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Let me tell you how I fucked my luscious bhabhi (sister-in-law) Shivani. This is a long erotic story about the luscious lady, who is more stunning than the story. She is from Punjab, a 28 year old woman with a fair complexion, nice apple sized breasts (normally Punjabi girls have full ripe breasts), and a nice tight, but big, ass which moves with a lot of sexual promise. Her figure is probably 38-27-37.

I was in my first year of college, and would not think much about her in a sexual way. But her sexy smile and her teasing butt, would make me aroused, and I would feel guilty. After masturbation, I would secretly scold myself and feel guilty for having bad thoughts for my nice and kind bhabhi.

Many times I had seen both bhabhi and bhaiya (brother) going to bed, and then some muffled voices and some sounds would come from the room. Then I would hear bhabhi’s voice saying something like, “shhhhh, hmmmm, or nahiiii.”

For the first year of their marriage, it was understandable that they were madly in love. After some time bhabhi was pregnant. However the sad thing was the baby died, and she was unhappy. Within the next year, she was pronounced pregnant again. During both her pregnancies, she looked beautiful and even though she was putting on weight, she would look gorgeous.

Our relationship grew stronger and friendship increased during that period, and we became more frank with each other. In her seventh month of pregnancy, I asked her, “How does a girl come to know that she is pregnant? Does she faint?”

She laughed, “If she misses her period once or twice, she is pregnant.”

I told her, “Even in pregnancy, you look gorgeous.”

She smiled and said,”Say that to your future wife when you make her pregnant.”

I made an innocent face and said, “I want to make her pregnant How will I make her pregnant?”

She smiled and asked, “You are such a kid; are you sure, you don’t know?”

I told her, “Bhabhi you are confusing me. I will ask somebody else.”

She inturrupted me and told me, “Go to sleep now. Tomorrow we will talk and I will tell you how a girl becomes pregnant.”

Bhaiya is an intelligence officer, and he usually worked on the night shift. I went to Shivani bhabhi and she told me not to ask other guys about this, and that she would explain all this to me because she is experienced and a lady. She added that others would confuse me or give me wrong information. She explained about periods and sex, in a simple manner. She told me that men have penises and women have vaginas. She told me that when a man and a woman get sexually excited, he inserts his penis into her vagina. She told me about sperm, eggs, ovaries etc. She was emotional when she says nothing gives a greater joy to a married woman than than knowing that she is pregnant. The session was more like an education, even though I was a Ph.D in sex, through blue films and other sex novels.

She excused herself, saying that she is feeling sleepy, and requested me to come again the following day to continue the explanation. I didn’t know why she liked to teach me, but I knew that she was bored and wanted to talk to me about sex. In her view, I was ignorant about sexual matters, and because she cared for me, she wanted me to learn everything

Over of the next two months, she would talk to me and explain to me about sex, and I would ask questions. I noted the fact that when bhaiya was there, she would not talk to me about this topic. I admired her intelligence and cleverness, because she knew when to talk, what to talk, and when to shut up and act stupid.

Two months later, she delivered a lovely looking kid. Bhaiya was at home for some days and we would not talk about sex. After pregnancy and in just one month, she got her figure back, her ass was fleshier, and her boobs became bigger and looked softer, full of milk. She would suckle her kid in the bedroom and I would shyly avoid looking at her but in my mind, I wanted to share the other boob.

I invited my friends to my home because the guys and girls of my college wanted to see the baby. We named the boy Rahul. There was a small party in my place. Bhaiya had gone out of town for an investigation, for one month. My friends came to our place the next day. Bhabi wore a tight pink saree and looked gorgeous. Her saree was tightly wrapped,and her big round ass mounds were visible as she moved. When she bent towards the girls to serve them drinks, I noticed my friends (guys) checking out her ass.

Then she smiled and leaned towards us to serve us Pepsi. Her pallu (part of her saree) dropped slightly and her breasts strained lusciously against her tight blouse. Even though she was wearing a bra, her nipples looked big and was clearly visible. Her cleavage tantalized the boys. I felt guilty and was slightly aroused looking at her sexy display. She was telling us, “Have some more! (aur lo na)” I knew that the boys took this in a double sense.

Later that evening, when I went to drop off my friends, my close friend Nisha told me, “wow, yaar your bhabhi is really gorgeous and sexy. Even after pregnancy she retained such a figure, she gave us a complex. The guys were checking her out.”

I did not reply to her comment, but felt a sexual thrill go through my body. When I came back bhabhi was washing the dishes, she remarked me, “Hi! your friends are really cute, such innocent boys and girls.”

‘Innocent’?, I thought; the boys wanted to eat her ass. I told her, “Bhabhi, they find you really lovely and beautiful.” All of a sudden, the baby cried and she went to feed him. During bedtime, she told me about a girl’s periods. She explained how milk develops in breasts. I asked her, “How does a woman’s milk taste?”

She laughed and said, “I don’t know, I have never tasted my own milk.”

I commented, “Maybe bhaiya knows.”

She looked at me with raised eyebrows and said, “He is not here to know how it tastes.”

We didn’t talk for two minutes and then she told me, “After you get married, you will come to know how the milk tastes. Now go to sleep, it is late.”

Next morning, I got up and went to the bathroom. Shivani bhabhi was in the toilet. I already had a morning erection and thinking about her crazy with pleasure. I knew that I had a big erection. Suddenly I heard the flush running and in two minutes she came out. She smiled at me, “Good morning dear, did you brush your teeth?”

I told that I wanted to go to the toilet. She was in a cheerful mood, “Go empty yourself.” I didn’t know whether she meant lowering my erection. My erection was so embarrassingly pointed towards her and prominent like a tent and I knew that she had noticed it.

As I entered the toilet, there was the odour of my bhabhi lingering. I was feeling aroused because Shivani, my bhabhi had just been here. The toilet was abounding with her private smell and it almost smelled erotic not dirty. I finished my activity. My erection was still there, I thought about how my friends ogled her, the previous afternoon. I replayed the entire scene in my mind fantasized her getting stripped of her saree, being nude, and getting sucked by my horny friends. I masturbated, and began to pump warm semen out as it sprayed in my palm and leg. As I was climaxing, I almost cried out. I heard my bhabhi’s voice, “What happened Sunny?”

I told her, “n—nothing.”

I was feeling very guilty as boys feel after masturbation. But I was relieved that my erection had softened. I came out, I realized the front of my crotch was little wet because in excitement some semen had fallen on my trousers and now would appear as a patch. She looked and me and gave me a sexy smile and told me, “What were you doing so long, you also made a sound, was it from front or behind?”

I could not imagine my bhabhi saying that, but since she was in cheerful mood, I told her, “My urine was not coming out. That is why it took time. (Woh pressure nahin aa raha tha.”)

She told me, “Drink lots of water, I drink the first thing after getting up, and so I don’t have problems with pressure. I get the urge to go the toilet immediately after drinking water and a little lime juice and I don’t have to do force it out (zor lagake haiya like you). I just go in and things happen immediately. Now go eat your breakfast,” she was teasing me and I loved her talk.

I absolutely loved her frankness. Whether she was educating me, or sharing some information, I was turned on. But still I thought it is all in my mind and it is okay. I just hoped that bhabhi had not thought that I got erection because of her.

In the afternoon, after my classes went to watch some blue films with my friends. It was really a good movie with a lot of sexy sensual scenes. There were some five different cock sucking scenes and I was surprised that one woman had the same luscious lips and nose like my bhabhi. She was looking very similar to my bhabhi. I knew that my friends were also thinking on similar lines. I asked my friend to give me the CD for a day or two. He gave it to me. Bhabhi met me and asked me, “What is it?” I told it is my friend’s English film CD.

She does not like English films, so she ignored it. In the evening she went to the market, I played the CD and watched the CD sitting with my trousers, underwear down and my cobra out. I loved the scene in which my bhabhi look-a-like was making sexy noises and sucking cock with wild grunts. My semen shot from my dick at the exact time when the three men shot their group cum on the porn actress’s face. I almost cried my bhabhi’s name (Shiiiiiiiiiivvvvvvvvvaaaaaaaannnnnnniiiiiiiiii…) as I climaxed. She came from the market after about ten minutes.

At night, there was a Hindi PG-14 movie titled ‘Julie’ starring Neha Dhupia. The baby cried during the middle of the movie, she excused herself to feed the baby, and then joined me for the movie. There were lots of bold scenes for a Hindi movie in this film. She looked at me and asked me, “How do you find Neha? She really looks like a prostitute doesn’t she?”

There were some scantily clad scenes, and some lovemaking scenes in the movie. I knew that she was missing my bhaiya. Towards the end of the movie, she told me, “Today girls have become so bold and they strip just to get a role, but she acted well, and she looks sexy too.”

I told her, “Yeah, her butt was nice and sexy.”

She laughed and said, “You guys have nothing better to watch than her butt.”

I said, “I have something better to watch.”

She asked, “What?”

I told her, “Your butt.” (I do not know I got the courage and confidence to say this)

Her eyebrows rose up and she asked me, “Chee, this is not the way to talk to your bhabhi.”

I told her, “What bhabhi, be a little broadminded. The butt is a part of the body and something which makes a woman look beautiful and sexy. You have got a wonderful butt. You should be proud of it. I am just complimenting it. Yours is better than Neha’s butt; hers are nothing compared to yours.”

She looked at me directly in the eye and said, “Looks like you are growing up. Thanks for the compliment…ass liker.”

I asked, “What? Ass licker.”

She told and giggled, “Shut up. I said ass liker.”

Since we had watched the movie, I cleverly shifted the topic to prostitution. Her views were that some women are tricked and some come for money, but she said there are also women who join prostitution to enjoy the work, to pleasure men and get pleasure. She said that like Julie in the movie, there are some women who get pleasure in controlling men sexually, using their weakness and make them dance at their fingertips. I told her if somebody is as gorgeous like Neha Dhupia or has an ass like hers I would definitely go for her. I laughed and said, “The best thing is that I just discovered someone who has a sexier ass than Neha Dhupia.”

She looked at me and said, “Stop flirting with your bhabhi, you sick boy” and giggled. Suddenly my bhabhi farted; there was a slight burst of air type of sound like pusssssss and the smell lingered in the room. We both came to know of it and I looked at her accusingly. She was very embarrassed and blushing. I said, “Now who is sick, chee, bhabhi, not in front of your devar.”

Her face had become pink with embarrassment. In fact the smell was not offensive, just normal, funky and funny but I was getting a sexual kick out of it and seeing her embarrassed beautiful gorgeous face, I felt like teasing her more. In reality I wanted to smooch her. She told me, “Sorry about it. Everyone does it once in a while. Even that bitch Neha farts; okay. Don’t tease me like that. I don’t like it. I didn’t ask you to sit and smell my fart. So many times you have done it, have I made fun of it?”

She was feeling angry, insulted and a little sad, I comforted her and told her, “I was just kidding bhabhi, I was pulling your leg, you are such a wonderful lady and we are such good friends. Didn’t I tell you, I am your ass liker, so I should obviously like something which comes out of it?”

“Chee…” she said, “You are disgusting”

I told her, “See now when I compliment your fart, you get insulted.”

She smiled and said,” Okay let’s change the topic. I am reminded me of a joke.” She told me some toilet jokes. I never thought my bhabhi would come with such interesting ones. She was also lecturing me about farts; she told me there are two types of farts puskis and purkus. She told me, “The one I left accidentally right now was a puski, the silent deadly one.”

I told her, “Your puskis are amazing, smelly and sexy”

She laughed and said, “The way you smelled it, I knew it that you liked it, you dog.”

I laughed and said, “Thanks bitch, what about your purkus?”

She smiled and said, “No comments, you can’t predict your fart. Purkus shoot out when I am on the potty.”

Then we transitioned into some sexy non-veg jokes. She amazed me with some interesting ones. It was 1:00AM. She told me, “Okay devarji, (bahut hogaya masti), go to sleep now.”

I wanted to fuck her but I did not know have the guts, even though we were frank that day. I agreed and said, “Good Night bhabhi” she told me, “Sorry if I talked nasty to you and sorry about the puski.”

I laughed and kissed her on the head and said, “Bye! See you tomorrow.”

In the night I was thinking about her and her sudden frankness today, I masturbated again and slept again thanking her “sweet” smelling puski.

Next afternoon, I came from college and was sleeping in my room when I heard hush-hush tones coming from the other room. My bhabhi was there sitting with my friend’s mother, another tall Punjabi lady with big breasts. Both were talking about fucking and sex. I could not believe my eyes. The lady was telling, “My hubby fucks me thrice a week, apart from Sunday afternoon, when Gokul and Renu go out. He fucks me naked, and we do it again the same night.”

Shivani was telling, “My hubby is out for one month. I just masturbate with my fingers. (ungli andar dal ke pareshan ho gayee hoon.)” I could not believe the words that were coming out of my bhabhi’s mouth. She was unsatisfied and she was missing my brother. Normally even though my bhabhi talked to me about sex, we used to talk decently. My bhabhi was telling her, “Good that you enjoy sex. Since two months, I am not in bed with my hubby. I want some thing, (kabhi aisa lagta hain ki rah chaltey aadmi ka lund se chudwaooo, kyakaroon yaar pyas badh rahi hai. Yeh chooot hi aag ab bhujana badi mushkil hai. Saali bahut bhadki hui hai.)” She had tears in her eyes as she said these words.

Oh my god! I thought the words which she uttered right now; I could not believe that she was such a horny bitch. The word lund from her mouth sounded so erotic. You will not believe that my decent bhabhi can be so horny for a fuck. But I understood her horniness. She was sex starved for two months. The neighbor was telling my bhabhi, “I know, for a married woman after she gets used to fucking, if she does not get regular fucking for more than a month, (tho uska dimag kharab hota hai), don’t worry when is your husband coming back?”

Shivani said, “He says another three weeks, god knows what fucking mission he has gone to.”

The neighbor said, “He must be humping some girl (gao ki gori in the khet) in Bihar.”

Shivani said, “I don’t care but I can’t wait till he comes back, my pussy gets wet faster. I want to be kissed and sexed by him or someone.”

The neighbor touched my bhabhi’s kurta; I knew that she is feeling her pussy, “Wait for your husband. By the way, how is your devar?”

Shivani said, “Arrey baba, he is just a kid”

The neighbor said, “What kid! He is 20yrs old, that is not a kid; he will give you another kid.”

Shivani, “I know that baba, I had once seen with a huge erection in his shorts, that way he is big. I like him a lot. He is getting more and more frank with me. I think he is bholu about sex, he does not know much. I taught him about periods and how a baby is born. But I can’t have sex with him. He is my devar and for me he will always be a kid. But yesterday we watched Julie together.”

The topic shifted to blue films. Shivani was telling her friend, “Have you seen a blue film? I have not seen one in a long time.”

The lady told her, “My hubby gets it, we watch it after the children sleep. They are very arousing. It makes me hot quickly. At first, I did not want to suck my husband’s cock. Then he showed me some porn movies, and I saw the women eating penis like an ice cream cone, and then I did it to him. He enjoys it a lot. One day he told me to suck his cock when the children were in the other room. Suddenly my baby Renu came to the room when he was cumming in my mouth. You should have seen the reaction on my hubby’s face.

He immediately put his thing back in his pants and the next Renu is asking me, “Mummy what is on your face, the white thing on your lips?”

Her dads tells her, “Nothing beti, your mom just ate some yogurt (curds).”

It was a difficult thing to keep a straight face in front of my daughter. One day, my hubby came and started caressing my ass telling that he wanted to put it there. He started kissing me; I got turned on and turned off the stove. Then he laid me on the kitchen table, pulled my gown up and did it up my ass.

Both women laughed, Shivani asked, “But doesn’t it hurt, the asshole is so small and the cock is so big.”

She replied, “Aarey Shivani, have you never been fucked in the ass before.”

Shivani said, “No”

The neighbor said, “My hubby’s cock is big, and initially, it hurts me. He has fucked my ass many times. Tell your husband to stimulate your clitoris or kiss you, so that you are very much aroused. There is lot of pleasure plus it feels good to feel the cock tight in your butt. Initially there will be some pain, but the pleasure is great if your husband does it nicely. Look at it reasonably, when we can shit big logs out of our assholes, then we can also take a cock in. Also, the asshole can expand if it wants to. You should watch blue films, you will get the idea.”

Shivani said, “I want to watch blue films but I can’t in front of my devar. I don’t want him to get wrong ideas. Give it to me I will watch when he goes to college.”

The neighbor said, “And then you will fuck the brains of any marketing guy or postman or gas delivery man who comes to your place.”

Shivani laughed and said, “You never know, when a woman doesn’t get a banana, nothing can stop her.”

Then they discussed some other things and my neighbor went outside. Shivani went to the toilet; I guess she went to masturbate after the steamy conversation. I too was very much aroused. My cock was getting hard and I knew that Shivani’s lusty cunt must also be weeping with pleasure. I completely understood the reason for her horniness. It was my brother’s fault. He should be with her when she needs him. I cursed him. I said to myself, if he cannot give pleasure to his wife, I will give her. It is a different thing that she thinks of me as a kid, but the kid will grow up tonight. I noted the fact that even though she told her friend about me and the movie Julie, she did not tell her about the comments on her ass and the wild jokes we shared. My bhabhi was intelligent; she did not even want to tell her closest friend that she and I were flirting. She wanted me ‘behind closed doors’. I thought if my brother wants to investigate a criminal case or some gauwali’s (village girl’s) pussy, it is his problem. Tonight, I will definitely investigate his wife’s sexy cunt.

See you in part 2

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