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Hi readers , this is steve Austin , back here after a long long time. I know that a lot of readers were urging me to release my new stories from a long time. But unfortunately due to my hectic and timeless work , I have not been able to pen down my next of the long series . for those of you who don’t know me , can read my series, Shirley – my lovely sister. Today , I m back to narrate a short story filled with varied emotions. As usual , I don’t recommend readers who are insulted by incest theme to read my stories nor do I urge any of the readers to try incest at home. This story is based on real incident with fantasy elements added to it to enhance the pleasure of reading. And I thank my audience again for their patience with me. All names are changed to protect the privacy of the people in it.

Feed backs, suggestions, and comments can be given at [email protected] or [email protected]. Also, I’m looking for any female writers who are passionate about creating a new story series with me are welcome to ping me on [email protected]. I assure that all discussions for it will be held only in e-mail and confidentiality would be strictly maintained.

I’m steve Austin, 28-year-old male, 6 feet tall and athletic body. Ladies who know me would describe me as tall, dark and handsome, though I m humble about my appearance. I own a small bar and restaurant with DJ club in city outskirts. The business is good enough to keep me occupied and well off for comforts. The bar runs late until night and managing drunk people would be the headache of my day to day life but after all its for people s enjoyment and satisfaction that has got this far in my life. There have been a few regular customers for me and who have also now become part of close friends circle.

One such of my friends is a middle-aged woman, Sheila who is aged 31 years. She is a divorcee, who got away from her husband coz he was cheating her with his personal secretary. She never enjoyed even a year of happy marriage with him. She s been a customer to me since long and now works in mnc at a high executive level. Every weekend she used to come to my bar, sit down lonely at a table, gulp down few pegs of vodka, and would go home. Sometimes when she would bring her drive around to my bar and get too drunk, I used to hold onto her keys and send her home in a cab or drop her myself.Thus began our relation. Initially, we used to talk only about the general news and all. gradually she became close and used to share her work stuff and personal things too.

She had said once to me , that I take care of her like brother and friend and reminded her of her ex brother in law at her house who had supported her to get away from her in laws house despite opposition of her in laws. And had requested to call her as Bhabhi. I would oblige the same on her.

Sometimes, I would invite her home to my parties and she would ask me to come over on certain festivals that she celebrated. Soon she became one among my very close circle and I was pretty much like family to her.. both her parents were dead and since she was the only child, all her relations had bailed on her when she had got divorced. So, for her any problems she would call me and I would ask for small advice now and then from her about my share investments.However, of late, Bhabhi had become a regular visitor at my bar. Every day, she used to come and gulp down nearly a bottle of vodka and pass out on the table. I used to pick her up and let her sleep in my private cabin alone and lock it from outside. Early mornings I would go and wake her up and sometimes I used to drop her to her home. I didn’t know what was bothering her so much but didn’t want to invade my curiosity on to her private life.

One Saturday night, however, she got drunk too much n started dancing on the floor to DJ s tunes. She used to generally sit quietly and drink but today she was dancing. I let her enjoy on the dance floor since she was depressed since many days now. She was in a denim skirt that barely rode up to her knees. To describe her, she would be like vidya Balan , short about 5 ‘ 2 in height with a structure of 34-30-36 with the right amount of flesh and curves. She was wearing a sleeveless yellow top and was looking sort of sexy. Soon I saw her approaching a couple on dance floor and trying to draw the male out of his GF s embrace,

The GF was naturally displeased at this and was about to create a scene although the boyfriend was enjoying the new beauty. I intervened to stop further developments and guided Bhabhi towards another side. I made some space for her to dance separately and told two boys of mine to make sure no approached her or disturb her. And I went to attend my other duties.

As the DJ was about to close for the night and retrieve, I finished the billings for the night and went to see Bhabhi. She wasn’t on the dance floor. My boys told me that she was searching for me and crying, so they took her to my private cabin .then I went to my cabin, only to see her at the washroom floor vomiting into the commode. I quickly went to her side and helped her.

As she got back to bed, I gave her water to drink, and she immediately burst out into tears. I was momentarily stunned but recovered and then sat beside her, trying to console her. Her top had stains of vomit over it. she leaned on my chest burying her face in it. I was gently caressing her head.

Me: Bhabhi, u can tell me anything. I know that u are depressed since the last few days. What is the problem.?

She looked at me with her teary red eyes, I held out my hankie to her, she didn’t move but kept staring. I had to wipe out the rolling out tears.Bhabhi: steve, I don’t want to burden you any more than I already have but I seem to have lost everyone but you. My friends have turned their back on me and my heart is shattered into pieces.I urged her to tell her more about her troubles. I won’t bore you readers with the whole story that she told for entire 4-5 hours with in between sobbing. In brief, it was about her financial and emotional breakdown by a man whom she had met through a common friend, their friendship had grown into casual dating and serious relationship, the guy owned a private enterprise and she had invested heavily into it. And also she had made her friends and colleagues as share holders by small investments.

And he had managed to somehow elope with all that money and vanish from the country, she had got to know about it a week ago when he had stopped responding to calls and messages. Her friends had reprimanded her for it while she was still shocked about it. And on the coming Monday, her house was to be mortgaged by the bank for her loans.

I consoled her, assuring that I was still by her side and would figure out something by Monday. She was still sobbing, I managed to grab her handbag and decided to drop her home myself.

While I was driving, she found a small old vodka bottle in her stash and started drinking again, I tried to snatch it from her but she gulped down the left out a small volume of it. I threw out the empty bottle and she started sobbing again and leaned on me. for a moment, my eyes fell on Her cleavage was visible through the tight top and skirt had ridden up revealing her smooth thighs but I checked myself and concentrated on the road as I didn’t have any bad intentions on her.

We reached her home, I had to literally carry her in as she was acting a bit strange now. I laid her on the bed and was about to draw sheets on her when she suddenly drew me towards her and grabbed my neck and tried to give a French kiss. I tried hard to resist her but she completely forced her lips on mine and eventually I gave in and we smooched completely. My dick got erect in an instant, and her lips seemed so soft and heavenly.

I pulled apart from her realizing what we were doing and looked stunned at her. She said that she missed being intimate with someone for so long and her recent bf had never been interested in her while she had only tried to kiss him a few times. But he had put her off with some or other reason.

Me: but Bhabhi, what we did now was just wrong, I don’t have any such intentions and its sort of a sin to me for doing such things with you.

Bhabhi: I don’t care what’s sin for you. I am feeling horny. come here and ravage me. My body is craving this since a long time.Saying this, She took off her top and her two beautiful melons adorned in a black bra came out of it. She even took off her skirt in no time and threw it away. Her smooth thighs and black panty were now visible, she looked like a perfect sex goddess. I had never imagined my Bhabhi to be such a hot woman.but I immediately came back to my senses.

Me: nope, this is not right Bhabhi.. you are drunk and not in your senses. I am leaving now. we’ll talk later in the morning.

I wrapped a sheet around her upper torso and headed out. Now She felt very bad at herself and started crying very loudly.

Bhabhi: please don’t leave me like everyone else. I am all alone now. If you also leave, I ‘ll harm myself tonight and tomorrow you can see my corpse.

Me: don’t you dare talk like that. Ok, I ‘ll stay tonight but not in your room, I stay downstairs and you are sleeping here.

Bhabhi: (crying again) I want you to sleep here with me. I am all alone in this world since long now. Please don’t leave me tonight. I want to feel the warmth and care of someone.

She was almost begging now. I couldn’t refuse her pleading face but I had to also keep myself away from the temptations of sleeping with a semi-naked, beautiful woman who was also slightly horny.Was I destined to have sex with her that night..? did she force herself onto me..? I ‘ll tell you all the details in the next part coming shortly. Leave your valuable suggestions and feedback to me at [email protected]. Also, I am looking for any female writers who are passionate about creating a new story series by teaming up with me are welcome to ping me on [email protected].

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