Shekokar Ma’am Is An Apsara! Part – 1

This story happened a few months back and I will not waste my time telling if this is a real deal because honestly, you will know when you read the full story.

So we had a hot professor named Shekokar Ma’am who was so sexy that even the male professors couldn’t stop ogling her now and then.This happened to me when we were doing submissions in my engineering teamwork and she was in charge of the submission.She knew me personally because I used to attend her classes and the reason many of the students did attend was because she didn’t wear the apron and we could see her beautiful breasts nicely cupped in her Punjabi dress.I would like to mention that Shekokar Ma’am was married with two kids but she did not look like a mother of two and would give even sexy MILFs a run for their money.She was the perfect curvy aunty next door with body protruding at the right parts and her mangal sutra on her heavy chest would always send chills down my knees.Her breasts size was so perfect that I would often forget the lacy part of her back that she made sure was visible when she turned around to teach.

Coming back to the story…I remember it was the day before dessert and it was a culture in our college to celebrate traditionally and so we were having vivas????.The whole staff was suited from top to bottom looking dapper and all the girls were glazing.We were sitting in our viva room.Me and my two friends waiting for the external examiner and Shekokar Ma’am.

After a few minutes, an old professor from other college walked in alone.we were so disappointed.But then something happened that I would not forget for the rest of my life.A steamy wave came through and the next moment I see my Ma’am in a yellow saree and an ochre blouse coming through the door.Her hair was tied with a nice little pin at the back and she had put a silver forehead jewelry.Instantly my penis begins swelling and as she came closer it became even harder.I had not seen a sexier woman in a saree than her in my life.The ochre blouse hinted black bra and when she sat down and raised her hand to untie her hair I noticed a patch of sweat under her arm and the ochre blouse was drenched.

I went so mad that I felt orgasmic.If it weren’t for that oldie and my friends I would have had taken her on the table and licked her armpit and swallowed her sweat.I was so busy staring at the patch that she begin feeling uneasy and asked me Why are You looking like that?

I went full nuts and decided to take the chance and said Maam you are looking beautiful.My friends laughed and then she said enough.We gave the viva and she asked me to meet in her cabin later.I thought I was fucked but little did I know that what I thought was right but in the wrong sense.

I mustered courage and entered her cabin but she was not there.After a while, she entered with the same radiance and I began noticing again.She sat down and said that she didn’t expect such performance from me in the viva and asked me to wait after college for the remedial lecture.I immediately agreed as I thought that would mean more time with her.I said yes and that sorry for before.She said both of us knew what I was looking at.My face was red with shame and then she said to not worry about it.After college, I went to the class and waited for her in the classroom.She came late after 5-10 mins and shut the door behind her.She taught me about a few things and then she was showing me a chart besides the door I made my move.I went near her and made her a little uncomfortable.

She noticed it but did not flinch back.I thought it was safe.I made one more move by taking my mouth near my mouth .she did not budge again.In the sudden excitement, I noticed that she had put up a scarlet red lipstick.I became so horny that I kissed her swollen lips.She pushed back and said what are you doing?I said, ma’am, I am sorry but I find you very sexy and I would like to kiss you.She said are you insane.I went nearer her and sucked her lips like a baby sucks a nipple.She began to push me hard and became successful.For a moment there was so much silence that I had no idea what to do.Then I looked at her from top to bottom and thought what a beautiful raand she is what a lovely neck area she has…her navel was so visible that I instantly lost my calm …I took her in my arms and pushed her against the door

She resisted.I put my finger over her lips and the second hand slid across her leg to the navel to the breast to the neck.I held her by the neck aimed for the lips and took in as much part of her mouth I could in my mouth.To my surprise she did not respond but neither she resisted.I took her tongue into my mouth and deep kissed with my hand now entering her blouse from below.She hissed when I reached the nipple.I pinched the nipple and she became a little horny.Next, I put my second hand in the back into her saree to explore her ass from above She did not utter a word.I hope you are enjoying ma’am I said.She still did not respond just hissed and raised her hand I do not know what.But then the sweat patch came before my eyes and I went hulk on her.I held her arms over the top and started licking her armpit from above.She started moaning and her sounds aaaan again made me lick her more.She gave such a loud noise at one point that I picked her up and ran toward the table.I placed her on the table and looked into her eyes.

For more of this story stay tuned.

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