on my forehead and told I love you Honey that 2 days I was in her home only enjoying each and every moment with her.

We experimented lots of positions and loved very much. I told her I lost my virginity to you dear by hearing this she becomes very happy and hugged me tightly and those 2 days we are in nude only.

I love her pussy very much and those 2 days while waking up she show her pussy in front of my face and after licking her pussy only and I wake up she too love this a lot and after that on Monday.

I went to office before going out her home once again I licked pussy and waiting for this weekend for make my weekend. Friend’s please sends your suggestions and feedback about my incident to my mail.

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