Shobha And Me Cooperate To Bed

Hi guys and girls,

I’m writing this story because I felt like sharing my happiest moment that doesn’t mean you have right to ask about the girl. May be she could be your relative or friend or neighbor so better don’t try to ask about her.


I call my queen as shobha not her real name though. here the story starts :

It was a Friday morning as usual waiting for my weekend boring at office, with not much interest was waiting for the clock to click 5pm.

Around 11my manager called the entire team to meeting hall and I was busy with mobile den he said he would like to introduce new joinee ****** and he said let her introduce.

Wow girl. I kept my Mobil in pocket n saw she was wearing a gown kind of chudi made of on dress in red with full hand covered. Saw her legs there was a ring. Which said she s married den saw her face wow so cute chubby, pink lipstick with lip glow, nose ring, her ear rings were like bell.

By the time I finished mesmerizing her beauty I heard she had 5+ yrs of exp and married a year ago and she s from bang and knows Kannada well. We all laughed because many doesn’t know Kannada in our team,

I had a sudden crush and lust on her but I controlled and dint show in my eyes.. den we got back to our seats.

I was fucking cursing myself for not knowing her name. My manager came to my desk and said this is me, and I would be taking care of her initial process training and other assistance. he left the place , she sat next to me and I said my name and asked for her name

She laughed and said, she noticed me looking at her, I buses and said sorry

She was like ok, I’m shobha

We spoke normal things, I came to know she stays near cox town and her hubby works for a software company..

She took my number and we were chatting till 6, to my luck my bestie in office dint come that day

We had lunch together that’s when she said she is a veg but she eats non-veg which her family n hubby doesn’t know.

And we both laughed

I asked whether she boozes or smokes.

She had a weird look like, what the fuck on jus hours of talking I ask this but she smiled and said no

Finally she left around 7, I thought of leaving by 5 but she made my day.I never texted her because I thought it won’t be good.

After couple of months once she made a mistake which had huge escalation my manager screwed her literally. When she returned to seat she had tears on her eyes. I felt bad and took and said will go to cafeteria

She tried to control her tears but she couldn’t. She said pls leave me alone.

I forced And took her to cafeteria compromised her and we got back. I used all my knowledge and finally solved the escalation m manager was very much impressed by my work. He was happy and I could see a smile on shobha’s face.

Around 8i got a call from shobha she thanked me a lot and the whole night we spoke a lot. Around 2am she said let me sleep and she sent me a kiss as smiley.

Next day we met in office she had a smile but we acted normal that night

Me : you were so sexy today

She : thanks but I’m married you should not say sexy be careful it’s harassment

Me : I said sorry and thought what the fuck is this.

Then she said

She : I’m super sexy

Me : haha what are you doing

She : just now changing dress

Me : I asked be safe of walls

She : too ka pic of her in her shorts and sleeveless t shirt which cover only till her waist and she sent me

Me : you are so beautiful and I saw a tattoo on her waist side and said I love tattoo

She : which on you say on my hip, thighs or at my back.

Me : I wish to see all

She : weekend will meet my.gubny will be out of station

Me : I couldn’t believe what I read

She : send another pic of her smoking

Me : liar

She : sent another pic of her boozing,

We chatted till 2 am and I don’t know when we slept.

Thursday morning we met at office my luck we went to coffee break as no one was in life pat on her ass a little hard

She : why

Me : for lying to me

She : with a cunning.ile when did I sleep with you (lying) we laughed and I put my arms around her hip .

I dropped her near her house before that I gave her a cigarette she said no, on my request she had two puff I touched her lips and kissed my finger she said ok chalo bye

Around 10 we talked a little and I asked her were you a virgin before marriage said yes but she had kissed a guy before marriage

And she said she s still a virgin

I was shocked but she said her hubby used jus 2 holes one is mouth and she laughed ok i said we will meet I can’t wait anymore

She said her hubby left a week earlier but she wanted to make me wait

I said tomorrow she will cry for this

It was Friday morning I reached her place to pick her up her she said 5mins and she asked to come to her apartment I went and knocked the door she gave the address.She was in her red t shirt and pants.She welcomed me.I could not control she wanted to make me horny so only she had her shirt button open I could see her red bra

I said fuck and kisses her, we smooched for 10 mins and I gave her a cigarette she smokes and den I kissed her again wow the smoke.and her kiss perfect combination.I was pressing her boobs

We went to her master bedroom we were not in a hurry

I opened her pant first thing I wanted to look was her tattoo kissed her thigh over tattoo

Then I kissed her hip .I licked her navel. Fingers fucked her. Licked her pussy. It was like honey. I made my whole tongue in. We did 69 position. Later I fucked her. I’m not a fan of ass fucking but for her happiness fucked her

Sorry the story is too big so I decided to cut shout out love making scene.Came in her mouth once and she came twice in my mouth

He manual sutra was on her neck I cummed on her boobs and said love you shobhaBy the my name is

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